CoolCatsTron Whitepaper

CoolCatsTron Whitepaper

What are Tron Cool Cats?

Tron Cool Cats is a collection of 10,000 Cool Cats NFTs — unique randomly generated digital collectibles meowing on the Tron blockchain. Randomized Cool Cats collection features a variety of expressions, outfits, accessories, and other traits to guarantee your Cool Cat’s awesomeness.


We continue to develop and create the Tron Cool Cats universe based on the ETH Cool Cat universe. Just as the initial Ethereum-based Cool Cats, all Tron Cool Cats are unique and unbelievably adorable. 

No doubt, all cats are cool, but when a cat’s look is completed with rare traits, accessories, and a full outfit, a Cool Cat becomes the Coolest Cat. Remember, each and every Cool Cat is minted to be a unique collectible — you are now in the world of meowing possibilities!

Why buy Tron Cool Cat NFTs?

First of all, Cool Cats are cool, which makes their owners pretty cool. Secondly, for the first time ever, you’ll be getting an awesome kitten from the awesome Tron network — one of the world's most prominent blockchains with a fast-growing NFT market. This is NFT history in the making. 

What’s in it for the community?

We are building an epic community of Tron-based Cool Cats owners. 

So… We’ll be launching a 10% Pool for 31+ and 151+ Cool Cat owners! 

We’ll be giving back 10% of all the TRX raised via minting to Tron Cool Cat NFT collectors. 

Cat-owners with 31+ Cool Cats NFTs will share 30% of that pool, and the biggest Cool Cat fans with 151+ NFTs will split 70%. 

Okay, how much for a Cool Cat?

All Cats are minted randomly. The minting cost of a Tron-based Cool Cat is fixed at 1500 TRX, while Ethereum-based Cool Cats go from 6,45ETH. With Ethereum-based Cool Cat’s prices that high, the launch of Tron-based Cats is a unique investment opportunity for collectors. Cool Cats are all different, but they cost the same for everyone. There are no price tiers in the Tron Cool Cat world.

Don’t know how to mint a kitty? No worries! We are here to help!: Click here:

How will we develop the universe of cool cats? [ROADMAP]

  1. A unique collection of legendary cool cats | done

These legendary cats are already waiting for their owners. Do you recognize them? Can you feel your heart skip a beat? 

Legendary Cats

We’re also developing an exclusive collection of Cool Cats for Tron enthusiasts and a family of Cool Cats based on your favorite movie characters.

Legendary Cats
Learn more about the collection:

2. Independent Marketplace Launch | done

Without waiting for the end of minting, we’re launching an incredibly cool in-house marketplace. 

Inside it, you'll find all the most popular filters, a bidding system, and a mind-blowingly user-friendly interface. By the way, you can name your own cat.

Our developer started meowing after was making this.
Marketplace UX

3. Telegram & Twitter Bot of Marketplace History

We want you to stay updated. We want you to feel the kitty market.

With this bot, we can all easily kick back and watch  Justin Sun buy cats.

4. Merch for Minters of Rare Cats

Merch with cats, what could be cooler, meow. Each owner of a legendary cat will get unique merch as a gift. What kind? It's up to you.

CoolCatsTron cap

I meant to meowntion that cool cats can be on your T-shirt, sweater, cup, and even in your bathroom!

A kitty crawled into your bathtub

5. Comics featuring your CoolCats

After minting is over, we will collect stories from you about your cool cats. The most interesting and funny ones will become the basis of a Cool Cat comic book. 

We plan to publish a digital edition first, followed by a limited edition print copy to be raffled off in our community.

6. Donations for Cats in Need

Now let's mew about the touchy stuff. Sadly, more than 2,700,000 dogs and cats were put down in the United States in 2021. Shelters have absolutely no funding to help them.

We plan to give life to at least a few thousand cats. Together with the community, we will choose a shelter to receive a portion of our profits. 

We are currently already considering shelters, but you can nominate organizations you think could do the most good.

7. Cool Cats Club Online Parties

Oooh, a party! 

Cool Cats want to be friends with other communities and have online parties. 

We plan to make airdrops for other communities, with cross-promo airdrops for our community in return. 

Being part of our gang gets you all the coolest treats, meow.

CoolCats party

8. 2nd Gen of #Tron Cool Cats and Ability to Breed 1st Gen Cats

Cool Cats also grow up and have kittens, just like IRL. But to make kittens, you have to breed them with other Cool Cats, again, just like IRL.

We plan to develop our universe and create several generations of cats that will come to life and become the most legendary Cool Cats.

What is unique about the first generation?

Only first-generation Cool Cats will be available for interbreeding. For example, you will not be able to breed 2nd and 3rd generation cats. 

But the kitten you get will be the most valuable artifact on the market. Its appearance will be fully randomly generated.

How do you adopt a first-generation cat? Just follow the link and click on the minting button:
Hurry up, the minting is on!


If you want to know more, we've compiled answers to the most common questions here:

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