How To Trade • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

How To Trade • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token and Rectifier Exchange

Rectifier bot allows you to trade its native token RECT as well as all listed currencies. Rectifier Exchange offers the best trading features among all Telegram crypto bots. We are adding new currency pairs regularly. Upcoming currencies: XRP, ADA, SOL, TON. Check the list of updates for more information.

⚠️We don't offer any trading strategies or recommendations here. This guide will show you how to use Rectifier Exchange functionality to realize your first trade in the bot!

🟦Start: Click [Trade] button in the [Wallet] section.

🟦Step 1: Select a currency you want to sell. Let's take ETH as an example.

🟦Step 3: Determine a currency pair for ETH. We will choose a RECT as an example. On this step you choose the currency you want to buy. You can form all possible currency pairs BTC/USDC, BNB/TRX, LTC/USDT TRC, RECT/BUSD etc.

🟦Step 4: Indicate how much ETH you are going to spend for purchasing RECT. You can click on the % buttons or write it manually and send the text message with an amount in the bot (2.08 as an example).

🟦Step 5: Check all information about your trade and confirm it by clicking [Ok] button.

🟦Step 6: After succseful trade you will get a message (example below). It looks similar like a previous one with a couple of minor differences.

🟦Finish: Check you RECT balance in the wallet.

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