pi y userlands

pi y userlands


any of you chuckin on raspberrypis currently?

was happy doing so while raspbian was stretch cuz alsa audio came out from analog port by default..so all i had to do was just making linux-alsa from src

sshin to pi from a phone n livecodin chuck is one of the coolest experiences..

but from buster pi-foundation seem to have decided to make hdmi the default..

could make aplay and most of the cli app make sound by twisting /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf but somehow chuck refuses to..


the menu gui of raspi-desktop(to switch it to analog) doesnt work..

in the cli of raspi-lite

sudo amixer cset numid=3 1

also cannot find the given element from control default

so i edited three lines of alsa.conf:


defaults.ctl.card 0

defaults.pcm.card 0

defaults.pcm.device 0


defaults.ctl.card 1

defaults.pcm.card 1

defaults.pcm.device 1

and 3.5analog becomes default when i run


this solved the prob for most of the apps but chuck is still silent..

shuld i do some more alsa.conf edittin?