How do I get a free test?

ATTENTION!!! claims - "I don't have a telegram, is it possible to get a test without it?" - not accepted. If you want a free test - install telegram, this is a service condition. If you do not want to install this messenger, there will be no free test, you can buy a package from us for a period of 1 day or more. No one is forcing you to continue using telegram, After receiving the test, you can delete it. Thank you for your attention.

First of all, return the number of devices to 2 and return to the prepaid payment plan if you changed any of this. Otherwise, the test will not be issued.

Then you need to link telegrams to your account in your personal account, for this, in the SETTINGS section, click the Log in with Telegram button.

ATTENTION! if you don’t see the Log in with Telegram button in your personal account, then first try refreshing the page with your personal account, and if it doesn’t help, then turn off the ad blocker in the browser add-ons.

A window will appear in which you need to select a country in the drop-down list (Russia is the default) and enter your phone number. After that, click the NEXT button.

A message will appear in your telegram

The window can be closed by clicking on the cross or the Cancel button

and go to your telegram.

A message from telegram says that telegram has received a request to authorize your telegram account on and is prompted to make a choice, Reject or Accept this request. Since you are about to receive a free test, you must accept this request.

So, the request has been accepted, return to your personal account, restart the page and re-enter your personal account. Again, go to the SETTINGS section and press the button Log in with Telegram.

At the bottom left, a message will appear about the successful binding of telegram to your account on, which will then disappear and information about the binding will appear, as well as the ОТВЯЗАТЬ TELEGRAM button (UNLINK THE TELEGRAM).

Now you can go to the @tv.team_bot bot, for this you can click on his login in your personal account

or copy this login and find it in your telegram through the search.

Choose a bot with our logo.

Go to his page and click START.

To get acquainted with the commands of the bot, first enter the command /help, the bot will give you a list of commands. If you didn’t receive anything in response to the /help command, then this is the wrong bot, look above in the instructions for which bot you need to choose. When you use the /help command, the correct bot will give you information even without linking telegram to your personal account.

Now you can enter the command to get the test /test

and if you have not received a test period on this telegram and login before, then you will be issued a test package (personal account-Packages). Activation of the package is 15 minutes, after that you can watch TV.

And if you have already received, then the bot will inform you about it

ATTENTION!!! You do not need to write commands to technical support through your personal account in the HELP section or in the chat, commands are given only to the bot in telegram, read the instructions carefully from the very beginning, especially the highlighted text.

The test is issued for some time, this time will be enough to test the service. Some time is 3 calendar days, do not confuse with a day, exactly 3 calendar days, and if you took the test at 23:00 (Moscow time), then one hour of this day is also considered one of the calendar days of the test issued, i.e. in the example above, your test will last two full days and 1 hour. Consider this.

The test package is no different from the package purchased for money and will be available for viewing 15 minutes after issuance. If after the trial period you decide to continue browsing, then you don't need to change anything in the player, just buy a package and restart the player after 15 minutes. It's better to do it in advance in order not to wait 15 minutes for the activation of the package again, because it is not necessary to buy a package only when the current package ends, so that there are no interruptions in viewing, buy a package in advance - a day, three, a week, etc.. If you buy the same package, then the package start date will be set automatically the next day after the end of the current package and the package term will automatically be set to 1 month. If you buy another package, then you need to set the start date of the package yourself and, accordingly, set the package duration yourself, for this, use the buttons 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc. It is more profitable to buy packages for half a year and a year, there are additional discounts. Instructions for purchasing or renewing packages:

For testing, you are given a VIP package, so if you continue to buy a package other than this, then in this case the player needs to be restarted after the end of the test package in order to update the playlist.

Where to find the playlist in your account you can read in the instructions

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