OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 2: Infiltrating Lebanon I

OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 2: Infiltrating Lebanon I

Matthew Doer

Greetings! We are Anonymous.

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This is OP. HMG Trojan Horse. Part 2: Infiltrating Lebanon I

In our previous publication we exposed HMG's interference in the 2011 rebellion of the Syrian people against Assad regime. British government officials virtually took the process under control and when the rebellion turned into civil war they sided with the jihadists. They nurtured those allegedly independent civil society organisations, mentored activists and created networks of allegedly independent Media. They trained, equipped and armed the 'rebels'. They created the image of valorous opposition fighters. They tried to overthrow the secular Syrian Government and transfer authority to radical Islamists to achieve their political goals.

But you must have got tired of the news about the war in Syria that has been going on for almost ten years. Yet you need to realise that the primary target of HMG operation during the war was you and not the Syrian people who were well aware of the side the western intelligence services took in the conflict. It was you who the Mainstream Media tried to mislead about the evil dictator and the good guys from the White Helmets. Multiple terrorist attacks in European countries clearly show that the jihadists never stop being jihadists, although agencies like ARK acting on behalf of HMG try to soften their image while the Mainstream Media tell you they are nothing but freedom fighters.

This time we are going to show you a pure HMG Trojan Horse operation and expose the British Empire that has deceived an independent country stuck in a difficult economic and political situation by offering it assistance only to colonize and establish protectorate over it.

Here you can download a complete archive containing all FCO projects on Infiltrating Lebanon:



Beware! Britain offers help to your country!

We declare war on the British neocolonialism! We call on all independent Media from around the world to join our effort and expose criminal activity of the UK's FCO and secret services. It is particularly important because HMG and The Global Strategy Network that we previously exposed fear that their files on Syria may fall into the hands of independent journalists who will investigate their criminal activity:

Well, dear readers! Just a few of you, except some highly focused specialists, know much about a small Middle Eastern country called Lebanon. Although some of you may have heard from the Mainstream Media that during 2020 peaceful protesters have been engaged in direct democracy on the streets of Beirut by burning down cars and demanding the overthrow of their government.

However, we have some FCO files proving that control over Lebanon is a strategic advantage for the UK. And this is the very reason why another Middle Eastern secular regime that can ensure peaceful co-existence of Christians, Sunnis and Shiites must be overthrown to enable London achieve its imperial goals.

You will see for yourselves how HMG offered help to the Lebanese authorities only to later deceive them into admitting British spies into their governmental and civil society institutions, special services, armed forces and Mass Media, allowing those spies to work with the youth and the CSOs. And it was far too late when the Lebanese realised they had lost control over their own country.

Let's begin.

How to push people to overthrow their government if they are basically content with its work? Well, your first step is to hire experienced specialists who know how to interfere in internal affairs of other countries and overthrow governments. Which of the British intelligence cutouts created networks of independent journalists, established independent CSOs and used black propaganda to simulate chemical attacks and pave the way for launching missile strikes against an unsuitable country? You've got it right. It's ARK.

On behalf of The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Lebanon in March 2019 ARK updated its 2016 Target Audience Analysis on Understanding the Communications Landscape in Lebanon.

We suggest you closely examine the file as Target Audience Analysis is only its title, while its content is nothing but a manual on nonviolent overthrow of a government in a sovereign state. And the FCO used it as its road map.

Here is the file: https://ufile.io/08ifvbxm

Prevent conflict? Promote peace? Just look who is talking! It's ARK. Take a minute... there's this 'enhance the potential for positive social change'. Now that clears the air. HMG must have promoted a similar change in Syria when it supported jihadists.

Alternative to violent protest? And it is proposed by the same ARK that instigated violent protests in Syria. Just keep the phrase in mind and let's move to the rest of the TAA.

If you are curious about the techniques ARK used when conducting the research then you can take a closer look at the document (you're sure to find a lot of interesting stuff in it). While we will go right to the conclusions and recommendations (spoiler - in fact a guide for action) for the FCO. Yet we can't help but show you some excerpts from the research.

Funny fact. There's only one foreign actor that the Lebanese dislike more than the United Kingdom, and it is the Syrian Opposition. At the same time those poor Lebanese believe the UK has the least influence on their country. How mistaken they are...

This is how ARK determined which audience was more likely to take part in the regime change operation conducted by HMG:

So, what's the conclusion? ARK considers it feasible to promote political activism among young men and women under 30 with modest income. And most importantly, the rejection of violence within the potential target audience doesn't mean the rejection of other forms of contentious politics. Members of the TA are more likely to participate in protests and are more likely to believe that protests or similar actions can effectively lead to change.

What? Contentious politics? Protests that effectively lead to change? Isn't it self-exposure? This is exactly what HMG is preparing for Lebanon. This is implied by preventing conflict, promoting peace & enhancing the potential for positive social and political change.

The most interesting part of the TAA is Key Implications, Potential Messages to Promote Social Change, Message Risks and Mitigation.

So, ARK states that social change does tend to occur slowly, a widespread support for peaceful conflict resolution is unlikely to greatly contribute to their goals without widespread willingness and capability to engage in political action. Therefore, it identified new potential entry-points to enhance the potential for positive social change.

Due to the pervasiveness of corruption and foreign influence or interference in Lebanese politics the people saw very little potential for social or political change. That's why HMG programming designed to tackle these grievances would likely have broader effects.

To help reinforce principles of active citizenship, especially for young Lebanese women and men, HMG should also engage at local levels. To help manage tensions between Lebanese host communities and refugees and solve problems like garbage crisis. Isn't it quite fascinating? HMG receives recommendations to tackle problems with refugees and garbage collection to politicise the Lebanese rather than help them solve those problems.

Besides ARK found out that concerns of the Lebanese about the future were primarily economic, making slogans about the creation of jobs, the alleviation of poverty, and the mitigation of the risk of inflation popular with the people.

ARK goes on to point out what might be done to enable other Lebanese to have similar confidence in their potential to contribute to positive social change, as well as how their potential target audience representing about 12% of adults might be grown to include a larger fraction of the public. Effective approach: change is possible and the ordinary citizens have a role to play in achieving change.

One of the achieved changes is perfect work of the Lebanon`s army and security agencies. That's why HMG has so many security projects.

Countering corruption is the most important public priority. That's why HMG has a project for promoting channels of contact between authorities and people.

Collective action across Lebanese confessional groups will more likely take place and affect change.

And also, ARK gives recommendations to HMG about potential risks.

- promoted social change goals should be short-term, realistic and achievable. Otherwise it may undermine public confidence in the potential for reform.

- HMG should conceal its participation because Lebanese view foreign influence as pervasive and mostly negative.

- HMG shouldn't target specific confessional groups in its social change efforts because Lebanese people love inclusiveness of the Government. (Thanks God! They advise not to instigate religious war! But alas! The reason is not because it is unacceptable but because it is counterproductive).

A fascinating document, isn't it? Anyways, let's get on with our neocolonial investigation.

Right after ARK prepared the TAA in March 2019, the British Embassy Beirut held a private Stakeholder Event on 11 April 2019. It was dedicated to Lebanon Political Reform Programme

Stakeholder Event Presentation https://ufile.io/lfy9i387

During the meeting some officials

outlined pathways the bidders would have to take in Lebanon. By the way, you've already met many of the bidders in our Taming Syria publication.

These are nice statements, aren't they?

Improved political and economic governance, leading to a strengthened and more inclusive social contract between the state and all Lebanese citizens.

Generating greater focus on domestic issue-based politics.

Increasing constructive cross-confessional engagement and effective conflict management through politics.

But we have already examined the TAA from ARK and know for sure what is behind all those peaceful declarations!

Below we will expose plans of specific companies for every project outlined by HMG. Apart from the current projects, every bid contains information about some previous experience of those intelligence cutouts in Lebanon.

We'll begin with the radicalisation of youth in Lebanon.

Here's the FCO Statement of Requirements SOR:


And these are some excerpts from the ARK bid:

Here is the complete bid of ARK on CSSF Lebanon Youth Political Engagement:











Now we are going to expose another intelligence cutout that took part in covert neocolonial operations of HMG. Meet International Alert. It is a well-known 'peace' organisation. Now you'll see whose interests it really serves. Its officials received the TAA from ARK, they were present at the Supplier Event and they know the true goals of HMG in Lebanon.

A widely known Westminster Foundation for Democracy is a part of the consortium.

Their methods:

Theory of change:

If you want to learn more about the work of International Alert & Co with the youth of Lebanon then read the following files.

Complete bid of the International Alert & Co on CSSF Lebanon Youth Political Engagement











What company do you think was also willing to radicalise the youth of Lebanon? Have you ever heard of WYG? It looks like an international corporation engaged in infrastructure development. Well, it also takes part in the neocolonial operations of London.

WYG's complete bid on CSSF Lebanon Youth Political Engagement












Now we go on to the next part of our investigation of the UK initiative to take Lebanon under control - preparing female political leaders. It doesn't seem wrong to support women, does it? Well, there's a catch to it. Bidders follow ARK's recommendations, which means that in this case helping women is just another way to undermine political situation in Lebanon.

Here is the FCO Statement of Requirements SOR:


By convention we begin with ARK:

ARK's Complete bid on CSSF Lot A Lebanon's Female Political Leaders












There's another company that worked with the women of Lebanon. Surely, you remember the Institute for Statecraft charity that turned out to be a gathering of military intelligence officers from the ruined mill in Fife who were secretly engaged in black propaganda ops on behalf of HMG. Now we have the pleasure to expose a similar world-famous charity. Meet the British Council.

The British Council's complete bid on CSSF Lot A Lebanon's Female Political Leaders












If you thought the British Council settled for it then we are going to disillusion you. Here is another project of the British Council aimed at exploiting the women of Lebanon to undermine the socio-political situation in the country.

Statement of Requirements:


Now you get it? On behalf of HMG the British Council began by selecting, politicising and popularising agents on the grounds of protecting women's rights as part of Lebanon's Female Political Leaders project. And now it promotes its agents as candidates for the forthcoming elections as part of Lebanon Female Political Participation project... Isn't it called meddling?

Stepping aside from the content of the files, we want to make a point about the immense hypocrisy of HMG and its bidders. They are eager to exploit any vulnerabilities and touchy issues like gender equality to achieve their political goals, accompanying their every move with fine words about social stability, inclusiveness etc. But we as well as all of the bidders have examined the ARK's TAA and we know what those projects are really about. Shame on you...

The British Council's complete bid on CSSF Lebanon Female Political Participation












Those projects of the British Council are not the most sensitive ones when compared to their undertakings in other countries. We know everything about the CHARITY and in due time we will completely expose this hypocritical organisation that 'shares good' with other countries by helping to teach the English language and establishing cultural cooperation. We will show you that it has consciously became a part of the huge UK neocolonial structure and is now following the orders of HMG to undermine entire countries through its humanitarian projects.

See our Infiltrating Lebanon II investigation here https://telegra.ph/OP-HMG-Trojan-Horse-Part-2-Infiltrating-Lebanon-II-12-11

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