Vanced FAQ

Vanced FAQ

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This article is made for frequently asked questions in vanced chat. We have listed most questions here itself to minimize the repetitive questions again in our chat. Hence, you are requested to ask such questions again and read them here directly!

This is the most important section of the note read it very carefully:

Do not say #example or troubleshooting or Guide didn't work for you if you:

  • Didn't read
  • Didn't follow the instructions to the letter
  • Didn't bother searching
  • If you asking us to spoonfeed you


See/tap the relevant number solution to resolve your issue.

  1. What is Vanced?
  2. Where to download Vanced?
  3. Will Vanced auto-update when a new version comes?
  4. How to download videos & music using vanced?
  5. I cant use swipe gestures for brightness and volume even though they are enabled
  6. Why there are no captions or info buttons available in the Vanced app?
  7. When I am scrolling recommended videos in portrait mode, it gets stuck and stutters instead of moving upwards
  8. Why doesn't the latest version support {insert a language here} language?
  9. Will the Vanced app survive my ROM update?
  10. Do you accept any kind of donations?
  11. How to fix the "X" button in Vanced? How to access accessibility settings?
  12. Why vanced team is providing split apks? What are they? What benefits does it give to users?
  13. Why Amoled variant of the vanced app has a Grey splash screen instead of black color?
  14. Why is Vanced Manager re-downloading files every time instead of getting them from the cache to install vanced?
  15. Why there is No Microphone permission in the root variant of Vanced?
  16. What is ExoPlayer? How to fix lags/crashes from using it? What's the difference between ExoPlayer V1 and V2?
  17. How do I enable developer options inside vanced and use advanced codec options?
  18. If I am using Microg core instead of Gapps, what do I need to do if I want to log in and use vanced?
  19. I can't use the cast feature in YT Vanced? Why?
  20. I have enabled "Sign apks" in SAI settings and now I am facing crashes/login issues, what to do?
  21. Do you have any apps published on the Play Store?
  22. I can't see Vanced after installing the root variant? How to fix it?
  23. Videos are not playing in the Vanced app?
  24. I can't play higher resolution videos above 480p, why?
  25. How do I hide vanced microG notifications from my notification panel?
  26. How do I watch videos in 4k/8k resolution on vanced?
  27. What does each setting in Vanced do?
  28. My app crashes when I tap on vanced settings. How to fix it?
  29. The HDR feature is not working properly. How to fix it?
  30. How to change the view count from lakhs/crores to millions or vice-versa?
  31. How to fix the lag/crashes when watching live-stream videos?
  32. My app is showing a black screen when watching videos in landscape mode. Any solution?
  33. My search results show a very small number of searches. How to turn off restricted mode in the Vanced app?
  34. If your Vanced is auto-enabling captions on videos, check this to fix your issue.
  35. Split apk installer Various errors

⚠️⚠️Be sure to check #troubleshooting and #installation before asking your questions in the group. All the major and minor questions are already answered in our notes. If its missing something, you can create a #bugreport in the group following the template properly. ⚠️⚠️
  • The link to the Vanced Troubleshooting is here
  • The link to the Vanced installation guide is here


What is Vanced

Vanced is a modified version of Google's YouTube app that adds features and tweaks to make your YouTube experience better!

Such things include:

  • Background playback
  • Custom themes (normal dark, OLED black, bright pink, or sky blue)
  • (Most) ads are gone
  • Override max resolution (allow playback of video with a resolution higher than your screen)
  • And much, much more!
For a full list, check out using this link.

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Download links have been taken down.

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App auto-updates

No, it will not. Be sure to join the Discord or Telegram channel(Link can be found below) to be alerted when an update is pushed. Developers have no plans to add an auto-updater/checker to the app.

You can also download the Vanced Manager app to get notifications when a new update is pushed out.

[Discord server] [Telegram Channel]

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Videos-Music Download

⚠️Vanced doesn't include any video or music downloading feature and will never add anything similar to it. This has been the reason for the shutdown of many YouTube mods in the past as Google doesn't like people downloading copyrighted content from their platform so don't ask for it!!! Anyone asking for it will be permanently banned from joining our support chats.⚠️


Many videos are available for free download in certain countries, while others will require you to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription. For the rest of the world, please upgrade to YouTube Premium or look for alternatives on the internet.


A YouTube premium subscription is required to download offline music content. It is not possible to download for free without a premium subscription, and please do not request a feature for it.

Note this again, "VANCED IS NOT YOUTUBE PREMIUM" and it never will be one.

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Swipe gesture issue

If you have enabled "old comments" from youtube settings/vanced settings/layout, disable it and restart the app to check. If that doesn't work, try clearing app data and cache. If even that doesn't work, report as requested from #bugreport.

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Captions not available

It's not a Vanced issue, please check the official YouTube app or desktop site( for these things before reporting as not every video has them. It's up to channel owners to include captions and info buttons, not us.

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It is a glitch in the Youtube app version. Since it resolves itself, it doesn't require much attention. Please wait patiently until the next version.

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Language Missing

Please wait for the next update for that. In the meantime, you can use English for full support here.

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ROM Updates

  • If you are using root installer for /system, the installer automatically generates an addon.d file which survives ROM updates.
  • If you are using magisk and the ROM zip replaces the boot.img then you need to reflash the module.
NOTE: From the version 15, the installation method has changed. Be sure to read #installation on how to install. Magisk version is discontinued.

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We DO NOT accept donations! Any sort of donations under any circumstances and any sites or links or posts that ask for donations are simply fake.

But if you want to support Vanced developers, you can download Brave using this link and AdGuard using this link. Please note that both Brave browser and AdGuard are not affiliated with the Vanced team.

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Accessibility Seek buttons

Use the inbuilt accessibility settings to change the accessibility controls. Configure it in Vanced > Settings > Accessibility. It will open this setting as shown in the picture below.

⚠️⚠️ NOTE: If the settings fail to open or doesn't work like in the screenshot below,

Head to device settings > accessibility and find "accessibility menu" then disable it.

Also, If it still doesn't work, disable sound amplifier, switch access, live caption if you have them enabled as well.⚠️⚠️

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Why Split apks

First of all, what is split apks, and how do we benefit from them:

> What are split apks?

  • It's a zip file that contains the base apk, configuration apk for your device architecture, and language apk.
  • For example, a typical normal apk has both 32-bit and 64-bit configuration files, lots of language files, and a base/main apk. So if your device supports only 32 bit and prefers the English language only, installing an extra file that you don't need will only result in taking a huge space in your storage

> Advantages:

  • Lower file sizes
  • Requires only necessary files for installation

> Disadvantages:

  • Difficult to newbies or non-technical people

Second, Why the split?

  • Google only distributes the YouTube APKs after version 14.41 in split APKs now, so to install Vanced, we have to use SAI (Split APK Installer).
  • Previously, they provide a normal apk making it easy to install apps on every device.

Third and last, why Dev's don't patch apks and make apk from them?

  • It's not like they can't. It's about increased time in doing this. Converting from apks to apk adds time which they can use in other ways because after all, they are human as well.
  • They are only working on Vanced as a hobby, not a job. So please don't ask how to get a normal apk. Use the old version if you are really lazy or the official YT app from the play store directly.

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App Splash color

The startup screen background color is taken from the Android framework color to make sure it changes according to the system theme. You can use Substratum or Swift Installer or a similar app to change the color.

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Files can be corrupted because of various reasons and can cause problems afterwards. To avoid this, you can choose to download it again to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

However, the Non-Root installer can use the already downloaded files to reinstall Vanced apps.

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It does if your Vanced is up-to-date. If you are using an older version particularly v14 and below, you might be facing missing microphone permission in the root version of Vanced, that's because the APK used to modify Vanced (minAPI17) is missing the microphone permission. The other APK has it (minAPI21) but that lacks the translation. Why? Ask Google 🤷‍♂️

The best fix to overcome this issue would be updating to the latest release which brings new features and enhancements as well.

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> What is Exoplayer?

ExoPlayer is an application-level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks. Unlike the MediaPlayer API, ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend and can be updated through Play Store application updates.

> Difference between V1 and V2?

V1: (Fully removed with v16.14.34 by Google)

  • Better optimized for lower-end devices.


  • Not supported by lower-end devices and might give issues on low-end crashes such as crashes, glitches, lags, or black screen.
  • More optimized for the latest devices released after 2019.
NOTE: With version 16.14.34, Exoplayer V2 is now forced by Google so if with V2, it gives any issue on your device such as lags or crashes, use VP9 codec from vanced settings > codec override or use a different codec by enabling additional codec options first.

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Developer Options

In vanced settings, tap this section 6-7 times to unlock the secret menu. This menu only enables additional video codec settings.

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If you having issues related to microG & vanced and looking for an answer here’s a list so far of what can be done:

  • Make sure you installed microG correctly from their official GitHub repository following all the instructions written in their Wiki.
  • If you are not able to make microG work with YouTube/vanced, then you need to have at least Pico Gapps to run vanced.
  • Without microG or Gapps, YouTube/vanced won't work because it needs Google Play Services Framework and Google services.
  • Alternatively, the web version is always available.

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We have looked into the casting issue and it will likely never be fixed as the microg team have no plans to reverse engineer the V2 casting API as it's very locked down for security reasons. 

Please use instead, it supports casting with vanced and also blocks ads and adds sponsorblock to the TV app. If you cast to the stock YouTube app you will have ads and sponsors cannot be automatically skipped, the application should be installed on the TV and used as a replacement for the YouTube TV app.

Read their guide on how to install it:

For anyone on an old Chromecast or smart TV that doesn't support Android apps:

  • Use the TV with link code feature(works with latest versions as well)
  • Use the stock YouTube app

You will get ads no matter what you do. Vanced does NOT block ads while casting. You have to buy YT premium for it.

NOTE: People using Google Play services with root variant will have no issues with casting or anyone with any old versions of vanced.

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Apk Signing

> You are reading this because you are not using Vanced Manager or you may have installed Vanced from an unofficial source. Just use Vanced Manager! You can safely download Vanced Manager from either of the links below.

[Official site] [GitHub repository]

> If you are not able to use Vanced Manager due to some issue and are using Split Apk Installer(SAI) to install root variant of vanced app, particularly the newest Vanced versions, you should disable apk signature verification to install Vanced instead of enabling "sign apk" option in SAI which will cause crashes in Vanced and it won't work. *Do not enable options you weren't asked to enable!* To solve crashes, just reinstall Vanced but this time disable the "sign apk" option in SAI.

Also, since version 15.43.32, it's not possible to install the root variant via SAI. Please use Vanced Manager for such versions or use a non-root variant.

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Play Store

NO, we don't have any app uploaded to the Play Store. Again, DO NOT install or even try to search for any fake apps named "Vanced" or similar on the Play Store or any app stores to install Vanced. We only have Vanced Guide, and it's the only official app published on Play Store. If you find any other app with our icon and name, report it as impersonation and for your safety, DO NOT INSTALL such apps. Our apps can only be found on our official site.

Moreover, there have been reports where users are taking the Pure Tuber app to be affiliated with the Vanced team. Such reports are fake and it is yet another application on the play store impersonating Vanced. Please report them as well!

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App Drawer

• You are reading this because you are not using Vanced Manager or you may have installed Vanced from an unofficial source. Just use Vanced Manager! You can safely download Vanced Manager from either of the links below.

[Official site] [GitHub repository]

• If you are using an older version of Vanced and the app is not visible in your app drawer, follow these steps:

  1. Install regular YouTube app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app until your front page shows up \(not sure if this is necessary. Just reconstructing what's been working for others all the time).
  3. Go to Settings > Apps > YouTube. It should show "Uninstall" on the top left. DO NOT Uninstall! Just see if it says that there!
  4. Reboot
  5. Go to Settings > Apps > YouTube. Now it should say "Disable" or "Deactivate". DO NOT Uninstall! Just see if it says that there!
  6. In the same menu; tap on the three-dot menu button on the upper right corner and tap on "Remove/Uninstall Updates".
  7. Now the YT Vanced app should show in your launcher.

For other app drawer issues, follow this link

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Videos Not Playing

If a video is buffering on a browser or app and not playing, it is HWC or media server issue. Change your ROM or update it up to the latest to fix your issue else report to ROM developers.

If you are using some custom skins, then you can try checking the issue in the youtube app and report to your device community so that they can bring a fix in the next update for you.

There's nothing else we can do since the issue is from the ROM side.

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Resolution Override

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google had restricted data usage of several countries. This happens on the server and affects both Vanced and stock YouTube users. It's NOT a vanced bug/issue.

However, YouTube has lifted these restrictions now. So you can ignore whatever is being said below. If you still have 480p as a maximum while the video resolution showing on the desktop is higher, you can use the below workaround as a temporary fix until Google removes the restriction in your region.


  • You can try with the VPN if you are lucky. YouTube applied this in most countries so you have to pick your new region wisely.
  • Watch on desktop mode []
  • Since the 480p restriction is only for mobile devices and not tablets we can change the model of the device in Vanced to overcome the restriction.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Open Vanced
  2. Enable additional options by going to Settings -> Vanced Settings -> Tap on the About section till you get a message saying hidden Menu is visible
  3. Go to Codec override -> Override model and enter the model number of any tab e.g. "SM-T865" and device to "Samsung".
  4. Restart the app and the 480p limit should be gone now.
  5. Enjoy

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Notification Hide

To hide the notification of Vanced microG from the notification panel, we have 2 solutions for you.

A) Either disable battery optimization for vanced microG. If the notification doesn't hide, reboot the device and it will get fixed.

Set to "Don't Optimize" and tap done.

If you can't able to find vanced microG under the battery optimization list, make sure you have switched to "all apps". Otherwise do the 2nd workaround below.

B) Another way of hiding vanced microG notification is to hide the said notification altogether.

  1. Tap and hold onto that notification
  2. Tap the settings icon on the right.
  3. Then Toggle off notification from there(battery saving exclusion) and notification will no longer appear.

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High Resolution

YouTube has finally rolled out 4K support for Android users. This means that the users can now stream videos in 2160p or 4K. While some think that this change is unintentional, and be in fact, a bug while some might think a feature rolled out to users through a server-side change.

This change is highly dependent on google itself since they control all server-side changes. Vanced has nothing to do with it. The videos will be scaled down back to your device's native resolution and not true 4k. Only true 4k resolution can be seen on flagship devices (SD855). You can enable "Stats for nerds" in Settings > General to confirm it.

If you are one of those users who haven't received it yet, you can still enable it from vanced settings. To enable, head to Vanced settings > video settings and turn on "resolution checks" then restart the app.

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Vanced extra features

A) Intergrations

  • Sponsorblock

Adds the ability to skip sponsorship segments and various other forms of in-video annoyances using the SponsorBlock API, all settings for it are described in the app.

1. Sponsorblock browser:

Shows all the submitted segments by every user of Sponsorblock.

  • ReturnYouTubeDislikes (RYD)

Adds the ability to restore dislikes through ryd API. Enable the toggle to show dislike counts. (Start playing a new video to see dislikes)

{You can check out ReturnYouTubeDislike FAQ for questions and solutions regarding RYD here}

B) Codec override

This provides you with the option of overriding the device youtube thinks you're using to another to unlock features such as software/hardware HDR or forcing mp4 or vp9 encoding (manually overriding device is also possible by enabling dev settings).

C) Video Settings

You can override the max resolution your device is supposed to be allowed to use here to 4k and also set your preferred resolution depending on the type of network.

D) Ads settings

Attempts to remove as many home screen ads as possible, it is still not able to remove every single one, however.

  • Home ads

Enables the home page ads

  • General layout ad removal

Removes ads from many places where the ad is part of the page layout.

  • Community post removal

Removes the community posts section. It can also be used to hide the video suggestion strip from the home tab.

  • Movie upsell removal

Hides recommendations to buy a movie when searching for one.

  • Compact banner removal

Attempts to hide banners below videos such as the covid warning one, currently have limited capability.

  • Comments removal

Removes the comments section.

  • Compact movie removal & movie shelf removal

Hides recommendations for movies below videos such as trailers for the movie etc.

  • Survey removal

Hides the popup asking you to do a survey occasionally on the home screen.

  • Shorts Shelf

Hides the youtube shorts shelf (TikTok style videos)

  • Community guidelines

Hides the "follow the guidelines" banner shown above the comments section.

E) Video ads settings

  • Video ad whitelisting

Adds the ability to whitelist channels for supporting your favourite youtubers by watching advertisement. Once enabled, an action bar button will be displayed to wishlist/block channels under channel whitelisting.

F) Layout settings

  • YouTube stories

Removes the YouTube stories section.

  • End screens

Hides the overlay shown at the end of every youtube video.

  • Info cards

Hides the cards shown in the top right during a video with an (i) symbol.

  • Video watermark

Hides the watermark shown in the bottom right of the channel logo.

  • Tablet mini-player

Enables the mini-player design found in the tablet version of youtube (similar to the old mobile design).

  • Create button

Hides the new "+" button borrowed from TikTok and placed in the middle of the home screen.

  • Wide search bar

extends the search to the full width of the screen.

G) Misc

  • Auto-repeat

Allows you to automatically repeat the video when it ends.

  • Copy link

Adds a button that allows you to copy the video link without opening the share menu, also with the option of including the timestamp.

  • HDR Max Brightness

Allows you to adjust brightness while watching HDR content.

  • Tapping on seek bar

Brings back old seek bar behaviour where you could simply tap where you want to seek to.

H) Swipe Controls

Adds VLC style controls for brightness and volume with configurable padding and detection thresholds.

  • Tablet style

Gives you the ability to disable the working of recommended videos section in landscape mode and toggle tablet UI.
(Although, the tablet UI is nearly the same as mobile UI now so you won't notice much difference)

I) Buffer settings

Internal Buffer settings for ExoPlayer, only edit them if you know what they're for.

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Settings Crashes

Turn off your fingerprint scanner and go to the settings to configure it; once finished, turn it back on. It will not crash again unless you restart your device.

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HDR feature

Use the swipe control feature to turn the brightness to its maximum to use HDR

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View count change

To change view count from crores/lakhs to millions, do this:

  1. Go to settings (of your phone)
  2. Go to the system
  3. Go to language preferences
  4. Add a language as English (US)
  5. Drag this language above your current one.
  6. Go to youtube and enjoy ⚡

Thanks to @ROG_OK from telegram chat for finding the fix.

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Live-Stream issues

Solution: Don't use ExoPlayer V2/external ad-blockers/VPN/proxy/custom settings in vanced. Keep stock settings if you don't wanna see any issues.

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Black screen video issue

Solution: Clearing data of Vanced and subsequently reinstalling it should fix the issue. If it doesn't, try rebooting & check if the black screen issue solves.

If the problem persists, factory reset the device or change ROM.

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Content Restrictions

To solve the issue of lesser search results, do this

  1. Go to settings > General
  2. Find "restricted mode" and turn it off.

Enjoy full access to youtube videos without restrictions unless you are in a country that Google hates thus far use a VPN.

In English, it is called "restricted mode"
In Arabic, it is called "وضع تقييد المحتوى"

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If you are facing a bug where the YouTube/Vanced app is automatically enabling captions for you, here's what you need to do.

  1. Open a browser and go to the youtube desktop site. If you are on a mobile, tap on "Request desktop website".
  2. Now tap on your profile icon from the top right corner and tap on Settings.
  3. Then head to "Playback and performance" and uncheck the "Always show captions" box.
  4. Close browser and go to Vanced app info and clear cache(not data) [not sure if this is necessary, just writing what I did to fix it for myself]
  5. Then open the YouTube app and go to settings > captions > set Language to default if it's not. Otherwise, skip this step
  6. Auto captions will be fixed

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Fix for SAI Errors

Below are some known reasons which one of them you might face when you don't follow instructions, so read the appropriate cause with its solution and fix your problem.


Solution: Uninstall microG > reboot > install vanced via sai > install microG

If microG doesn't install, install microG too via SAI.

B) Unable to install the app because it conflicts with an already installed app with the same package name:-

Solution: Uninstall microG > reboot > install vanced via sai > install microG via apk package installer

If microG doesn't install, install microG too via SAI.

C) INSTALL_FAILED_USER_RESTRICTED: Install cancelled by user:-

Solution: Unknown sources install is protected per service in your MIUI devices. Please go to your device settings and enable unknown sources for SAI and the issue will get solved and you will be able to go install Vanced.

{Download links can be found here!}



  • You are reading this because you are not using Vanced Manager or you may have installed Vanced from an unofficial source. Just use Vanced Manager! You can safely download Vanced Manager from either of the links below.

[Official site] [GitHub repository]

  • If you are not able to use Vanced Manager due to some issue and are using Split Apk Installer(SAI) to install root variant of the vanced app, particularly the newest Vanced versions, you should disable apk signature verification to install Vanced instead of enabling "sign apk" option in SAI which will cause crashes in Vanced and it won't work. Also, since version 15.43.32, it's not possible to install the root variant via SAI. Please use Vanced Manager for such versions or use a non-root variant.
{For guide on how to disable signature verification or use other methods can be found using this link.}

E) INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_INSTALL_LOCATION: Cannot install updates to system apps on sdcard:-

Solution: Please head to your device settings > developer options and turn off "force allow apps on external" then install the Vanced app in SAI.


Solution: Disable MIUI optimization from your device developer options.

{Read me to know how to disable MIUI optimization!}

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