Unity Developer

Unity Developer

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Company: Holovis - http://www.holovis.com/

Holovis specialize in helping clients to envision products, environments and solutions before committing to capital investment.

The Holovis’ bespoke system which create the immersive environments are used to inform their design and styling choices in 3 dimensions and at full scale. This not only saves the time and expense of repeated build and test cycles but reduces risk and encourages creativity - resulting in more distinctive and competitive designs.

Holovis applies their expertise to a diverse range of industries; from the Enterprise Sector for automotive, aerospace, training, simulation, construction and manufacturing solutions; to the Attractions Sector for scalable turn-key Dark Rides, Motion-based attractions, media and real-time gaming solutions and gamification technology for applications in theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor experiences

Project description:

HoloTrac: It's proprietary software developed in house by Holovis that leverages advanced facial recognition coupled with additional computer vision technologies to create an immersive and personalised experience. The system is by design, secure, scalable and extensible with a flexible modern architecture which enables the rapid utilisation of additional modules and related technologies to be integrated.

Required Skills:

  • C#
  • Experience with the Unity or Unreal game engines
  • Object-oriented programming skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English
  • An entrepreneurial attitude and enthusiasm for learning new software and hardware technologies
  • Mathematical, scientific and engineering skills
  • Git or similar source control system experience
  • Working knowledge of C / C++
  • Knowledge of 3D graphics rendering
  • Degree level qualification in maths, science or engineering (Masters preferred)

Will be a plus:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis and translation to software user stories / data mapping
  • Working with customers directly
  • DevOps skills: Configuration management, server management and specification, deployment tools
  • Agile experience
  • Mobile / tablets native app development
  • AWS
  • R&D for web and mobile application development that is able to link into our existing framework
  • Integration of new hardware technologies into our current framework
  • Knowledge of clustering, and multiple display solutions
  • SQL or other data storage solutions
  • OpenGL and/or DirectX


  • Integrate advanced computer vision technologies, techniques and approaches into a modular technology stack
  • Develop and maintain Virtual Reality, Scientific Visualisation, and Interactive Gaming content
  • Develop middleware and actual content based on Unity Game Engine contribute to R&D for VR, AR and AI development that is able to link into existing frameworks
  • Develop and document code to professional standards of architectural integrity and robust performance
  • Develop algorithms and artificial intelligence to enhance gameplay and guest experience
  • Make valuable and timely contributions to all necessary development meetings
  • Deliver to a set timescale at the required standard including documentation
  • Resolve technical issues arising from hardware changes, new operating systems etc.
  • Ensure all software is tested before release
  • Manage personal resources available for a project
  • Review new and over the horizon technologies that may be used on future projects.
  • Test new application features work as required.
  • Test that new features can be added to existing system (when possible)
  • Develop demo applications of core technologies that showcases functionality and scope

Perks and benefits we offer:

Net Salary: $4200 - $5000

Location: UnitCity

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