The poll about the quality of education during the quarantine

The poll about the quality of education during the quarantine

UAS | Українська асоціація студентів

On March 12, the quarantine began in educational institutions. Universities, colleges, schools - all had to go the distance education. Have all teachers implemented distance learning, or have the number of assignments and grades changed? UAS wants to know from you!

The poll will take, on avarage, 5 minutes of valuable time.

The purpose of the knowledge is to evaluate for the first time in Ukraine the quality of distance education in higher education institutions. The pandemic is an examination of educational institutions for the flexibility and ability to provide a holistic, informative and quality educational process in all circumstances.

The result of the knowledge is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages at the level of regions, cities and individual higher education institutions. With the best practitioners, we will share with all educational institutions. Together with The Ministry of Education and Science, we will provide recommendations to prospective institutions.


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