How to Make a Deposit • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

How to Make a Deposit • RECT Token • Rectifier Exchange

RECT Token and Rectifier Exchange

[Deposit] function is the most popular way of buying RECT Token and topping-up Rectifier wallet.

If you already have funds in your Rectifier wallet you can easily buy RECT by using [Trade] or [Buy RECT] functions.


Tops-up your Rectifier wallet with cryptocurrencies. It consists of two steps: choosing the currency you want to deposit and getting the address (QR-code) to send funds on.

🟦 Start: Click the [Deposit] button in the [Wallet] section:

🟦 Step 1: Choose the currency you want to send. If you want to use another cryptocurrency, please contact support.

🟦 Step 2: You will get a message that contains an address linked to your profile and QR-code. Copy the deposit address from the message and paste it into the relevant withdrawal field in the crypto platform that you will send funds from. You can also use a QR-code that contains the same address:

🟦 Finish: You will be credited automatically as soon as your transaction is confirmed and informed with a message below:

Click [🔹Buy RECT!] button for an instant purchase of the RECT tokens.

🔹Usually deposit transactions don't take more than 10 minutes but sometimes it needs more time depending on the network load. If you didn't get your funds in 20 minutes, please contact support.

⚠️If you want to make a new deposit we strongly recommend going through the replenishment procedure again and not using the previous addresses. Addresses linked to your profile can be unlinked if you don't use them for a long time. You will receive a notification as soon as an address is unlinked from you profile:

⚠️Use only addresses given by the bot. Don't send funds to the forwarded messages from the other persons. You will lose your money!

⚠️ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDC, USDT ERC20 addresses are the same as well as ERC20 and BEP20 networks addresses. So don't be confused, that's not a bug.

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