Telegram Theme Catalogue

Telegram Theme Catalogue

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Welcome to the catalogue! This place showcases all the best entries from our monthly Theme Challenges, as well as other curated theme collections made from the best theme publications on @AndroidThemes and @Themes.

Theme Challenges

These are monthly events that challenge users to make the best themes they can that fit a certain topic. Here, you can view the best entries from each challenge. If you're interested in entering a challenge, check out this post for more info.


Outside of challenges, we've also created collections of themes based on themes published on @AndroidThemes and @Themes. We'll keep updating and adding new ones over time.

If you have an awesome theme you want to see published on our channels and the catalogue, we'd love to see it! Post it on @telegramthemes for Desktop themes or @androidthemesgroup for Android themes with the hashtag #theme.

Interested in making your own themes? Check out these pages for more information on how to get started -