How To Buy • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

How To Buy • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token and Rectifier Exchange

If you want to become an owner/investor/holder of the RECT Token there are a couple of simple ways to realize it. Investing in RECT Token through the Rectifier Exchange bot consists of two phases:

  1. Replenishing wallet balance; check the guide
  2. Buying RECT

To replenish your Rectifier Exchange balance use:

🔹 [Deposit] function: the most popular way of buying RECT Token

🔹 [Buy with a card] function: currently in the beta testing mode

🔹 [P2P transfer] function: get a transfer from the other user

How to buy RECT with wallet balance:

If you already have funds in your Rectifier wallet, you can easily buy RECT using [Trade] or [Buy RECT] functions. This guide will show you how to buy RECT Tokens with wallet balances.

🟦 Start: Click [Buy RECT] button in the [Wallet] section.

🟦 Step 2: In the message, you will see buttons for the currencies from your wallet (marked with 🔸). Only currencies with non-zero balances are displayed. If you don't have funds in your wallet, you will get a notification.

🔹 [All to RECT] converts all balances into RECT in a click. It is the easiest way to buy RECT.

🔹 You can choose a currency from your wallet if you don't want to convert all assets into RECT. Let's take LTC as an example:

🟦 Step 2: Indicate you much LTC you want to spend for RECT.

You can use % buttons. '50%' as an example ⬆
Or send the amount of LTC as a text message ⬆

🟦 Step 3: You will get all information about the trade in the message. Confirm it by clicking [Ok→] button, decline it, or go back to set another amount of LTC.

🟦 Finish: Click [Wallet] and check an updated RECT balance.

⚠️You can also buy and sell RECT Token using [Trade] function. Just choose RECT as a currency pair. Check a step-by-step guide about how to trade RECT.

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