NLU Engineer

NLU Engineer

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Company: Holovis -

Holovis specialize in helping clients to envision products, environments and solutions before committing to capital investment.

The Holovis’ bespoke system which create the immersive environments are used to inform their design and styling choices in 3 dimensions and at full scale. This not only saves the time and expense of repeated build and test cycles but reduces risk and encourages creativity - resulting in more distinctive and competitive designs.

Holovis applies their expertise to a diverse range of industries; from the Enterprise Sector for automotive, aerospace, training, simulation, construction and manufacturing solutions; to the Attractions Sector for scalable turn-key Dark Rides, Motion-based attractions, media and real-time gaming solutions and gamification technology for applications in theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor experiences

Project description:

Natural Language Processing Project: The purpose of this project is to design, develop and implement advanced NLU/NLP based products and services. The first iteration of the product will be an end to end chatbot system including voice to text, natural language processing and text to voice. It will support multiple languages and provide responses utilising appropriate methodologies as required. The long term aim of this technology development is to implement a system that can automatically consume a corpus, understand it and then respond to voice interactions in a convincing and consistent way, in simplistic terms a ‘A.I. Actor’. These products and services will support advanced capabilities of new Holovis solutions across Enterprise, Entertainment and Defence.

Required Skills:

  • Demonstrable experience in delivering natural language processing and understanding applications and services
  • Experience working in a production orientated environment, focussing on rapid prototyping and minimum viable product delivery
  • Experience in utilising distributed storage and processing systems to design innovative, scalable, low latency NLP/NLU products and services (internally and/or externally)
  • Comfortable working collaboratively in a project orientated environment with a variety of stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Deep knowledge of natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU) systems, methodologies and processes e.g. extracting intents, entities, concepts, summaries, meaning, syntax, chronology, sentiment, etc. from a corpus
  • Linux administration & shell scripting
  • R/Python/Matlab/Tensorflow/Keras
  • Experience in working in an Agile environment
  • Experience working with cloud solutions such as AWS or Azure
  • Expert programmer with a wide range of applied knowledge on real world NLP/NLU implementations and integrations
  • Experience in applying NLP/NLU techniques to VR, AV, MR/AR, Mobile Apps, motion platforms and Simulations use cases in a commercial environment
  • Masters or PhD in relevant discipline. e.g. Computer Science, Operational Research, Data Science, Mathematics
  • Spark
  • Azure
  • Git/Bitbucket
  • Scala
  • Knowledge of distributed and in memory processing concepts
  • A wide and deep understanding of Data Science techniques including some but not limited to the following
  • Neural Networks and Machine Learning
  • Segmentation and Clustering Algorithms
  • Time series forecasting and regression
  • Optimisation problems inc. route finding and navigation and autonomous systems.

Will be a plus:

  • JIRA
  • LDAP/Kerberos
  • Kafka
  • Impala
  • Streamset Data Collector
  • Cassandra/NoSQL
  • Strong T- SQL skills
  • C# programming skills


The purpose of this role is to design, develop and implement advanced NLU/NLP based products and services. These products and services will support advanced capabilities of new Holovis solutions across Enterprise, Entertainment and Defence.

  • Deliver natural language processing and understanding services and applications
  • Create and deliver na NLP/NLU technical roadmap that culminates in the creation of a A.I. actor that can analyse a corpus and consequently respond in a coherent way to natural language interactions, in other words ‘learn lines’ and then coherently respond ‘ad-lib’ based on a specified character, time and place
  • Contribute to the design of a ‘Analytics as a Service’ (AaaS) model
  • Deliver a flexible and scalable development pipeline that allows rapid prototyping, model training, monitoring and continuous deployment across productionised products and services
  • Meet and exceed KPIs
  • Deliver against the Critical Success Factors
  • Develop a good understanding of relevant data systems and data sources within Holovis and our target markets/disciplines
  • Create custom solutions and IP that support the provision of Analytics and ML/AI products and services
  • Responsible for supporting the organisation in proof of concept, R&D and pre-sales activities through provision of demonstration products and services including ‘stand-alone’ products & services and integrated systems e.g. ML in AR/MR for classification problems

Perks and benefits we offer:

Net Salary: $5800 - $6000

Location: UnitCity

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