OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia I

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia I

Matthew Doer

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

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This is OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia I

Here you can download a complete archive containing more than 200 FCO files on Undermining Russia:


A couple of news topics attracted our attention while we were dealing with HMG Trojan Horses in the Middle East and in other regions of the world and exposing snaky British spies and diplomats who:

* support jihadists https://freenet.space/read-blog/275_op-hmg-trojan-horse-from-integrity-initiative-to-covert-ops-around-the-globe-par.html

* orchestrate revolutions https://freenet.space/read-blog/615_op-hmg-trojan-horse-part-2-infiltrating-lebanon-i.html

* place agents of change in senior governmental positions https://freenet.space/read-blog/836_op-hmg-trojan-horse-part-3-securing-lebanon-i.html

The first news topic is about the disgusting pseudo investigative and de facto propaganda firm Bellingcat, and the second is related to the use of chemical weapons.

Both of the topics are closely related to the so-called Navalny case, and we are going to prove that this media frenzy about the man has been caused by HMG as well. We assure you that we have documental evidence that almost every political crisis in the world and inevitable tragedy that follows it has been instigated by the self-proclaimed 'force for good'. Our main goal is to show you the true face of the wicked British neocolonialism. And although the Brits do their best to gag us and force various file-hostings to delete the documents that we upload, we assure you that they will never succeed. The truth will eventually out!

For those of you who have never read our investigations or still doubts their credibility we have the following: UK FCO acknowledged that the documents were authentic when we exposed HMG crimes in Syria back in September 2020.


Recall the latest accidents involving the 'use of chemical weapons' before we show you the files.

'Chemical attacks' in Syria.

Facts. Syrian opposition-held territory, FCO-controlled 'White Helmets', millions of GBP invested in the gear for 'independent' Mass Media and stringers. Then goes a 'chemical attack' followed by a lightning-speed reaction from rescuers, MSM coverage of the accident and a Bellingcat investigation.

However, investigations of independent media outlets and honest academics have shown to everybody that it was a staged event and a frame-up. http://syriapropagandamedia.org

Here's an excellent article based on our investigation of HMG involvement in Syria: https://thegrayzone.com/2020/09/23/syria-leaks-uk-contractors-opposition-media/

And here's an interview with the author of the article:


'Use of chemical weapons' in Salisbury in 2018.

Facts. MI-6-controlled Sergei Skripal, Integrity Initiative propaganda network, General Sir Richard Barrons' 2016 statement about the need of 'something dreadful to happen to shock us into action'

They were plotting it as far back as in 2015:

Then goes the poisoning, followed by sanctions, mutual diplomatic (i.e. spy) expulsions and a Bellingcat investigation.

HMG covered everything (including Skripal) up and issued a D-Notice for the MSM to properly cover Skripal's handler Pablo Miller as soon as alternative Media began asking questions. The government refused to disclose any information explaining that it could undermine national security. Why did they need the blackout? Why taking such a foolish step and hiding Skripal if he was really poisoned and his evidence could have supported HMG's version of events? And the answer to all of these questions is that it was a staged event and a frame-up.


'Navalny was novichoked' in Russia in 2020.

Facts. Media frenzy, 'use of chemical weapon', military bio-labs' secret conclusions which no one must read, horrified international community, so-called experts, the transfer of Navalny to Germany and a Bellingcat investigation.

Can't you see the similarity? Chemical attack - Bellingcat investigation - lightning-speed MSM coverage supported by Western governments. And it's just the tip of the iceberg. Many years of painstaking work of HMG through its embassies and intelligence cutouts precede a chemical attack. They create Media, CSOs and pseudo humanitarian organisations that happen to be just at the correct place and in the correct time with their cameras ready when 'suddenly' a dreadful accident 'shocks every one into action'.

Do you believe HMG staged the 'Navalny accident' as part of some kind of a secret operation? Did HMG create Media outlets, nurture bloggers and stringers that it controlled? Did it engage Russia's youth and CSOs? Did it try to demonise Putin just like it had done with Assad by labeling them Evil Dictators who poisoned their people with forbidden chemical weapons? Do you know what all of this is needed for? They need it to delegitimise a leader of a country and convince people around the world that 'no holds should be barred to fight a mad dictator'. Can you grasp the gravity of what is going on? Well, you ought to. They are preparing us for war with the Russians and the Chinese. They are looking for casus belli, and only the truth can stop them, because 'if wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth'. (Julian Assange)

We are not an MI-6 waste tank unlike the Bellingcrap 'that has discredited itself by spreading disinformation and by being willing to produce reports for anyone willing to pay' (FCO's official statement).

We don't use open source circumstantial evidence and we don't say that the evidence is 'highly likely' the truth. We show you real documents and their authenticity is confirmed by the FCO. Anyway, they have no other option since documental evidence is documental evidence. You can read them and draw your own conclusions. We only show you the most prominent parts and provide short comments.

We don't have any state-of-the-art illustrations because we don't employ any PR team and multimedia specialists. We don't have the means to create videos like Bellingcat and the like. We have no nice cover that distracts attention of our audience from the documents that we reveal. Yet we really hope some enthusiastic, talented and honest journalists will retranslate our information to the people around the world in some nicer form. Anyway, we have the most important part - we have the truth. Get ready, as it's going to be really a long read.

However, we'd like to remind you of a rather tricky situation HMG found itself in back in 2018-2019 when we caught it red handed employing secret services to achieve domestic political goals. Particularly of the fact when military intelligence officers were employed in a smear campaign against the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition Jeremy Corbyn. They faked proofs of his ties with Russia and disseminated them through MSM and the so-called journalists. It was done as part of a secret FCO project Integrity Initiative and paid for by the British taxpayers.

An enthusiastic professor has conveniently gathered links to all the articles related to the scandal. https://timhayward.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/integrity-grasping-the-initiative/

Eventually HMG had to admit that the project violated the law and suspend its funding. And head of the intelligence cutout The Institute for Statecraft Chris Donnelly had to offer public apologies to Jeremy Corbyn. After that the Institute for Statecraft lost any possibility to get state funding.

Yet we'd like to remind you of the way the scandal was progressing in the beginning. Well, most of the Labour MPs were really staggered by the uncovered circumstances, and one of them, namely, Chris Williamson demanded that FCO give some explanation to it all:

Minister of State (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) Alan Duncan confirmed that FCO indeed funded the Integrity Initiative as part of some shadowy Counter Disinformation & Media Development Programme (CDMD). He also stated that no documents would be published because they could potentially breach national security. You need to know that in Britain national security issues are in fact operations of secret services. And you must have already guessed which secret service is operating under the cover of FCO. It's MI-6.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry wasn't content with those formal replies, so she invited Alan Duncan to answer before the Parliament on the 12th of December 2018.

He was rather nervous and sometimes he even raised his voice while answering the questions of MPs Williamson and Thornberry.

But he knew that rescue was on its way. Although HGM had nothing to say since it was true that it had employed its intelligence cutouts in a smear campaign against the Labour leader, it asked a great friend of MI-6 Stephen Gethins to intentionally move the discussion away from the topic and to the 'Russian propaganda'.

Naturally that Thornberry and other Labour MPs weren't content with the result of the hearings, so she wrote an open letter to Sir Duncan.

But he ignored her demands, because there's no real democracy in Britain, and puppet masters from HMG will never tell the hard truth even to the men and women elected by the people.

MP Williamson also asked some additional questions of Sir Alan Duncan only to receive meaningless replies.

In fact, British secret services never forgave Chris Williamson his impudence and the fact that they had to publicly apologise for their dirty affairs. They took their revenged on him by starting a smear campaign and inventing some ridiculous accusations of anti-Semitism. Just think of how Orwellian it all sounds - accusing a far left-wing politician of anti-Semitism! Nevertheless, this groundless accusation was reason enough for those Labour Party leaders who are on the hook of the secret services to expel Chris Williamson from the party.

The show went on and on. After we exposed the second black propaganda project of HMG - EXPOSE Network where Bellingcat played the leading role, HMG had to take some counter steps.


Once again, the well-known friend of MI-6 MP Stephen Gethins came to the rescue by asking a very convenient question about the steps FCO was going to take to tackle the distribution of disinformation in the Baltic States. Sir Alan Duncan was rather pleased to receive such a 'proper' question, so he answered it as best as he could.

His prepared answer stated that HMG was going to tackle the issue by supporting a new Open Information Partnership project. A nice re-branding, isn't it? But we should pay attention to what happened next. On the following day on the 4th of April 2019 head of Bellingcat Eliot Higgins had to expose himself by saying that his firm plays a leading role in the Open Information Partnership - a primary project of CDMD programme.

So, what do we have? The FCO officially says that CDMD is a national security issue (i.e. it's the intelligence services' field of operations). OIP is a part of CDMD. Bellingcat is a part of OIP. Basically, it means that Bellingcat is working for the British intelligence. And these are not circumstantial evidence that we get from Elion Higgins when he talks about 'chemical attacks' in Syria, the poisoning of the Skripals and Navalny. These are documents that anyone can read. After our publications the FCO and to be more exact MI-6 was rapidly going down and called its secret project Bellingcat to the rescue. Bellingcat's confirmation that it worked for the British intelligence was the price they paid to offset at least some of the negative consequences.

Yet Bellingcat still continues to serve us the bullshit about being an independent organisation that receives no funds from Western governments and conducts its investigations on voluntary donations only. Bastards. We will tell you more about the Integrity Initiative and the EXPOSE Network, but in due time. And since HMG believes that people need not know about the CDMD saying that it will breach national security, we consider it our duty to tell you about the essence of this FCO programme.

Meet the most widespread secret black propaganda campaign in the history of humanity.

Even Joseph Goebbels from hell is giving a standing ovation to its cunning. But the most awful part of the intelligence operation is that the purely Orwellian black propaganda is only a part of the overall plan to change the regime in Russia.

In November 2017 the then UK Prime Minister Theresa May stated that HMG had appropriated additional 100 million GBP to counter 'Russian propaganda and disinformation'. Yet she failed to mention where exactly the British taxpayers' money would go. And by the way, you should note that a strategic operation to undermine the sovereignty of the largest nuclear-weapon state has been developing since her statement.

The FCO worked out a major plan to place Russia in international isolation, undermine its information security, change the ideology of the people in neighbouring countries and eventually change the regime in Russia. And it would be a mistake to think that the work started only in 2018. It all began many years before that, while in 2018 HMG decided it was time to get some results and accelerated the undermining activity through its intelligence cutouts.

Some time later the programme's name was changed from Russian Language Programme to Counter Disinformation & Media Development Programme (CDMD).

You may ask a reasonable question as to why the UK Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) has a Syria Programme, a Lebanon Programme etc., but doesn't have a Russia Programme. Instead it only has this CDMD? Well, we'll explain it to you. It is for a reason that we title our investigations 'HGM Trojan Horse'. You can see that the main goal of HMG is to deceive the target state and make it 'voluntarily' invite British intelligence cutouts to work with public institutions, civil society and law-enforcement agencies. After the British spies secure their positions within ministries and buy in some supporters, they begin a full-scale process of shaping the country from within to fit the interests of London.

The governments in Russia and say in China are far from being so weak as to let some dubious firms of the shadowy brits especially suggested by the UK Embassies into their countries. This explains why CSSF operations targeting those countries are conducted from neighbouring states and their primary goal is to undermine the situation from outside. Although some secret and well-concealed ops are under way inside the countries as well.

We exposed the FCO programme aimed at infiltrating Lebanon's secret services to prevent them from resisting the 'process of democratisation'.


Progressive media successfully used our files for their own investigations:




And the Lebanese Media took notice of our investigation as well.


Of course, they cannot impose their 'joint projects' on the Russians, so they resort to black propaganda campaigns like it was with the Skripals and Navalny.

By the way, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) oversees those CSSF programmes through its regional directorates. E.g. Middle East & North Africa Directorate oversees the programmes on Syria and Lebanon, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Directorate (EECAD) oversees Counter Disinformation & Media Development Programme. Besides CDMD, EECAD is also engaged in pure Trojan Horse operations targeting countries from Eastern Partnership, Central Asia or for example Ukraine. We recommend those countries to take a closer look at what the UK embassies are undertaking.

Back to CDMD.

The plan was outlined during a private FCO supplier event on the 26th of June 2018.

Although the event was dedicated to secret propaganda operations in the Baltic States and in the Eastern Partnership countries, the FCO had to partially disclose its wicked plan.

Again, we see nice words about countering Russian disinformation, but now we know that disinformation in their opinion is anything that runs counter to their position. In fact, the Integrity Initiative and EXPOSE Network revealed how the Brits engineer the Russian disinformation only to launch holy war against it.

You will find here the so-called charity British Council (more details will follow). And we'd like to remind you that it was engaged in regime change ops in Lebanon by preparing women to become political leaders who had to take power in the country after the coup d'état orchestrated by London.


It is also mentioned that the FCO is secretly working with 32 Russian language platforms through Creative Support Fund. We are going to expose some of those 'independent' platforms. And some of them are extremely popular, so you will not be pleasantly surprised.

Just to top it all:

No unauthorised disclosures of activity on this work... some grantees will not wish to be linked with the FCO... Programme Team would prefer the programme documents do not end up in the Russian media...we know that they are following us, and we are expecting and expose soon.

Whom do they mean by 'they'? The Russians? Well, they are wrong here, but nevertheless we will be glad if the documents end up in the Russian media.

Media Supplier Event. https://ufile.io/ztpwpeeb

How do you think those pillars were developed? ENGAGE, ENABLE, ENHANCE, EXPOSE? What is their ultimate goal? We will answer these questions. Recall how ARK worked out a road map to undermine situation in Lebanon and change the regime there by working with the youth and women, dealing with garbage, assisting refugees etc. https://freenet.space/read-blog/615_op-hmg-trojan-horse-part-2-infiltrating-lebanon-i.html

The Lebanese Media noticed it as well.



A similar research was conducted on Russia, and its conclusion was an extremely secret Theory of Change. Even the redacted version of the document was sent to suppliers marked as highly confidential.

Meet the plan to change the regime in Russia:

Theory of Change (Reduced Version) https://ufile.io/cmuxq2bb

It is the fundamental document. Therefore, we will make a deep analysis of its content so you could make out on your own what the redacted Outcomes & Impact parts really contain.

During the supplier event the FCO stated that 'the starting point of this programme was the identifying patterns of behaviour from the Russian Federation, which looked to sow disunity and course disruption to democratic processes and institutions in the West - implementing programmes and interventions that counter these malign infliences'

The programmes primary goal is to weaken Russia's influence on its near neighbours, and the programme does this by implementing projects along the following work strands:

ENGAGE - working through the British Council to implement people-to-people activities between ethnic Russians and local communities to develop links along the lines of 21st century skills - includes English language skills and media literacy, social enterprises and cultural activities.

Output. Communities that are vulnerable to disinformation by Russia are educated and trained in how to question propaganda and disinformation, including through crosscommunity initiatives.

ENABLE - working with allied governments through seconded experts to improve their strategic communications to their populations when countering Russian disinformation.

Output. Capacity is built of key partner governments on countering disinformation and engaging with communities vulnerable to Russian disinformation.

ENHANCE - supporting independent media in Russia's near abroad to bring balance and plurality to Russian language media, in the Baltic States and Eastern Partnership countries;

Output. The capacity of public media and editorially-independent media is built or maintained, the quality of their content is enhanced.

PROJECT - X-Whitehall coordination on Russia, including translation of UK official documents into Russian, developing Media content in Russian, issuing UK positions in Russian in real-time.

Output. HMG media content is produced in Russian targeting Russian-speakers in the Former Soviet Union.

EXPOSE - Weakening the positions of Russia by debunking and exposing Russian disinformation in real time in the mainstream media of the countries targeted by the Russian disinformation. Includes support to investigative journalism, networking between expose NGOs and funding the research of the Russian disinformation.

Outcome. First - capacity is built of NGOs involved in debunking Russian disinformation. Second - redacted.

When combined, those steps are supposed to lead to the following outcomes:

Engage + Enable = Improved social cohesion and increased acceptance of universal values in the three Baltic states, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, especially among Russian-speaking minorities in those countries.

Enhance + Project = Improved plurality and balance of Russian language media in the Former Soviet Union, especially in the three Baltic states, Ukraine and Moldova.

Expose = Outcome redacted.

Engage + Enable + Enhance + Project = Governments, the population and the media in the three Baltic States, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Central Europe and NATO countries are more resilient to disinformation by Russia.

Engage + Enable + Enhance + Project + Expose = Outcome redacted.

Taking into account that the ultimate goal of the CDMD Programme is to basically place Russia in international isolation and that secret expose ops - as the Integrity Initiative files show - must weaken the positions of the Russian government inside the country, it is most likely that the true goal of the UK is either to break up the foundations of the regime in Russia or to reverse its foreign policy, which is possible only if the government is weak enough.

We should mention that the UK was expecting first tangible outcomes from the programmes by mid-2020. But the Anonymous exposed the 'expose' ops of the UK virtually removing all secrecy from two main projects - the Integrity Initiative and EXPOSE Network. We undermined the whole system of the information war of the UK. Unfortunately, the international community failed to take any steps and the programmes were simply renamed.

As you see, the global operation to change regime in Russia is divided into several parts. Each part has its own projects and subprojects being implemented by suppliers, who are acting in parallel to achieve the final goal.

We are going to debunk every Pillar, project and supplier. You know some of those intelligence cutouts from their ops in Syria and Lebanon, while others will be exposed for the first time in this investigation.

Yet our description of the operation will not be complete without exposing the initiatives undertaken even before Theresa May announced the allocation of additional funds. It had all started much earlier. There were similar projects even as far back as in 2016.

We will show you the statements of CDMD head Andy Pryce so that you could understand just how mad this British Goebbels is.

His deformed imagination produced the following when he was outlining the goals of pillar ENGAGE to suppliers:

An interesting table that begins with 'I have awareness of Euro-Atlantic narratives' and ends with 'I take action to advocate these narratives'. A simple 5-step behavioural plan.

Note that it is an OFFICIAL document of the FCO. The research was conducted by Aktis Strategy Ltd. to meet the need of Eastern Europe & Central Asia Directorate, UK embassies in Riga, Vilnius and Tallin.

The Qualification and Technical evaluations were conducted by evaluators from the FCO's Eastern Europe and Central Asia Directorate, British Embassy Riga, British Embassy Tallinn and British Embassy Vilnius and the FCO's Commercial & Procurement Group (CPG) in the UK.

Soft power and Russian speaking audiences https://ufile.io/mr1r4r4a

What would the UK Government have done, had it discovered an official document of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs containing a detailed plan to deprive people of Scotland, Ireland or some other country of the Commonwealth of their British identity? All the UK MSM would most certainly have been in a total frenzy, while the Prime Minister would have pushed for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to punish Russia for interference into internal affairs of other countries.

As you can see the leading role in the ENGAGE strand is designated to the British Council, a 'harmless' charity that seems to be only teaching English and organising exhibition events.

Even the to-be suppliers were wondering how they could complement the British Council's extremely extensive programme.

Undermining Russia Part 2 is available here. https://telegra.ph/OP-HMG-Trojan-Horse-Part-4-Undermining-Russia-II-02-04

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