The Benefits Of Working From Home

The Benefits Of Working From Home

Work From Home benefits

Empowering employees to work from home or remotely is a sound practice that can benefit your employee well-being and your business. Maximizing these benefits ought to be top of mind as you design your company’s Work From Home Policy. Here’s why a Work From Home Policy is good for your company:

It signals trust. By now we all know that employee engagement drives performance; the more personally invested employees are in your company’s success, the more willing they are to go above and beyond to hit their goals. Demonstrating that you trust your employees to work from home helps cement the emotional bond between employer and employee that enables engagement.

It gives employees their time back. One big benefit that most employees discover when they first work from home is the lack of a commute. The average commute in Bangkok is more than 1 hour each day. Employees will have more time to dedicate to themselves, their families, their hobbies – or their jobs if they so choose.

It supports focused work. The other obvious advantage to working at home is the absence of common workplace distractions. That’s why many companies have designated remote days dedicated to focused work. Team members are encouraged to schedule the tasks that require intense focus (like writing, planning, or strategizing) on these days to maximize efficiency.

It curtails absenteeism. When you give employees the option to work from home when they begin to feel sick, they are less likely to spread illness to the rest of the team. The result is a healthier, more productive team. You can really see the effect of this phenomenon during annual cold and flu seasons – or the rare instance of a pandemic like COVID-19.

It can make for well-rounded employees. Employees with healthy family lives, social lives, and who have time for passion projects and hobbies are better workers. Working remotely can mean that your project manager is able to pick up his child from school, can commit to weekly happy hours with friends, or is finally able to enroll in that programming class he’s been wanting to take. When employees are fulfilled in other areas of their lives, they tend to show up better at work too.

Keep in mind if Work From Home is good for you company you still have to be aware about some down side and establish a WFH Policy to ensure it works best.

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