Roadmap 2.0 • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

Roadmap 2.0 • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token and Rectifier Exchange

Here is an updated Roadmap by Rectifier Exchange and RECT Token. Achieved goals are marked with 🔹 and planned with 🔸. Check the list of updates and useful links for more information.

Actual Roadmap can also be found in the RECT Token bot ⬆

2022, January:

🔹Building the idea & structure


2022, February:

🔹Team assembly

🔹Brand creation

🔹Start Rectifier Exchange development

2022, March:

🔹Release whitepaper 1.0

🔹RECT Token tokenomics

🔹RECT Token & Rectifier DEX roadmap 1.0

🔹Bot wallet testing

2022, April:

🔹Rectifier Exchange bot beta testing

🔹RECT Token website design

🔹RECT Token smart contract deployment

2022, May:

🔹Bot updates (adding ETH, BUSD, BNB)

🔹Rectifier Exchange & RECT Token official launch

2022, June:


🔹P2P transfers

🔹Airdrop 1.0 campaign

🔹Massive media push

2022, July:

🔹Influencer marketing push

🔹RECT Token bot updates

2022, August:

🔹Wallet 2.0

🔹Airdrop 2.0

🔹RECT Token bot updates (LTC, TRX added)

2022, September:

🔹Add RECT staking

2022, October:

🔹Wallet 3.0


2022, November:

🔹Exchange website launch

🔹Bot updates (adding USDC)

2022, December:

🔹Wallet 4.0

🔹Integrating fiat payments beta

2023, January:

🔹RECT Token & Rectifier DEX roadmap 2.0

🔸Candlestick chart

🔸Fiat payments

🔹Bot updates: BUSD withdrawal

2023, Febrary:

🔸Whitepaper 2.0

🔸Improvements based on community feedback

🔸BTC, BNB, ETH, LTC, TRX withdrawals

2023, March:

🔸LTC, USDC withdrawals

2023, April:

🔸Rectifier Telegram WebApp Launch

🔸Adding fiat withdrawals

2023, May:

🔸NFTs marketplace

🔸Integrating RECT token to Telegram casino nots

🔸Milestone - 50,000 plus Telegram members

2023, June:

🔸Start integrating RECT Token to Telegram payment services

🔸Start first Telegram NFT marketplace development

2023, July:

🔸CoinGeko listing

🔸Pancakeswap listing

🔸Binance listing

🔸CoinMarketCap listing

2023, August:

🔸More DEX listing

🔸Massive RECT Token integration to Telegram services, shops, etc

🔸First Telegram NFT marketplace beta version

2023, September:

🔸First Telegram NFT marketplace

🔸Further marketing

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