(R)evolutionary Committees

(R)evolutionary Committees


Revolutionary Committees are an instrument of peoples revolution. They are composed of liberated men and women having discovered through their reading and studying of The Green Book the fallacy and falsehood of modern liberal democracy as well as the brutal realities of modern exploitative societies. Affirming a new advanced and democratic concept of human rights embodied in the Green Charter they organize themselves with others and form a green charter (revolutionary) committee in order to pool resources and work together for the people's revolution with the principle one for all and all for one.

The Mathaba (Headquarters) are their permanent address. All the revolutionary committees constitute the Green Charter (Revolutionary Committees) Movement (GCM). 

The GCM is the organized political and practical framework and structure that encompasses the revolutionary force. It is the nerve that mobilizes the masses and the instrument for the propagation of the new civilization. The GCM is not an instrument of power and does not practice it. Only the people have the right to power and authority. The GCM cannot even act as the executive instrument of people's power. That is the task of the people's committees set up by the people once they have embraced direct democracy and organised themselves into people's conferences. 

The true and only aim of the GCM is to educate, guide and organize the masses to regain their usurped power and authority, and to exercise it directly without any representation. When the masses achieve this goal, the task of the revolutionary committee is that of helping to consolidate the authority of the people. Guided by the thesis of The Green Book, The revolutionary committee works among the people in its area to prevent the return of the traditional instrument of governance (political parties, sects, classes, bureaucrats, interest groups) and the return of the culture of exploitation, domination and oppression. 

The method of joining a revolutionary committee is by way of self conviction and self assignment. The most distinguishing feature of the GCM as against other traditional political organizations is its openness and flexibility. The sole criterion for becoming a member is belief in the thought of the theory of the masses as postulated in The Green Book and the courage and determination to apply it. Therefore, a GCM member is an epitome of the new ideal human and example of his or her nation and religion - a living example of liberated and emancipated humanity - of good manners and skill. Consciousness and deeply rooted belief in the masses culture are the safeguards from deviating from the course and merely becoming yet another authoritarian political party or "popular movement." 

The GCM is distinguished from others by its reliance on democratic precepts and practice. This permeates, informs and directs all its organizational structures, mode of operations, relations among members and more importantly their interaction with the wider society. The Movement holds as cardinal truth, The Green Book aphorism which states that knowledge is a natural right of every human being... Ignorance will come to an end when everything is presented as it actually is and knowledge about everything is available to each person in the manner that suits him or her. 

Thus guided, the revolutionary committee plans its programs and activities daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The revolutionary committee employs dialogue and convincing as a method of propagating and defending its ideology and beliefs, and of unmasking other ideologies that stand in stark contradiction to people's authority.