Starting a Healthcare Business

Starting a Healthcare Business

Tomas Jackson

Healthcare is one of the most grown fields of the mobile app market today. So, it’s a great time to come into this market with the fresh application. What the most popular types of healthcare applications?

  1. Telemedicine
  2. EMR

Let’s have a look at each of them. Telemedicine is a type of application that becomes a mediator between doctor and patient. Doctors can communicate with their clients via chat, audio calls, and video calls.

EMR means Electronic Medical Record. It is a medical platform that allows for electronic recording and storage the information: medical histories, diagnoses, test results, allergies, treatment contraindications, doctor’s notes, and more. More about how to develop an EMR here:

Let’s investigate advantages for clinics and doctors:

  • Electronic medical records are searchable and have backups on the server.
  • Electronic charts are linked to preventive care guidelines and updated as information changes.
  • The occurrence of errors is low.
  • Patient data is fully searchable and linked to patient histories.
  • Patient files can be marked for drug recalls and updates.
  • Patient groups can be set up and managed according to a practice’s needs.
  • Charts are updated and e-filed instantly.

And for patients:

  • Electronic medical records are available to authorized healthcare providers at any time from any location.
  • Doctor appointments can be scheduled from any computer or smartphone
  • All medical data including lab results, doctor’s notes, and recommendations can be tracked and reviewed at any time.
  • A built-in messenger can allow patients to chat with their healthcare providers when necessary.
  • Insurance cards can be scanned and instantly put into the system.
  • An EHR system can automatically send bill reminders.
  • Medical files are stored in secure databases where they can never be lost, misfiled, or burned in a fire.


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