Tron Cool Cats

Most common questions

When will minting start?

Minting has started on September 14, 2021. Don't miss your chance to become a Cool Cat owner!

Check out our Web and mobile device minting guides :)

What is the price of one Cool Cat?

The minting cost for a single Cool Cat is set at a fixed 1500 TRX.

As for prices on the secondary market, they will vary on demand. For now, we can see that the flour price for similar tokens in other projects has increased from x2 to x10 times and keeps growing after the minting was over.

 How many Cool Cats does this collection include?

Our collection contains 10,000 randomly minted Cool Cats. Each Cat is the result of mixing over 170+ traits: each Cool Cat is comprised of a unique body, hat, face, and outfit - the possibilities are endless!

Apart from that, we've got 67 special unique cats, so don't miss your chance to mint them all ;)


What wallet should I use?

You can opt for any TRC-20 wallet, but we suggest installing TronLink Chrome Extension to mint Cool Cats. Click here to install it. You can also use mobile wallets, such as Klever or TronLink mobile.

If you need a detailed guide on how to do so, you can refer to this article for the Web interface, and to that one for mobile devices.

Where I can see my NFT?

You can check your minted Cool Cats in the My wallet section on the website, or in your TRX wallet (as  TRC721 tokens).

If you cannot visualize your NFT in your Tron wallet, please make sure to add a CCT token using the + button.

Can I sell my NFT on Opensea?

As you know, the Opensea only works with ETC721 tokens (that's the ETH network), while we have the TRC721 token (and TRX network, respectively), so the answer is no, you cannot sell your NFT on the Opensea.

However, you can sell your Cats in our marketplace (once the minting is over) or in third parties marketplaces, that support the TRC721 format (for example, Uswap or GeekHead).

When will the official marketplace be launched?

We will launch the marketplace right after closing minting. Stay tuned!

Minting mechanics

How To Mint Tron Cool Cats?

Check our ultimate guide on how to mint your Cool Cat now: this one in case you like the Web version, and that one for mobile devices lovers.

How long does it take to mint a cat?

It takes about 3-5 seconds. Right after the minting is over, you can see your Cool Cat in the My wallet section on the website.

 Will you provide mass minting?

We are offering a possibility to mint 1, 5, 10, and 15 cats at the same time. Along with saving your time, you will benefit from cutting the network fee:

 Do you have a pool program?

We are building an epic community of Tron-based Cool Cats owners. So…

We’ll be launching a 10% Pool for 30+ and 150+ Cool Cat owners! We’ll be giving back 10% of all the TRX raised by the minting to Tron Cool Cat NFT collectors.

Cat-owners with 30+ Cool Cats NFTs will share 3%, and the biggest Cool Cat fans with 150+ NFTs will be sharing 7%.

How does that sound? Like a “Meow”!

Do you have a pre-sale or whitelisting?

No, we don’t have any pre-sale or whitelisting. We want to distribute NFTs fairly, making Tron Cool Cats available to the maximum number of people possible. Overall, this approach tends to promote a positive price dynamic in the secondary market.

How does the rarity rank work?

The rarity of every Cool Cat is based on a unique combination of its traits, such as body type, collection, hat type, and outfit.

You can learn more about the ranking formation in this Raritytools article.

Cool Cats collection

Which unique NFTs do you have?

We have 8 categories of unique NFTs. Here are some examples of what you can mint:

Star Wars cats (6/10000)

Pokémon cats (10/10000)

Celebration cats (10/10000)

DC cats (5/1000)

and many many more...

Will you have Justins in the collection?

Sure, we will! No one can make a collection with no Justin in it :)

Will you do more cats in the future?

As a part of the community, we stick to its interests and wishes. That said, if the community will be interested in more Cool Cats collections, then we will be happy to consider this possibility.

Will you have any giveaways or other kinds of the promo?

Yes, for sure! Please, stay tuned to our social media to not let it go unattended!

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/coolcatsnft

DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/X6A4AXrKaR

Team and partnership

 Who are your team members?

We are a team of 10 professionals from different backgrounds but with crypto experience in common. We have seen through successful cryptocurrency projects –  from wallets to NFT projects, crypto analytics, and even new blockchains.

Our CMO has over 5 years of experience in crypto marketing. We have 2 independent smart contract dev groups as well as professional illustrators.

What is your product vision?

Our goal is to maximize the floor price of NFTs on the secondary market. We are preparing a lot of marketing, PR activities, and collaborations to reach this goal.

Are you supported by TRON Foundation?

We are currently in talks with APENFT and TRON Foundation for a potential partnership and direct collaboration. This process is ongoing and we’ll update our community soon!

Do you want some promo?

Oh! You've got something interesting to offer?

Then please reach out to our marketing specialist. We will be happy to check it out!

Tokens for partnership

We have prepared a list of tokens for partners: BitTorrent, APENFT, WINkLink, Just, SUN.io

Competitors and market

Are you related to the Cool Cats ETH-based project?

No, we don't have any official connections with that project. Tron Cool Cats works independently and, in our opinion, Tron Cool Cats is a superior choice.

Why do you think that you are better than the ETH-based Cool Cats?

There are multiple factors that help our project stand out from other players:

  • 67 unique Tron Cool Cats have been added to 9933 Cats from the ETH network;
  • Superior minting smart contract;
  • Release of the marketplace immediately after the end of minting;
  • Professional marketing support;
  • Direct support by the TRON community;

The goal of Tron Cool Cats is not to get ahead in a minting race. Instead, we are focused on deploying a large-scale PR and marketing in order to guarantee the value growth of our collection on the secondary market.

We believe it’s only a matter of time for the community to realize which team offers the best art and gets real support from TRON Foundation.

What were the mistakes behind previous TRON-based NFT projects? Why is your smart contract better?

The present NFT market is full of monkeys of all types (for example, @thefandao, @boredapetron, and @BAYCTron), but we do know that Cats are the future! And let's be honest: kitties are so damn cute :3

What about Tpunks and TronMeebits?

For Tpunks, it took around 4 months to sell out all their pieces. And despite that extended timeline, they demonstrated some spectacular results on the secondary market. For instance, Justin Sun bought a Tpunk for $10.5 million.

TronMeetbits, on the contrary, were sold out in just 36 hours. TronMeebits reached a volume of $1+ million in under 24 hours. Yet, they are still working on their marketplace (for now they have launched a beta version of it) while we are preparing a final version of it for a launch!

Product plan

 What is your roadmap?

🚀 Independent Marketplace Launch

🤖 Telegram & Twitter Bot of Marketplace History

🐈 Charity Donations for Cats in Need

👕 Merch for Minters of Rare Cats

👯 Cool Cats Club Online Parties

🐱2nd Gen of #Tron Cool Cats 

🧬 Ability to Breed 1st Gen Cats

Club Discussion 😻😺🙀

WEBSITE: https://coolcatstron.com

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/coolcatsnft

DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/X6A4AXrKaR

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TronCoolCats

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