Senior C# Developer

Senior C# Developer

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Holovis specialize in helping clients to envision products, environments and solutions before committing to capital investment.

The Holovis’ bespoke system which create the immersive environments are used to inform their design and styling choices in 3 dimensions and at full scale. This not only saves the time and expense of repeated build and test cycles but reduces risk and encourages creativity - resulting in more distinctive and competitive designs

Holovis applies their expertise to a diverse range of industries; from the Enterprise Sector for automotive, aerospace, training, simulation, construction and manufacturing solutions; to the Attractions Sector for scalable turn-key Dark Rides, Motion-based attractions, media and real-time gaming solutions and gamification technology for applications in theme parks, family entertainment centres, museums and visitor experiences.

Project description:

The project is between Holovis and one of the largest China’s company. Using the most modern facial recognition tools and tecniques.

  • Projects orientated towards capturing and storing guests memories and reveries within parkwide entertainment
  • Heavy focus on streaming and capturing videos and images and storing these against a guests profile
  • Integrates with advanced biometrics and sensor analysis to drive a frictionless guest experience
  • Future phases focus on mobile integration, cloud-based services, and dynamic content creation and distribution

Required Skills:

  • Microsoft C# development experience
  • Visual Studio
  • Unit Testing
  • Source Control such as GIT
  • Understanding of SQL and querying methods e.g. polling, chunking, streaming, et.
  • Experience building data connections via ODBC/JDBC Drivers, Entity Framework, Kafka, REST APIs, etc.
  • Experience developing iOS and Android applications
  • Computer Vision processing techniques such as computer vision, convolutional neural networks 

Will be a plus:

  • Understanding of Web/Micro Service architectures
  • Understanding of caching and data handling
  • Experience linking font end images meta data
  • Processing and handling images/video/audio files
  • Experience with online content delivery systems including uploading, downloading and streaming audio and visual content with low levels of latency


  • Streaming videos and images into centralized database against user profiles
  • Creation of dynamic guest-focused content
  • Immersive engagement methods for content

Perks and benefits we offer:

Location: UnitCity

Net Salary: $3,800 - $5000

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