List of Updates • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

List of Updates • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token and Rectifier Exchange

Rectifier DEX and RECT Token is a constantly growing and evolving project. Our developers integrate new updates regularly, opening new possibilities for all users and making interaction with the bot smooth and easy to use. The bot has undergone many changes from the first days.

Rectifier Exchange has a wide range of functionality and is known for being the most advanced among all crypto and finance Telegram bots.

Here you can find upcoming (scroll down) and already deployed updates sorted by the date. Exchange bot updates are marked with 🔸, token updates are marked with 🔹.

January, 2023:

24.01🔸6$ milestone achieved by RECT Token

23.01🔸BUSD withdrawals added

17.01🔸Exchange website updates

15.01🔸P2P Transfers guide published

14.01🔹5$ milestone achieved by RECT Token

09.01🔸How To Trade guide published

08.01🔸How To Buy RECT guide published

07.01🔹4$ Milestone achieved by RECT Token

05.01🔸Roadmap 2.0 published

02.01🔸How To Buy guide published; New FAQ published.

01.01🔸Bot commands updates

December, 2022:

30.12🔸New list of Fees & Taxes published.

26.12🔹30,000,000 RECT tokens sold

24.12🔸Minor bug fixes

19.12🔸Updates list published

18.12🔸Swap functionality upgrade

17.12🔹3$ milestone achieved by RECT Token

15.12🔸LTC, TRX, USDC deposits fixed

07.12🔹[Learn more about staking] informational section added

03.12🔹RECT [Stats] informational section added in the bot

02.12🔸[Staking] section modifications and fixing

November, 2022:

29.11🔸[Manage your assets] function added

26.11🔸Reverse swap function added

23.11🔹2$ milestone achieved by RECT Token

16.11🔸Fiat deposits beta

03.11🔸Wallet 3.1 bug fixes and minor improvements

October, 2022:

28.10🔹1$ milestone achieved by RECT Token

10.10🔸Swap functionality

05.10🔸Wallet 3.1 update

03.10🔸USDC deposits

September, 2022:

29.09🔹 website updates

24.09🔸Wallet 3.0 upgrade

20.09🔹Staking 1.0 launched (up to 431% APY)

13.09🔹10,000,000 RECT tokens sold

02.09🔸Cancel withdrawal button added

August, 2022

26.08🔹Airdrop 2.0

22.08🔸Spanish language added

19.08🔸Italian language added

18.08🔸German language added

16.08🔸French language added

02.08🔸TRX deposits added

July, 2022:

31.07🔹RECT Trust Wallet integration

29.07🔸Czech language added

25.07🔸5,000,000 RECT tokens sold

20.07🔸LTC deposits added

14.07🔸Russian language added

06.07🔸Media button added

03.07🔹RECT TronLink integration

June, 2022:

18.06🔹Airdrop 1.0

13.06🔸Portuguese language added

10.06🔸Referral percent increase (from 3% to 4.3%)

07.06🔸P2P transfers added

May, 2022:

28.05🔸ETH, BUSD, BNB deposits added

24.05🔸Bug fixes and minor improvements

20.05🔸BTC deposits added

18.05🔸Rectifier Exchange launched (English version)

04.05🔹RECT Token smart contract deployment

🔸Wallet 4.0 update (Q1, 2023)

🔸Fiat deposits (Q1, 2023)

🔹7$ milestone (Q1, 2023)

🔹Whitepaper 2.0 (Q1, 2023)

🔸Turkish and Polish languages (Q1, 2023)

🔸SOL, ADA, XRP deposits (Q2, 2023)

🔸BTC, BNB, ETH, USDC, TRX, LTC withdrawals (Q2, 2023)

🔸Fiat withdrawals (Q2, 2023)

🔹Portuguese, Czech, German, Spanish, Italian Telegram groups (Q1, 2023)

🔸Major guides update (Q1, 2023)

🔸Candlestick chart

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