Ideas for Action

Ideas for Action


We believe that reading the International Green Charter is a great introduction to human rights and freedom that anyone can readily understand and identify with.

Thus we believe the Green Charter itself is the first key to open the heart and mind to the type of world we wish to live in. Reading this is thus the first action to take.

It is also the easiest to introduce to others, whether online or by printing out a double sided sheet of A4 paper on which the Charter can be printed and folded into three.

PDF files for that purpose are available (requires Telegram) for handing out to people the most important and interesting document perhaps in existence in the world today.

Once someone has discovered the wonderful rights and freedoms they are entitled to, their thirst for further knowledge, of how to obtain these rights, may be ignited.

This is where the site comes to good use: it is a resource from where all of the things described in these "Ideas for Action" are found.

For some, going through the 8 steps of the start of the "Green March to Freedom" may be an easy and light way to progress and be motivated for some further study.

The Green Book itself contains a wealth of knowledge, which to some reading it, will feel like drinking a glass of water in the hot desert yet contained in one small book.

Often mistaken for being too simplistic, in the words of it's author, Brother Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, it is like a basket containing the fruits picked from the tree by a farmer.

In another analogy, he compared it to humanity having been locked up in a cave behind a strong metal door, and lost the key for generations, forgot the sunlight and the happy life outside. He simply found the key in the dust and put it in the door.

The Green Book speaks of the Third Universal Theory -- synonymous with the Truth.

This Truth belongs to all humanity and is the result of the history of mankind too.

Those who read The Green Book and agree with its solutions, form themselves in study circles at first, and then freedom committees, to work toward awakening the masses and urging them forward on the march toward the free happy society.

Going through all of the material contained in the "green virus" of the pages of this site will show the way forward to make good use of the tools and resources while we can.

We still have some uncensored Internet communications, at the time of this writing, Telegram app and site, and although the enemy are attempting to stop us from meeting, trusting, engaging, and keeping us apart, we must resist all we can.

By meeting whether in person or online and sharing the information contained at and taking action as appropriate the day of the new dawn of freedom and mass awakening and thus the fall of the corrupt regimes may be brought nearer.

Other helpful introductions and a video on the concept of freedom with responsibility can also be found on the menu items listed at

Further resources including helpful videos to understand the current problems and issues facing humanity, such as who the real enemy is, the danger of 5G etc, are here.

Share your own achievements or news of your freedom committee via the @jamahiriya channel on Telegram. These may be rebroadcast by the GCM Channel.