Creating Android Themes

Creating Android Themes

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1: To create a theme, first go to Settings > Chat Settings > ... > Create New Theme. A new theme will be based on your currently selected colors and background.

2: Set a name for your new theme.

3: Tap on the palette icon to view the list of elements on each screen.

4: You can navigate to other screens using the back arrow. Tap on the palette icon to change the color of elements on any screen that you're on.

5: Tapping on an element will also open the color selector. Choose a color and tap Save.

6: Once you're done with the changes, tap on "Save Theme" to finish. Now you should be able to find your new theme under Settings > Chat Settings > Theme.

To share the theme, tap the three dots beside theme name > "Share" or "Set link" in order to set a share link for your theme. You can also Edit or Delete the theme from there.

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