iMe Messenger for Android updated to Telegram 6.0.1 and got its own Wallet!

iMe Messenger for Android updated to Telegram 6.0.1 and got its own Wallet!

While all users of Telegram keep close eyes on the situation regarding the launch of the TON blockchain platform and Gram cryptocurrency, the iMe Messenger alternative client, developed on the Telegram platform, started to integrate its Wallet and AiCoin points into the application. Wallet's integration concerns only the Android platform so far.

The Wallet is located on the side menu. To activate the Wallet, you must pass authorization through the Telegram @iMeWalletBot bot. You’re switched to the bot as soon as you enter the Wallet for the first time. The Wallet is linked to the Telegram user ID.

Every user, who activates the Wallet in iMe Messenger, is awarded 100 AiCoin points. At the moment, you can buy AiCoin points through your Google account and transfer it to other users with activated wallets. The transfer can be made through the Wallet or the user 's profile by tapping its ID.

The features of the first release of the Wallet are rather limited, and the solutions that we use there are classic and centralized, which will allow developers to debug all processes of the AiCoin local currency circulation.

Opportunities will gradually expand, and soon it will be possible to earn AiCoin points, spend them on functionality and in-app purchases. Also, in the future, it will be possible to exchange accumulated AiCoin points for fiat right after the tokenization of these points and their listing on the crypto exchanges will happen. Read more about the Wallet in the FAQ.

Information in the Wallet:

  • AiCoin points available in your personal account with the estimated cost;
  • The information on the number of created and issued AiCoin points;
  • The total number of AiCoin points in all users’ accounts;
  • History of transactions;

Of course, iMe Wallet can hardly be called a new financial instrument or even a crypto wallet, but these are the first steps towards the integration of the local currency into the messenger.

P.S.: AiCoin point has no relation to Gram tokens by Telegram.

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