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  • Updated: 2022-09-18 (changelog)
  • By: Dr. Floyd
  • Status: I am still transferring onto this site, so I would be happy to get back on the contact page, especially reports of problems with the site–as well as advice on framing the information and tags for a given article.
  • Summary: The homepage of Dr. R. Floyd Lindquist

Hi all,
Dr. Floyd Here. This is the only online presence that I am actively maintaining.
Welcome to those who know me from social media as Russ Lindquist, as well as those who know me from academia as Floyd Lindquist.

My name is Russell Floyd Lindquist. The "Russell" comes from Russell County Alabama, where my mom's side is from. The Floyd comes from my grandpa, Floyd. Lindquist is from my dad's side; it is Swedish for "I have no idea what 'Lindquist' means in Swedish." Or at least, I think that is what Lindquist means–but my Swedish is at least as rusty as my Swahili.

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