You have been given this disk because you are a thinking person who loves freedom.

What you will find on this disk may look simple, but the good things in life are simple. The name of the author of these articles is not important. We need to look beyond words and titles and get to meanings and concepts.

People all over the world are suffering. Some of us are not suffering now (this is being written end of 1999), but if disaster hits us and money loses value, prices rise or floods take our homes, we may be even worse off than those who have already become accustomed to a hard life, as we had become used to a comfortable one and would miss it. Yet all this suffering, even the climatic changes and other disasters, are the work of man.

Some people, those with power, for example in governments, the military, or big companies, have caused these problems by trying to dominate Nature and abusing Natural Law. Nature is stronger than any man or group of men and the only way to live with Nature is to be in harmony with it. By this it does not mean going back to the stone age as some may imagine, it simply means we have to understand Natural Law and adjust our lives accordingly.

Most people, even those who are not in positions of power, are not innocent. Simply by unquestioningly taking news and education at face value, or not caring about current and historical events, by working in a company and not taking responsibilty for the effects of our actions on nature and other fellow humans, by seeing injustice around us and staying quiet, all this and more helps those in power to become even more powerful. "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good (wo)men to do nothing." Yet many of us do feel in our hearts that something is wrong, some of us may be able to speak out without fear of losing our job or home, and others still take it upon themselves to do something by hand to put things right.

At one time or another in life, when we face something that concerns us directly or someone close to us, or a particular issue we feel strongly about, we turn to action. Maybe letters are written, a protest march, a boycott or a complaint. Maybe more forceful action is taken according to the strength of feeling. If and when this issue is resolved we may go back to life as usual until the next issue pops up. Many millions of people are involved in single issues, or pressure groups, or political parties. Yet something is missing and this is not the solution.

Those of us in our right minds who think a little about life, or go through it with our eyes and ears open, realise something is wrong. If we close our hearts and minds we can carry on, hoping to put off the inevitable disaster in the future. If we keep our hearts and minds open we may be frustrated with the size of the problems, or the faults of all political organisations, the futility of pressure groups. We may then either resign to fate, go mad with grief, or turn to still others for help. We may turn to God. But God has already spoken and we have all the maps we need.

Yet the truth is always there, it is constant and does not change. The simple solutions to the big problems are there too but we are kept away from them. There are very clever and very evil people guarding their massive accumulated power, wealth and arms. By making sure people are dependent upon them, by way of the money they print, jobs in their government or industries, laws, protection from crime, and total dependence on the media for information, they continue to lead the world to disaster by more and more power, wealth and weapons getting into fewer hands than ever before.

So is there a solution? If so what is it?

Yes, there is. Some parts, or many parts of the solution have been found by different people and groups. Some churches, religious people, politicians, economists, scientists, teachers, students, soldiers, activists, workers, people of all walks of life already know or have found some of the solutions. But like the "truth which will set you free", if the solution is not complete it will not stand out. You will easily see the things which are wrong with their idea, party, group, church, ideology, vision, or organisation.

You can use the menu top left, or click below, to see the Vision of true human rights and freedoms that belong to all of us, and for the theories which lay bare the political, economic and social realities in simple language that can be understood by all. Better yet, these theories contain the solutions which should be discussed and made available to people everywhere to study freely, and adopt wherever they can! Please do your part by ensuring the spread of these documents and resources by forwarding this information to other thinking people. This is a "green virus" that needs to spread in order to liberate human kind from need:

A New Vision - YOUR Human Rights and Freedoms

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