OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia III

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia III

Matthew Doer

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

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This is OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia III

Here you can download a complete archive containing more than 200 FCO files on Undermining Russia:


Next on our list is BBC Media Action. It mounted a bid for the propaganda project along with Thomson Reuters and our long-term 'friends' from Aktis Strategy who were involved in EXPOSE Network with ZINC, Institute for Statecraft, Bellingcat and others.

You can see not only the techniques of taking over the media scene in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, but also some specific participants of the process like UA:PBC, Hromadske, Adjara TV, IAB, TV8, DCN, Abo and others.

Their recommendations for improvement.

As you see, they were going to infiltrate non-government-controlled areas of Donbas in Ukraine to brainwash the people there through 2-3 puppet media outlets.

File with CVs contains detailed info on all team members.

They were afraid the documentation would be leaked and get into the hands of Kremlin-affiliated structures. Well, let's turn their fears into reality and tell the Russians about the documents.

BBC MA bid on CSSF Support for Independent Media in Eastern Partnership Countries













Isn't it something? BBC is getting some more taxpayers' money again. Btw, in the beginning of 2019 Aktis got involved into a corruption scandal and eventually went into an insolvency process. So, you'd better pay more attention to those who teach you how to fight corruption.

You will better understand the operation scale of those propaganda puppet-masters if you read their re-tender.

You must realise how deep they got into the minds of people all over the world... it's just unthinkable.

BBC MA Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Re-Tender 2018









Now you understand why BBC totally refused to cover one of the most high-profile scandals that happened in the UK politics over the past decade when HMG employed its intelligence services to act against the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition Jeremy Corbyn. It's all obvious now - BBC is simply a part of the intelligence community that was engaged in the smear campaign against the Labour leader. It's ironic because people who voted for Jeremy Corbyn also paid for the license that funded the BBC, they also paid taxes to fund FCDO and CSSF.

Are you scared? Well, you should be. They suppress any dissidence and at the same time they systematically take control over the entire media world. Now you must have realised how important the work of truly independent and progressive media is. If HMG is ever able to gag all those who disagree with it, then there will be only the puppets of intelligence cutouts left on the media scene and there will be absolutely no freedom of speech.

Let's get on with the FCDO infiltration of the Eastern Partnership countries.

Delivery of English language learning

FCDO's statement of requirements to deliver English language learning to the people. An important question is why this is done as part of the CSSF? The answer is because it's just a cover-up.

Statement of Requirements https://ufile.io/m8klz0j1

It makes perfect sense that the CDMD's beloved charity British Council prepared a bid and defined clear goals

No wonder that the Council is able do the job pretty well, indeed over the period of 30 years it has established its presence in every country of the Eastern Partnership and infiltrated most of the public institutions under the cover of conducting cultural exhibitions.

Pay attention that the Council lacks offices in Belarus and Moldova, therefore it manages work in these geographies from Ukraine.

You've got it right. It is a classic HMG Trojan Horse operation. They have penetrated the countries' ministries of education, they work with school principals, teachers and parents and they use the experience to implement the CSSF projects.

You need to know the management structure.

British Council bid on Enhancing English Language in the South Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus













The British Council' re-tender:

Who would have thought that this harmless (at least at a cursory glance) organisation is in fact a formidable weapon of the British intelligence...? We give them A++ for the disguise! Still, it didn't help them.

British Council Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Re-Tender 2018










We move forward. Do you know an HMG secret operation that is implemented without its main intelligence cutout that created the White Helmets, staged chemical attacks, supported jihadists in Syria and worked out a regime change plan for Lebanon? We don't... You must have guessed that we mean ARK.

There're unusually few documents but ARK admits that this region is new for the company so it is only preparing to consolidate its positions. Can you imagine what will happen once they invade the South Caucasus? We've already seen their contribution to peace & security..

ARK bid on Delivering sustainable contributions to peace, stability & security in Georgia, the wider South Caucasus and Moldova https://ufile.io/akjgvg9j

Maintaining and building confidence between the conflict-affected societies of Abkhazia and Georgia

HMG also set a task of 'reconciling' Georgia and Abkhazia. Someone who never read our investigations on Syria and Lebanon might wonder what is so bad about reconciling the nations. Well, we recommend the person to carefully read our previous publications. They will convince him or her that all these nice words are just a disguise for the wicked plans of 10 Downing Street. The British managed to turn garbage collection and assistance to refugees in Lebanon into the process of youth radicalisation in that country. All that was done on the advice of ARK. See for yourselves.

TOR - Maintaining and building confidence between Abkhazia and Georgia


We are familiar with the intelligence cutout that got down to tackling the problem. It's International Alert that was engaged in involving the youth of Lebanon into the protests.

Its methodology.

Its experience in the region.

A very interesting document describing the company's relations with the authorities.

The team members.

International Alert bid on CSSF Maintaining and building confidence between the conflict-affected societies of Abkhazia and Georgia









Media plurality, balance and literacy in Central Asia

We've covered the CDMD operations and some CSSF programmes in the Eastern Partnership countries. Next, we are going to cover the projects in Central Asia.

FCO Statement of Requirements

SoR_Media_plurality_Central_Asia - Final https://ufile.io/nf4c6am8

Albany in consortium with IREX made a bid.

Organisational structure.

Methodology. The documents contain disgusting details about their propaganda ops. We will not comment on them.

We found an eye-catching document that contains names of the UK embassies' personnel. The UK ambassador signed it in person.

Albany bid on Promoting Media Plurality and Balance in Central Asia










As we finish describing the role of Albany in CDMD we publish its re-tender that contains other projects which we haven't covered in our investigation.

Albany Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Re-Tender 2018









Capacity Building in the Russian Media

It's time to turn our attention to the CDMD operations inside Russia. They are aimed at working with the Russian journalists. And we simply can't understand why this KGB Evil State allowed dozens of its journalists and online influencers to go to Britain for retraining. However, the fact remains. It seems that only the journalists working in the self-proclaimed 'Force For Good' have to hide in foreign embassies only to eventually get jailed in HM Prison Belmarsh. Looks like there's more freedom of speech in Russia than there is in the UK. If the Russian embassy in the UK transferred British journalists to Russia for retraining, would the Integrity Initiative tell us that those journalists were Kremlin puppets, we wonder?

UK embassy Moscow and the FCO define the goals.

Terms of Reference https://ufile.io/4377knx1

Who do you think was among the first to mount a bid? It was Thomson Reuters Foundation, a great friend of CDMD's ZINC Network that is also engaged in establishing 'independent' media in the Baltic States and nurturing investigative YouTubers in Russia. They disclose their extensive networks in Russia and the number of journalists that have been 'exposed to new perspectives and critical thinking'. We wonder if the journalists realised they became a part of the FCO's global operation to overthrow Russian government, when those smiling UK diplomats and such an honourable organisation as Reuters invited them to Great Britain. That's unlikely.

15k journalists and bloggers worldwide and 400 in Russia, 20 courses.

Methodology. Pay attention to the real journalism. And again, we remind you that real journalists in the UK partake of Her Majesty's hospitality in Belmarsh.

Despite their 'openness' they were quite afraid of the Russian Government. And the FCO was the risk owner.

We don't usually show you the parts of the bids dedicated to monitoring and evaluation so as not to make our long reads even longer, but this one is extremely important because the essence of the whole project is described in one sentence: 'the primary objective is to expose participants to British culture and values and improve perception'.

Their team.

We think the following people are of special interest.

TRF bid on Capacity Building in the Russian Media














Undermining Russia Part 4 is available here. https://telegra.ph/OP-HMG-Trojan-Horse-Part-4-Undermining-Russia-IV-02-12

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