The Green March

The Green March


Step Two


People all over the world are suffering and facing increasing disaster. This suffering, even the climatic changes and other disasters, are the work of man. Those who monopolize power, governments, military, big companies, have caused these problems by trying to dominate Nature and abusing Natural Law. Nature is stronger than any man or group of men. We have to understand Natural Law and adjust our lives accordingly. Simple solutions to big problems are there but are kept from us.

One of the biggest problems is the monopoly of Power. Power must be in the hands of the people. The people as a whole do not advocate war, greed, theft or coersion. The more concentrated power is in fewer hands, the more corruption there is.

If you like, you can read more from this introduction to the "green virus" disk written late 1999. Otherwise, continue on the Green March to People's Power with the Freedom Revolution moving from the "Era of Republics" to the "Era of Freepublics":

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