Telegram Theme Challenge

Telegram Theme Challenge

Telegram Party Admins

Theme challenges are a new, monthly event that will appear on both @AndroidThemes and @Themes, and are designed to challenge both first-time theme authors and veterans alike.

At the start of every month, we will announce a new theme or topic to base a theme on through the official theme channels. All you have to do to participate is to make a theme that fits the challenge and submit it to one of the following groups:

Before you post it though, make sure...

  • That you include the hashtag #themechallenge when posting it.
  • That your theme meets our Content Submission Guidelines. The short version is that you should make sure your theme is both Safe For Work, and not containing any trademarked content like commercial drinks and sports logos. For more information though, please check out this post.
  • To check the deadline for entries on the most recent theme challenge post, so you don't accidentally miss out!

We'll select the best entries submitted from every challenge to be featured on the channel as well as in our Theme Catalogue.

Are you new to theme creation and not sure where to get started? Check out these pages for more info -