The Green March

The Green March


Step Three

Almost one million men and women around the world gathered in People's Conferences to decide on what their human rights and freedoms are. The majority of the participants in this novel exercise of direct participatory democracy agreed upon a number of main points, which are enshrined in a Green Charter. The world media ignored the event.

It is the most democratic document ever agreed upon, because of the large numbers of people who participated in the Conferences. It therefore carries more weight than any other human rights or freedom charter, and you too can adopt it. It has been hidden from view by Governments, because of it's first article, which is the right to Direct, Participatory Democracy.

Breaking the monopoly of power, and finding the way for people themselves to exercise that power, is the solution to the lack of accountability, transparency and responsibility of corporations, governments and armies which are destroying our world.

You can open the Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms in a new window. After reading or printing it you can return here to continue to Step 4 of The Green March to Freedom and People's Power.

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