OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia II

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia II

Matthew Doer

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

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This is OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 4: Undermining Russia II

Here you can download a complete archive containing more than 200 FCO files on Undermining Russia:


Baltics: People to People (P2P) - Clarification Questions https://ufile.io/u9ejfu90

Above are the FCO requirements, and here is the bid from Albany and M&C Saatchi, intelligence cutouts supporting jihadists in Syria. They also coordinated communications between opposition media outlets and extremist Islamist opposition groups hiring an 'engagement leader (who) has deep credibility with key groups including (north) Failaq ash - Sham, Jabha Shammiyeh, Jaysh Idleb al Hur, Ahrar ash - Sham, (center) Jaysh al Islam, Failaq al Rahman, and sought Jaysh Tahrir.' Many of this militias were linked to al - Qaeda and are now recognized by the US Department of State and European Governments as official terrorist groups. M&C Saatchi was also engaged in the regime change op in Lebanon.

And having supported jihadists in the Middle East, the firms turned their attention to the p2p projects in the Baltic States. Well, by now you should have fallen off the chair.

To compliment more traditional forms of engagement employed by the British Council they offered innovative British soft power interventions to use young Russian speakers as agents of change to influence their parents' and grandparents' generations and amplify distinct 'Euro-Baltic' identity.

Family quiz tournaments, movie nights and city games? Crowd sourced cultural projects? Well, without our files you would surely be called crazy if you tried to prove that the British intelligence is behind all of it.

And then they use all those tamed media outlets as part of the Strategic Communications projects to tell you that reverting away from Russia is a natural and conscious choice of the people of the Baltic States. Pay attention. You might well have been already handled by some intelligence cutout disguised as a PR agency acting on behalf of the people who allegedly care.

Now you can see the allocation of duties in this foxlike operation. The British Council systematically plays with the consciousness of the target audience preparing people for accepting European values, while the intelligence cutouts complement the Council's work by conducting guerilla campaigns which galvanize the activity.

20160421 Baltics P2P Technical FINAL Albany https://ufile.io/vgf6j47g

Those who still doubt the involvement of the military intelligence in the operation should read CVs of the project team.

What would you say about the campaign manager from the UK MoD and NATO who is organising people 2 people ops?

P2P Baltic CVs Albany https://ufile.io/dhusun16

Entire team chart of the project.

P2P Baltics team chart Albany https://ufile.io/f84n6x7k

A signed contract with the FCO

Albany bid on Russian Language Strategic Communication People to people (P2P) https://ufile.io/9qoin9w6







Target Audience Analysis

This amount of work can't be done without a proper media and propaganda coverage, so the FCO decided to prepare a Target Audience Analysis (TAA) that should become a road map just like it was with the 2019 Lebanon TAA. https://freenet.space/read-blog/836_op-hmg-trojan-horse-part-3-securing-lebanon-i.html

Well, to change the behaviour of people, you need to learn a lot about them first.

Terms of Requirements. TAA Baltics https://ufile.io/4xb61wh7

Here is the bid of Albany and M&C Saatchi - companies that we exposed before and a previously unknown firm ORB International.

ORB should indeed attract your attention, as it is engaged in preparing TAA on Russia for the UK MoD.

Why does the MoD need TAA on Russia if it is responsible for conducting military operations?

Here you'll find more information about the ultimate beneficiaries: the UK Government, the FCO (MI-6), the Home Office (MI-5), the Ministry of Defence as well as the US Department of Defence

This bid contains a lot of interesting stuff about the methodology of conducting the operation.

And this is the part of TAA on Russia that ORB prepared for the MoD.

If you decide to go deeper down the rabbit hole, we urge you to download the files and examine them more closely. While we should continue our long read and cover other CDMD projects as well.

Albany bid on Target Audience Analysis (TAA) in Baltic States









'Independent' Russian language media in the Baltic States

Now we are going to tell you about HMG projects aimed at supervising 'independent' Russian language media in the Baltic States. So, we move to the next pillar from the Theory of Change, i.e. to ENHANCE.

FCO Terms of Reference

TORs Independent Media Baltic States v20160411 https://ufile.io/cn4tye2e

And this is the bid from Albany, a company that you should have become familiar with by now.

Now for the first time you can see specific Russian language media outlets of the Baltic States which are supposed to be supported: ETV+, LTV, LRT, Re:Baltica, Delfi, Meduza, Aru TV, TV Dozhd'. Apparently, Albany was not aware that other British intelligence cutouts already supervise some of the platforms. Details on that will follow.

Isn't it amusing? Content labs, interactive games, media festivals...

These are the CV's of the team. Note that there's no one of the British origin: a Lithuanian, a Belarussian, a Slovak, a Pole and a Georgian. Maybe it's because they all speak Russian? But we have to admit that they are not some useful idiots, instead they are conscious assistants to their masters, more like collaborators.

And here are their overseers.

Albany bid on Russian Language Strategic Communication Independent Media (IM)






Now it's time to expose another intelligence cutout - BBC Media Action. Don't be surprised that the detested mainstream media outlet BBC has its own secret firm which gets its funding from your taxes as well as from the CSSF.

Here are the CVs.

You'll find some rather interesting people here along with the media specialists, e.g. Will Taylor, who used to work for the FCO, DFID and the National Security Council

You also need to pay attention to some of the outlined risks that contain statements like 'high likelihood' and 'high impact'.

Well, this is nothing but Western Propaganda! You see that BBC Media Action was afraid that people could understand what it really was. Isn't it ironic?

What conclusion can be drawn after reading the bid of BBC MA? Well, at the very least they should hire a new editor who can prepare colorful bids like that of Albany... We've got sick of reading through their papers that contain only plain text and tables. Results of their work must also be boring and miserable.

BBC MA bid on Russian Language Strategic Communication Independent Media (IM)








Baltic States Independent Media Support programme

Now we can go to the most interesting part of the CDMD project in the Baltic States. Meet a fresh and very expensive Baltic States Independent Media Support programme that received 6 million GBP for 2019-2022.

Statement of Requirements https://ufile.io/9cijp07d

A well-known intelligence cutout ZINC Network (ex. Breakthrough media) - we debunked its EXPOSE Network two years ago - is working on the FCO project.

Meet the bid of the ZINC Network and its consortium that includes the pseudo charity British Council and Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF), a company that we have not previously heard about.

As you see, they created ZAG Baltic, promoted KISA FM and HelloSolyanka.

TRF is a philanthropic arm of Thomson Reuters. Pure Orwellian. We are going to reveal just how many GBP those philanthropes get per day. By the way, the philanthropic arm supported Belsat TV channel (Belarus) that took part in the attempt to overthrow government in Belarus.

The British Council's operations in the Baltic States are well documented: Ensure that Russian speaking communities in the Baltics are socially cohesive, have a strong affinity of each other's, the UK and European Values and culture, and are resilient to destabilising narratives. Brilliant brainwashing!

We recommend that you read the following documents very carefully. This is a manual for foreign state actors on how to nurture 'independent' journalists. Be warned, you may get sick of it.

Do you like their methods? Local Radio stations, Russian social networks VK & OK, Stand Up comedians, digital search optimisation, democracy festivals, on demand services, content factory.

That's where they merge with EXPOSE: rebranding, black propaganda operation.

Detailed implementation plan for the period of three years.

Team members.

You will find their complete CVs in the files.

Wait a minute! What do you see here? Ah, it's just the independent journalists from Bellingcat who received orders from the FCO and packed up their gear in their old kitbags and went to North Macedonia 'to defend democracy against disinformation'.

Btw, risk management files contain the following paragraph.

Well... it didn't work out as they planned!

And here is the propaganda pricing. Don't be surprised that a British taxpayer pays 972 GBP a day to some strange people for posting memes in foreign media. And there're no discounts for the FCO.

And here are the philanthropes from Thomson Reuters.

ZINC Network bid on Baltic States Independent Media Support













Of course, they didn't disclose all their puppets in that bid. But we are sure that a proper investigative journalist can easily dig out all those stand-up comedians secretly prepared by ZINC on the orders from HMG. If ZINC 'debunks' pro-government journalists from rouge states and initiates smear campaigns against them as part of the EXPOSE Network / OIP, then why can't we do the same with the 'independent' bloggers and investigative journalists they prepared? Can't you smell the hypocrisy? The level of Orwellianism here can be surpassed only by the Integrity Initiative. ZINC 'debunks' propaganda at one place and creates more propaganda at another...

Hey guys from Bellingcat! Maybe you could help us with the investigation? You say you are at the forefront of the battle against disinformation in the media and you even teach open source intelligence, don't you? Ah, wait a minute, we forget that you are a part of the consortium.

Here is the 2018 CSSF Framework Re-tender of ZINC Network (at the time it was called Breakthrough Media). It contains quite peculiar information about some popular 'independent' media.

Some of the most eye-catching parts of the re-tender.

Is it meddling with Iraq's elections?

ZINC Network Conflict, Stability & Security Fund (CSSF) Framework Re-Tender 2018










Above we published one of the most important files of ZINC that exposes its covert operations. Let's give an analysis of it.

First of all, we note that the people work inside the UK as well.

Back to Russia. Recall the plans of Albany and BBC MA to support some popular Russian language media in the Baltics. Apparently, they were not aware that the FCO had for a long time been working with many of them through its intelligence cutouts.

Meet INDEPENDENT media outlets Meduza and MediaZona.

Funny fact. If someone accused those media outlets of working for the British intelligence, he would surely be labeled crazy or for that matter the Kremlin supporter and agitator. Yet, documental evidence is documental evidence. We wonder if journalists from Meduza and MediaZona know that fact or are they just useful idiots?

Let's dig deeper. ZINC provides secret support to 50 social media influencers in Russia and Central Asia and builds a network of investigative journalists in Russia working on corruption and governance issues.

They deliver long-term strategic messaging to audiences and conduct multi-layered rapid response communications following key events. For example, in Russia they were able to activate a range of content within 12 hours of the recent telegram protests.

They not only have the means to instigate protests but they also have the necessary experience in Russia.

Recall ZINC's bid on EXPOSE Network. They are contracting freelancers and reviewing all content before publishing on Facebook.

They secretly established a network of pro-Western YouTubers in Russia and helped them receive international payments, managed their online profiles, provided legal support to them, developed editorial strategies minimising the risk of prosecution. And most importantly ZINC carefully managed project communications to keep its involvement confidential.

So, what is the conclusion? These self-exposing documents show that the FCO has established a network of popular YouTubers in Russia who investigate corruption in the government, and the YouTubers get assistance from some journalists from the Baltic States. Also, the FCO has experience of instigating protests in Russia.

By now you must have guessed the identity of one of the popular YouTubers investigating corruption. After obtaining EXPOSE Network files and examining the case studies two years ago, we didn't figure out which YouTuber the FCO supported through ZINC. We refrained from making any preliminary conclusions even when journalists discovered that Vladimir Ashurkov, a close ally of Alexei Navalny, was a part of the Integrity Initiative cluster.

But when we saw Mr. Navalny and Bellingcat together, things started to make sense. By digging deeper, we discovered another Navalny's supporter who lives in London - some shadowy Maria Pevchikh who is promoting a system of smart voting in Russia. The Labour used a similar voting system to take the votes of the Conservatives. So, basically it is highly likely that the UK recommended the system to Mr. Navalny.

It also turned out that Navalny began a smear campaign against the RT - one of the few media outlets in the West that allows those who disagree with the official position of western government to speak out. Note that Navalny's campaign was running in parallel with that of the Integrity Initiative. A reasonable question is - why Navalny who is mostly engaged in political battles inside Russia spends time fighting a TV network operating outside the country? Was RT really such a problem for him? No, it wasn't. It was a problem for the Western imperialists and apparently, they told Navalny to join in.

Some questions remain unanswered. Does Navalny know that he is a puppet? Wasn't anyone of his closest supporters curious as to why the UK paid so much attention to him?

And a final question to this great friend of Bellingcat, Mr. Navalny. Dear friend, do you consciously help HMG to conduct its neocolonial operations because you have been promised that you would become Russia's governor if the country is colonised by Britain or are you just a useful idiot of MI-6?

No matter what your answer is going to be, know that you got self-exposed as soon as you started working with this toxic firm Bellingcat and we've been watching you ever since. We hope that this investigation will once and for all stop your deceitful attempts to help the Brits colonise another country.

That's it! The FCO through its intelligence cutouts controls all those 'independent democratic bloggers' and investigative journalists who cover state corruption. During the examination of ARK's Target Audience Analysis on Lebanon - basically a road map for non-violent overthrow of the government - we saw that ARK identified best possible entry-points and issues that could instigate the Lebanese youth to take part in protests. Recall that ARK discarded the issues of democracy and faith as having no chance of success (since Lebanon is a rather democratic country where all religious confessions co-exist in peace) and recommended that the FCO should pay more attention to the issues of poverty and corruption. Well, we can see what is going on in Lebanon now when those 'peaceful' protesters burn cars... that means that the FCO can organise uprisings and revolts. A similar research has been conducted on Russia and the UK MoD is one of the UK governmental institutions who ordered the research. The most disgusting thing here is that the Brits don't really care about either corruption or poverty. They just look for some weak points in the states they consider hostile so that they could inflict as much damage as possible.

Now it's time to move to other FCDO projects dedicated to the Eastern Partnership as part of CDMD programme.

FCO Terms of Reference.

Terms of Reference. TAA - Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus https://ufile.io/hwdy4689

A well-known to us consortium of Albany, M&C Saatchi and ORB International made a bid to prepare the TAA. The bid is similar to the one they made on the Baltic States, so we don't make a thorough analysis of it. But you can download the complete file, of course.

Albany bid on Target Audience Analysis (TAA) in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus









Independent Media in the Eastern Partnership Countries

And again, the FCO is assigning the tasks to its suppliers. It is also a very large and expensive project just like its clone in the Baltics. HMG allocated 9 million GBP for three years.

Terms of Reference https://ufile.io/4sdq0lfo

Albany's bid goes first. Here's the massive self-exposure.

Yes, all of them are working for the FCDO: Internews Ukraine, Journalism Resource Center, Media Alternativa. Yes, the FCDO is supervising all those 'independent' media, civil society journalists, media influencers and practitioners, bloggers, etc. The Ukrainians, Georgians and Moldovans didn't turn their backs on Russia out of good will. All of these paid propagandists have been brainwashing the people who speak Russian for quite some time. Doesn't it ring any bells? Well, in fact it does. It looks very much like Syria where dozens of stringers and bloggers appeared out of thin air only to cover the crimes of the Assad regime. Later it turned out that all of them had been prepared by the intelligence cutouts like ARK, Albany, InCoStrat etc. on behalf of HMG. Once again, we urge you to read this brilliant piece of investigative journalism. https://thegrayzone.com/2020/09/23/syria-leaks-uk-contractors-opposition-media/

Here are their recommendations for improvement.


You will be surprised to learn the pricing.

All the White people from Europe receive about 700 GBP a day, while their voluntary assistants get only 25-86 GBP a day. And it will be those assistants who will sweat the blood during the 252 days. It's a good visual representation of what the people in those 'new democracies will get if the UK is successful in colonising them.

We recommend that you carefully read the CVs of the project team. You will find a lot of BBC employees there.

Albany bid on Support for Independent Media in Eastern Partnership Countries










Undermining Russia Part 3 is available here. https://telegra.ph/OP-HMG-Trojan-Horse-Part-4-Undermining-Russia-III-02-04

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