Wallet and AiCoin

Wallet and AiCoin

This FAQ describes the basic concepts of the Wallet and internal coin the AiCoin. If you still have questions, you can write them to us in support on @iMeMessenger.


Currently, iMe Messenger Wallet is based on a centralized platform using Google servers. This will allow us to test and adjust the entire functionality of the Wallet, and in the future we will switch to a decentralized platform.

The main purpose of the Wallet is the development of a convenient infrastructure in the iMe Messenger app for using its features with the help of internal AiCoin allocation. 

All in-app purchases and aspects of the monetization in the app, including the opportunity to earn provided for users, will use the Wallet processing.

This will make it possible to automate and facilitate many processes using such a cross-functional and single tool for everybody as AiCoin.

The Wallet activation

To enable your wallet, you have to activate it by authorizing your account via Telegram.

The authentication is implemented with OAuth2 Telegram bot and is required for a new login or after the app reinstallation. 

This process is necessary for ensuring the security and confirmation that this account belongs to you.


AiCoin - is iMe Messenger virtual coin made for using in-app paid options as well as users monetization.

AiCoin will allow users to:

  • Buy Neurobots;
  • Create Neurobots;
  • Sell Neurobots;
  • Release commercial neurobots for goods and services promotion;
  • Earn by using commercial Neurobots;
  • Earn inviting friends in iMe;
  • Create advertising campaigns to promote Telegram channels and groups;
  • Subscribe for channels, groups, and chat-bots placement in the app lists;
  • Earn money by participating in advertising campaigns;
  • Earn on deposits;
  • Subscribe to the Premium Cloud;
  • Make purchases in integrated online stores;
  • Make p2p and b2b transactions;
  • Monetize any of your games, services, bots, etc. in Telegram.

The base price of 1 AiCoin = $0,01

What is the connection between AiCoin by iMe and Gram by Telegram?

There’s no connection!!!

There’s no connection as they are two totally different and unrelated tools by different developers.

That is why we ask you not to think about any connections between Aicoin and Gram or even write or express your opinion about this subject.

Gram implies the operation on the TON decentralized platform, and AiCoin, for now, is evolving on a centralized platform.

In the future, after the tokenization of AiCoin, we accept the possibility of the transition to the TON platform, if we have a technical opportunity and necessity. Then AiCoin will become a token of the TON platform as thousands of different tokens ERC-20 are existing on the Ethereum platform today.

We reserve the right to choose DLT-platforms in the future, such as TON, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph and others.

1 stage of the DLT platform integration in the iMe Wallet

We have chosen the Ethereum open-source platform as the tool to create a decentralized online service based on blockchain. Ethereum technology makes it possible to register any transactions with any assets based on a distributed ledger of contracts of the blockchain type.

In the iMe Wallet, there will be an opportunity to create an account for the Lime token (LIM, an Ethereum token of the ERC-20 standard). There can be only one account for Lime token in iMe and, in case of reinstallation or logging out of the application, it will be necessary to restore access to the account (with 24 control words). If a user loses access to the account, then there will be an opportunity to create a new account, but the old one will not be available anymore without the possibility to restore it.

The base value of 1 Lime = $ 0,01 is the initial price of the token before listing on the cryptocurrency exchange, which with the future circulation of the tokens can rise and/or fall. The total number of Lime tokens that will be issued is 1 billiard.

It is planned to represent the opportunity to create an account for Lime tokens in the iMe Wallet at the end of 3Q 2020. This account will be used to convert internal AiCoin into Lime tokens.

It will be possible to recharge a Lime tokens account with AiCoin via iMe internal conversion at a 1:1 rate (1 AiCoin → 1 LIM). The reconversion of Lime to AiCoin will be also at 1:1 rate (1 LIM → 1 AiCoin) before listing, and after listing, it will depend on the relevant rate of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The listing on cryptocurrency exchanges is planned to be conducted after the end of the conversion of AiCoin for Lime tokens that were allocated for the 1 stage. 

The integration with the DLT platform is aimed at intensifying globalization of the internal iMe tool represented by AiCoin by means of their distribution among users and increasing their usage in the application for paid functionality and user monetization.

AiCoin has the constant price and no investment and speculative value.

1 Stage

For the next stages of AiCoin conversion, we accept the possibility of the integration of other DLT platforms into the iMe Wallet.

Coins allocation principle

Issuer account:

  • A precise set number of coins is created on a separate issuer account with 10 000 000 000 AiCoin on balance;
  • Coins are distributed among the users from the account without the possibility to replenish it, by purchasing or earning AiCoin;
  • The issue of coins will be finished after all the coins from the issuer account are allocated among users;

Users accounts:


  • iMe allocates a Welcome reward of 100 AiCoin for the download;
  • It’s also possible to replenish your balance right via Apple or Google payment accounts or during an in-app purchase process;
  • AiCoin can be earned, for example, from using Neurobots in particular commercial ones, selling Neurobots, inviting friends to iMe and other tasks.


  • AiCoin can be spent on the paid features in iMe - Neurobots’ buying and creation, subscription to channels placement, subscription to Premium Cloud, and so on;
  • AiCoin can make transfers to other users of the platform.


  • The exchange of AiCoin for iMe tokens will become available after the integration of the DLT platform into the Wallet.

iMe account:

AiCoin are accumulated in this account due to users that are from the commission fee and paid features (not including in-app purchases of AiCoin). In this account, AiCoin are stored until all AiCoin from the issuer account aren’t bought out, and then, iMe account will replace the issuer account.

Wallet interface

Information in the Wallet:

  • AiCoin available in a personal account with the estimated cost in dollars ($);
  •  The number of created and issued AiCoin remaining in the system;
  • The number of AiCoin in iMe account and all user accounts;
  • The history of purchases and transactions. 

Main buttons:

  • From Wallet - Spend or Transfer

The ability to spend AiCoin on paid services in the application or to transfer AiCoin to an iMe user.

  • In Wallet - Buy or Earn Money

The ability to buy AiCoin as an in-app purchase of Apple or Google. Or earn AiCoin by completing various tasks.

  • Exchange

The function of exchanging AiCoin will become active in the future.


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