pine thangs

pine thangs


once ordered pinephone(ubports ce) but when they ask me to reorder for the dhl delivery decided to cancel..

my plan was to make linux-alsa chuck on it so that 2GBRAM wasnt that much of a trouble ..

ubuntutouch seems to use libertine for apt things cuz the system is ro ..

some say libertine for pinephone isnt perfect yet and some say if cli.apps its okay ..

and am not even sure if making chuck goes fine on this chip cuz doing that on pocketchip had an issue ..

anyways i decided to wait for the mobian(or maybe manjaro) edition and hopefully the ram updated to >4GB

after all .. i still love keyboards .. maybe pluggin in my HHKB to pinetab can be the bettet solution ..

pinebookpro also sometimes jumps into my mind but current look of that aint that cli-oriented .. if they happen to bring out something so minimal .. will go for it ..

well .. but .. someday my pine thing will come ;)