Audience intersections

Audience intersections


   The “Audience intersections” tool is available to users of the service, as well as the bot (telemetr_io_bot). 

Read how to work with this tool in the bot in this article “A quick introduction to the bot”.

   To set crossings in the audiences of the channels you are interested in, you should go to the corresponding tab in the tools:

   Before working with the tool, make sure that the channels you want to cross should have audience verification performed earlier.

   If audience validation has not been done in both channels, install @telemetr_io_bot in the crossed channel and give it “Add Administrators” rights, read how to do this here.

    Next, specify the links or usernames of the channels you are interested in in the fields:

   If one of the channels you specified doesn't have our bot with “Add Admins” rights, you will receive the following error notification:

   If all data is available for our service - you will get information: the percentage of unique audience for each channel presented as a percentage on the pie chart and the number of joint subscribers. 

    For more detailed joint audience analytics, click on “Detailed analytics”. Then you'll get a table with the distribution of all joint subscribers by their status: online, been online recently, etc.:

  Note that all the crossings you've made will be saved on the right side of the “Channel Crossings” tab page. At your convenience, you can resume your analytics data by clicking on “Update Data”.

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