Personal page features

Personal page features


After authorization on the service (read how to do it here), you're able to use your profile. It gives you quick access to Telemetrio technical support and notifications from our service and potential advertisers.

Using the “My Page” – “My Channels” tab, you can add and verify your channel (read how to verify a channel in the article). After adding a channel to your account, a number of options become available to you:

Quick access to the main statistics on your channel for a different period according to the data collected by our service.

What information will be available to you, read in the article “What information is collected by the bot

You can also go to the settings of your channel and independently enter a category suitable for your channel, indicate the country of origin and the language of the content.

In order for your potential advertisers to have an idea about the price of advertising in the publication of your channel, indicate it and the currency in which you indicated the price in the appropriate fields. If for some reason you want to temporarily hide this information, click on the appropriate checkbox.

An important feature for maintaining the rights of administrators to copyright content is hiding posts. You can hide absolutely all your posts on the service, or only deleted ones. Check the appropriate box for this.

In the bottom settings panel, you can enable the function of receiving messages from advertisers directly in notifications on the service. Also, you can display detailed statistics on your channel for all users of the service, and prohibit the audience of your channel from crossing with others.

In the lower left corner, you can completely “Delete channel from profile” :(

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