P2P Transfers • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

P2P Transfers • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token & Rectifier Exchange

This guide will show you how to transfer funds using the P2P function between Rectifier Exchange users. If you want to receive funds, you must give your ID to the sender. If you need to send funds, you must request the recipient's ID.

🟦Start: Click the [P2P Transfer] button in the [Wallet] section. Here you can also find your ID for P2P transfers.

Your ID number. Provide it to the sender if you want to receive a transfer.

🟦Step 1: Choose the currency you want to send. Today, RECT and USDT TRC20 are available for P2P transfers only. Other currencies are coming soon. Check the list of updates to stay in tune.

🟦Step 2: Choose the amount you want to send. The receiver will get the exact amount you send because Rectifier Exchange has no fees for P2P transfers between users. Check the list of fees and taxes for more information.

🟦Step 3: Enter the recipient's ID number and send it to the bot.


🟦Step 4: You will get a notification about a successful transfer.

🟦Finish: Your recipient will get a message (ex. below) that informs him about receiving funds.

P2P notification example.

⚠️You can also find the same ID number by clicking the [Support] button in the [Menu] section.

⚠️Please, don't send funds using P2P transfers using a third person's ID number.

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