What is Сrypto Pirates

What is Сrypto Pirates

Crypto Pirates

Ahoy, sailors!

  1. Crypto Pirates is a complete ZPG IDLE game. The game has already implemented: PvP, PvE, various flight and combat modes, ports and artifacts.
  2. The original and thoughtful setting of the game. More than 80 types of monsters live in the world of Crypto Pirates, there are 4 different ports, a change of day, meteor showers, and we are not ready to stop there!
  3. NFTs. These are not just beautiful pictures, we have carefully designed their integration into the game. And although the start in the game is free, buying an NFT allow you to earn more.
  4. We are constantly developing the project and adding new ideas to it. Stay with us, and together we will fly through the space in search of adventures and treasures of the world of P2E games!

What is this game about?

The game takes place in a fantasy world where unexplored space is swarmed with terrible creatures, and people live on planets and their debris. At this very moment, this world is in its renaissance stage, when the worship of the gods, belief in miracles and mysticism recede into the past. Science has become the primary life value. The exploration of outer space is developing rapidly, and the piracy tracks it very closely. 

Here you can:

  • meet your true friends
  • fight unthinkable dangers
  • find real treasures

If you are determined enough, your spirit of discovery is strong and you don’t mind earning some coins, then go ahead and take your place at the helm of the ship!

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