All about Seed Round II in Crypto Pirates

All about Seed Round II in Crypto Pirates

Crypto Pirates

Pirates, the Seed round has started!

You have the opportunity to take part in the seed and become an investor in the project Seed Round. Most of the money we earn from mint and seed rounds goes to marketing. After all, we are working on the promotion, recognition and popularity of the project. Watch with us how it grows!

🚨1 $PST = 0.009 Busd🚨

📌Minimum purchase amount is 101 busd, maximum amount per transaction is 5000 busd

📝Here you will find instructions for the Seed round

 🤓And if you haven’t bought NFT yet, but want to participate in the seed, here is the mint instruction.

😎And we remind you that early access to the game for NFT holders will start July 25th.

😉 Have a good week everyone, and we are back to work!💪

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