The Potential Risks Of Working From Home

The Potential Risks Of Working From Home

Working from home

Working remotely is not without potential downsides. Be sure to guard against the risks we’ve laid out below as you create your Work From Home Policy.

It can be hard to establish boundaries. Not having to commute (or shower) is great, but one thing we hear again and again is that it can be hard to turn off your work brain and relax. Some employees find themselves working or checking email from the time they wake up to the time their head hits the pillow. That’s a surefire recipe for burnout.

It can be isolating. Being around people is good for us. Our bodies release the feel-good chemicals oxytocin and serotonin when we see people we care about – like friends, coworkers, and family members. Too much time spent alone can lead to a depressed mood. Additionally, being away from the office can also erode the bonds between an employee and the company itself. An office – especially one with a thoughtfully designed Workplace Experience – gives your employees a sense of identity and connection to your company and its values. This declines when you spend too much time away from it.

It eliminates serendipitous encounters. One of the biggest benefits of an office – especially one with an amazing breakroom – is that it provides opportunities for spontaneous interaction between people from different organizations. (Steve Jobs famously advocated for this when designing the Apple and Pixar office layouts.)

It may come with other distractions. While working from home eliminates typical office distractions (like chatty coworkers), the fact is that employee homes are rarely optimized for work and can help to promote workday procrastination. Often, remote employees end up working on a couch or bed because they simply don’t have a suitable desk or table. Or they may turn on a TV for background noise… and end up watching it throughout the day. Companies with amenities like meal, snack, or coffee programs might see employees running out for lunch or coffee multiple times throughout the day because employees are unaccustomed to planning for meals, snacks and coffee.

Of course Work From Home has a lot of benefits, so don't hesitate to go to Work From Home and setup the right WFH Policy.

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