1. What is Getgems, and how do I use the site?

Getgems is an NFT marketplace whose “home” is The Open Network blockchain. The project was founded by crypto enthusiasts who are passionate about NFTs, DeFi, and the technology of the future.

To start using the site, all you need to do is connect your wallet — and that’s it. You’ll have all of the site’s functionalities at your fingertips — buying, selling, minting, and transferring single NFTs or entire collections. If you’re more of an observer, there’s plenty of NFT beauty on the marketplace to behold!

2. What’s an NFT?

An NFT, or nonfungible token, is a digital contract, a “marker,” that indicates who owns what digital asset and its creator.

3. What is The Open Network (TON)?

Getgems is based on The Open Network blockchain, a next-generation Web3 blockchain ecosystem created from the ground up to make digital life easier. If you’re an NFT artist or collector, TON is the ideal instrument for you thanks to its high performance and low transaction fees.

4. How is Getgems better than other NFT marketplaces?

The main aspect of the TON blockchain that sets it apart from other blockchain networks is its ability to settle transactions almost instantly and for extremely low fees. This one feature is what speaks the most to those who are unwilling to pay exorbitant transaction fees on other networks and wait for confirmations.

5. Why do we need NFTs?

NFTs allow people to create a unique certificate containing a digital signature connected to an asset on a blockchain. Such technology opens the floodgates to a wide array of use cases, from artwork to domain names. NFTs are a convenient layer serving all kinds of content. The main takeaway is that it proves uniqueness and confirms the ownership of a specific NFT.

6. If anyone can simply download a picture, what’s the point of buying an NFT?

The answer to that question lies in the concept of NFTs. Yes, you can, in fact, simply download whatever picture you can find on the internet. However, it’s next to impossible to determine who owns the original, except for the owner of the NFT, which means that the NFT’s value rests in the hands of its owner — and no one else.

7. How do I buy an NFT on Getgems?

All you have to do to start buying NFTs is connect your wallet via the TON Wallet browser extension or the Tonkeeper or Tonhub mobile apps. The rest happens automatically. However, make sure you have enough funds in your wallet before making a purchase, and last but not least, find something you love and buy it!

8. How do I receive an NFT?

After buying an NFT, the information regarding the transfer of ownership will be saved on the blockchain, and you’ll be able to view this data directly on the Getgems site in the section called “My Collections” or in any wallet that has NFT support.

9. What does “gas” mean, and what’s it for?

Gas is another word used for “transaction fee” when making a transaction or interacting with a smart contract on a blockchain. Unlike many blockchain networks, gas fees on TON are remarkably low — one of TON’s biggest advantages over its competitors.

10. Can I transfer an NFT to a friend?

Yes! You can do more than just sell an NFT for a set price. You can transfer it to a friend by simply taking care of the transaction fee.

11. I’ve bought an NFT. What’s next?

The world is your oyster. Save it, sell it, add more NFTs to your collection, or trade it. You’re the sole owner and in full control of what happens to it. Do whatever you want with it.

12. I already own an NFT. How can I put it up for sale on Getgems?

You can do whatever you wish with the NFTs you own, including the option of selling it on the marketplace. If you see your NFT in your wallet and on your Getgems profile, it’'s very easy to mark it “For Sale.” You can find detailed instructions here.

13. Can I buy an NFT with fiat currency?

No. All transactions are only in Toncoin (TON). That’s why we mention above that when you first get a TON-based wallet, you need to deposit some funds first — Toncoin — then you can buy NFTs.

14. Why do I need a crypto wallet?

Crypto wallets play the same role as regular wallets in which you keep banknotes. In it, you can store your NFTs and Toncoin and use it to send and receive TON.

15. How do I get a crypto wallet?

It’s quite simple. Download the browser extension for TON Wallet; for iOS and Android mobile devices, use Tonkeeper or Tonhub.. Next, follow the easy registration steps when creating your new wallet and make sure you write down the 24-word recovery phrase on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place. Never share this phrase with anyone because it’ll grant them direct access to your crypto and NFTs. And that’s it! You’re now ready to use your wallet. 

16. How to fund my wallet with TON?

You can buy TON on crypto exchanges through Crypto Bot or via Tonkeeper. Find more information about purchasing TON on The Open Network’s official website.

17. Is it safe to sign in to Getgems via my wallet?

Absolutely! When signing in, we still have no access to the contents — crypto, NFTs, etc. — of your wallet. We only see its unique ID to verify who enters the marketplace.

18. How can I register on Getgems?

The Getgems marketplace does not require a typical registration process. To become a marketplace user, you only need to connect your wallet, and a wallet address is used as a unique identifier. You just need to log in to the marketplace with it.

19. Are there auctions on Getgems?

Yes, you can find more info about the auctions in this post. And we will add more instructions shortly.

20. What other fees do I need to pay?

When placing NFTs for sale, you are required to pay a service and gas fees — but that’s it.

21. How much are the transaction fees?

Please remember, for any operation with NFTs (buying or selling), you need to have at least 1 TON in your wallet to pay the gas fee. The blockchain returns most of this amount back since the fee amount varies slightly from transaction to transaction due to the ways the TON blockchain operates.

22. How do I mint an NFT on Getgems?

You can find more information in this guide: How to mint NFTs on Getgems.

23. How can I add my collection to Getgems?

There are two ways to do so:

1) You can mint a collection directly through the site’s interface. The process is as simple as uploading photos to your social media accounts: You just log in, choose pics you’d like to mint — as a single NFT or a collection — and set the necessary parameters. You can find detailed instructions here: How to mint NFTs on Getgems.

2) You can list the collection. Just add it to the “Added” list on the marketplace without actually minting the collection.

24. How can my collection be placed on the main page? Why can’t I see my collection on the main page after I’ve minted it?

Once you’ve minted a collection, it won’t automatically appear on our main page. For now, we’re going through all submissions and hand-picking ones to display on Getgems’ main page. Among NFT art minted on the blockchain, there is sometimes illegal content, unfortunately. We want to clarify that we have no interest in allowing the latter to be published on our marketplace. When we’re in the process of deciding what gets added to our platform, we consider the following: 

- The collection has at least 10 NFTs created in the same thematic style. 

- The NFTs in the collection must be up for sale. 

- The collection must be original. If it has too many similarities to other projects, or someone else’s art is being used, we’ll reject it.

25. What is minting, and why does one need to do it?

Minting is the process of turning a picture into an NFT and placing it on the blockchain. During the minting process, an address is assigned to the NFT, and a place on the blockchain is allocated. Minting costs a certain amount of cryptocurrency (a “gas” or transaction fee), but on TON, this cost is very low.

26. How much does minting cost?

Minting one NFT will cost you 0.05 TON for gas + 0.02 TON for a service fee = 0.07 TON. Minting a collection of 1,000 NFTs will cost 70 TON (the price might vary).

27. What are royalties, and how are they paid?

A royalty is a fee that an NFT creator receives each time their NFT is sold. In fact, this is a way to receive a fixed percentage from each NFT sale on the secondary market. Royalties on Getgems may vary from 0% to 50% — whatever percentage the creator decides to set.

28. What does “floor price” mean?

The floor price of an NFT is its lowest price on the market.

29. How can I predict the growth of an NFT’s price?

There’s no way to predict it reliably and with 100% accuracy. First of all, an NFT is an instrument and something to collect. Only then does it become a means of investment through which one can perhaps one day make a profit. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, you can make better assumptions and decisions regarding earning profits, but there are always risks and almost no guarantees. 

30. Is it safe to buy NFTs?

Buying NFTs is safe, but there is no guarantee that it will be a profitable investment. Some see it as a good way to support artists and grow their collections, and occasionally, it might turn into a profitable investment.

31. How do I know if I’m being scammed when buying NFTs?

There’s no “secret rule” to be 100% sure. NFTs on TON are deeply rooted in community interaction, and we believe that the percentage of fraud will be low because there is no need for such a tight community to scam one another. However, no one is safe from deception.

Our advice is:

Always do your own research (DYOR). You should neither take risks and nor invest your money in something that you are unsure about. You can read more about safety in our Disclaimer

32. Do you have an address to burn NFTs?

Yes, there are two burn addresses that are available at the moment:



By sending your NFTs to this address, you lose any access to them. 

Important: A complete “burn” of NFTs is not available at the moment.