Feudal languages - 3

Feudal languages - 3

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Homicidal Mania

A lot of gun violence and other violence that has happened in native-English nations can be very directly connected to some trigger that has been set off by feudal language verbal codes.


Feudal language usages do affect the eye language, body postures, body language, facial demeanour and such other things in ways which cannot be imagined in English.


For instance, when a person is addressed with reverence as Saar, Saab, Aap, Thangal, Ungal &c. (all higher level You), there is a very specific eye-language that can be felt. The eyes radiate a feeling that is quite nice to receive.


However, when the words for You is the pejorative form (Thoo, Nee &c.) , the eye-language changes to a very carnivorous form.


Here again, the carnivorous nature becomes very sharp and piercing, when this addressing is done by someone who is from the lower grade social stature.


However, in the case of the native-English individuals, they will sense the radiation of some very uncanny piercing in the eyes of the other person. There is no defence against this, other than not being in the presence of the other man.


However, in a social system where many persons are connected to each other, even if the pejorative form of verbal usages are used when the targeted person is not physically present, it would slowly affect him or her in the form of some uncanny depreciation of mental and physical energy. How this can happen will require a more detailed writing.


Gun Violence in the US and other native-English nations

A good majority of the civil gun violence that have arrived in native-English nations might be traceable to the cumulative effect of feudal languages inside the interiors of native-English nations.


At all locations where two persons speak any feudal language, another person or other persons are definitely being repositioned in the verbal codes in a manner which is not known to native-English speakers. Not only native-English speakers, even other language speakers can get disturbed. In some cases, it would create a mental trauma for which there is no explanation.


If any person has gone berserk, in a similar situation the more insanity would have occurred in feudal language nations. However, inside feudal language nations, people are very cautious about whom they mingle and converse with.


Children of more worldly classes would not allow them to be verbal assaulted by the lower order populations, if they are responsible parents. However, inside native-English nations, there is no caution being given to children about who they should keep off from. If such a caution is expressed, it would very easily be defined as some kind of crass racism.


Illustrative case is point: Adam W. Purinton

1. Adam W. Purinton shooting an IT worker / businessman (Telugu-language native) from South Asia domiciled in the US.


When investigating this incident, the most pertinent question should be: Did the Telugu man or his companions use the word Avan/Avana/ Avanu (all lowest indicant word for He, Him, His &c.) about Adam W. Purinton?


If they have used such a word, only a total imbecile would remain calm. There are many aspects to this issue.


One is that only a minor percent of the IT cheap-labour force that entered the US from Third world were from the higher levels of English. Most others were from the no-English to slightly knowledge in English. These higher percentage are at home in feudal languages. They know the powerful degradation and subordination that they can create in others by mere replacing of an Avaru to Avanu.


When this simple change of verbal codes is done, a huge number of other words also fall into a deep hole. The affected man can literally feel it in his vital that some terrible kind of evilness has pushed him into some kind of enslavement which has no visible shackles.


The logical retort to this argument would be that feudal language speakers do use these words among themselves. So what is the issue?


If this is the explanation, then it is a very cunning withholding of certain vital information.


Native-English speakers cannot be equated with feudal-language speakers. For, there is no way to equate a feudal language speaker with a native-English speaker.

A single You in English is split into two or more You. A single He, Him, His, Her, Hers, They, Their, Theirs would get split into two or more of words of widely different levels.


So, a native-English speaker will get equated to anyone of the varying levels. However, any different level feudal-language speaker will get levelled into one single level of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c. in pristine-English.

Second point is that feudal language speakers use the lower-level pejorative form of verbal use only to their own level companions. Or to those who they view as lower-grade.


They will not dare to use these words on those who are superior to them (at least not in their presence). Nor would they dare to use it on those who have any kind of positional or physical power over them.


For instance, no individual in South Asia would dare to use it on a local policeman. If he does use words like Nee /Thoo (lowest You) or Avan/ Uss on them, it is going to provoke homicidal mania in them.


Without seeking out this information, all investigation on this shooting would be very shallow investigation.


In this case of this shooting incident, VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS did engage in some verbal debates on YouTube, with some Telugu native-speakers in the US. Even though, the Telugu-side used acrimonious words to browbeat the arguments, the very next day, the Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA) in the US came out with an appeal to the native-Telugu speakers in the US, that they are to refrain from using their native language in public places in the US. However, they did not categorically mention what was the provocative item in their speech.


The arguments from VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS can be seen on these Telegram Channel Links:




The Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA)’s appeal can be seen on this site: 

The conversation seems to have made many feudal-language native speakers in the US understand the terrible devastation that they are creating in a native-English nation’s social set up.


See this: Avoid Indian languages in public places: Indians in US share dos and don’ts in the Hindustan Times


A Google search​ for: 'Avoid Speaking in the USA' will bring out more information in this regard.


Some of the other incidences wherein homicidal mania could have been triggered by verbal codes, which have been taken up for analysis by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS from the perspective of feudal language verbal codes triggering the homicidal emotions are these:


Virginia University campus shooting​​ - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 192

Decorated British Soldier gets life imprisonment, For murder of Asian waiter - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 217


Chinese School Janitor attacks nursery school kids​ (in China) - My Online Writings Digital book: Page 42


Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages – Chapter 73) - My Online Writings Digital book: Page


Las Vegas shooting and other civil violence in all native-English nations​. 


Technological disasters

Inside native-English nations, the spread of feudal language verbal codes will slowly bring in a lot of technological disasters. It would not be easy to trace these disasters to this issue, because of the total lack of information on what is happening.


What happens is something that cannot be foreseen in English. When a group of feudal language speakers are appointed inside a business organisation, they will naturally oscillate between an English conversation ambience and a feudal language one.


Individuals in the various sections and work positions would get to feel a movement in stature, up or down, depending on verbal codes used. When the verbal codes used are pejorative forms of You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c., the adversely affected persons would experience a mental trauma that is not defined in English.


At the same time, when certain persons are assigned the ennobling verbal codes, they would feel an extra-elation or some other emotions. At the same time, the others would feel some kind of belittling.


Again, the effect in magnified if the words are used in the presence of others who can understand the speech.


No information on this terrific mental whirlwind is known in English.


An illustrative example was when VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS inserted this idea into the talk page on BP Oil leak in Wikipedia.




See the response that came almost immediately:

I question the supposed superiority of the English language for command and control situations: French, or Attic Greek would be more precise and less ambiguous, for instance. Not the place for that discussion, alas. In any case, this incident would not be suitable for Joseph Conrad to use as a model for one of his explorations of the failures of intercultural communications. The disagreements between the drillers and the BP company man were stated quite clearly, in crisp American English, and the BP company man simply asserted his authority, in equally clear American English. The article cites the source: first sentence, third paragraph of Investigations. Nothing else need be said, really. BP representative overruled drillers, insisted on displacing mud with seawater Times-Picayune, May 26 Paulscrawl (talk) 16:06, 24 June 2010 (UTC)


Actually, the person who wrote the lines is simply writing from his own shallow imagination. English language does not have any kind of superiority for command or control. Actually feudal languages have command and control of the astronomical levels. The subordinated persons are literally shackled up by verbal codes.

In any case, this incident would not be suitable for Joseph Conrad to use as a model for one of his explorations of the failures of intercultural communications.

Intercultural communication is not actually intercultural communication. It is trying to communicate across differently coded languages or communication software.

The disagreements between the drillers and the BP company man were stated quite clearly, in crisp American English, and the BP company man simply asserted his authority, in equally clear American English.

The explanation has nothing to do with the truculent emotions that feudal language verbal codes can trigger. The issue has nothing to do with crisp American English (which is actually a low-class erroneous English). And nothing to do with clearly understandable English word.


The issue is connected to feudal language conversation and communication that takes place. The native-English side has no information on what is going on. A simple change of You from Aap to Thoo or from Thangal/Saar to Nee, can literally create terrific homicidal anger in a person who is not willing to accept that level of subordination.


These kinds of emotional imbalances which feudal languages can create can slowly bring in all kinds of disasters in native-English nations. However, inside feudal language nations, these will not create much of similar problems. For individuals are more or less mentally tuned to these kinds of verbal subordination and ennoblement.


If they find a location wherein they will not get the correct indicant word code levels, they will not go there or would keep a distance from such persons.


Mental stature oscillation and its connection to human mental imbalance

See this QUOTE from Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages (Digital book Page: 677) It is about the AngloIndian population of the South Asian Subcontinent during the English colonial rule period:

Now, what about the Euroasian? The offspring of Englishmen in native women. Well, my mind had pondered on this issue. For, they literally have to bear a powerfully swinging language code affect. In that, when they speak English, they are in a very fabulous social ambience. The moment they speak in their native tongue, unless they are in some superior position, they are in the stinking-dirt.
What would happen? It is quite curious that when I was going very cursorily for old time images of native in the momentous work by EDGAR THURSTON, CASTES
AND TRIBES OF SOUTHERN INDIA Volume 2, I came across this bit of information that was quite fantastic in its accuracy:
Writing concerning the prevalence of insanity in different classes, the Census Commissioner, 1891, states that “it appears from the statistics that insanity is far more prevalent among the Eurasians than among any other class..........’.
The subject seems to be one worthy of further study by those competent to deal with it.
MY COMMENT: Interested readers may read one of my chapters in my book: CODES of REALITY! WHAT is LANGUAGE? : Back to mental condition 


In feudal language social systems, not only men but even women also keep a distance from social gathering where they may not get the verbal codes they are ready to accept.


This issue goes into another deeper area.


When a female in standing on the street, the quality of the people around her who view her is important. If they are lower positioned persons who would concede the higher indicant verbal codes such as Aap, UNN, Maadam, Avar etc. then she would feel a very nice secure feeling.


However, if the persons are lower in position, but not willing to concede the higher verbal codes, then it is another proposition. They would use words like Thoo, USS, Nee, Aval etc. In which case, if the female can feel various kinds of mental insecurity depending on her own social stature.


This is a major information that females in native-English nations have no information on. For, they would not know, all persons who view them and discuss them would not be using She, Her, Hers etc. They would be using various levels of She, Her, Hers &c.


However, in most cases, in native-English nations, the feudal language speakers would use only the lowest grade words. This would mentally give the feudal language speakers a mentality that they are view a female maid servant, whom they can discuss at any level of degrading.


From this perspective, being in the sight of feudal language speakers without first insisting upon a higher grade verbal definition can lead to quality depreciation.

It would be like an Indian IPS lady officer (Highest grade officer in the Indian police administration) being referred to as Aval / USS by the Indian police constables. She and her command would literally wither away.


Immigrants to native-English nations

There are two broad categories among them with regard to their approach to English and feudal languages.


Feudal language speakers inside native-English nations are individuals carrying a different social design and human relationship coding inside them.


However, among them, there would be individuals who are supportive of English. They can be very easily found out by seeking out if their children born in the English nation of domicile do speak their native feudal tongue.


If they don't, then it is very evident that they have very purposely avoided the spread of their carnivorous-featured of their native-tongue. 


However, if they have taught their children their native feudal language, then it is quite obvious that they are arming their children to maim and hurt the native-citizens of the native-English nation. 

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