Tips To Start Booking Business

Tips To Start Booking Business

Tomas Jackson

Today we will find the recipe to start a successful booking business. In the very beginning, you need to understand what platform is better to use when booking a hotel.

  • 65% of hotel bookings come from smartphones;
  • 65.4% of bookings are completed on a hotel’s website;
  • hotel reservations account for 39% of all online travel reservations.

You can see the best way to start booking business is launching a Hotel Booking Website. So, let's see how can you do it. A technical part of development you can find in this article:

Firstly, we should understand how to make revenue on the hotel booking website. Let's look at business model as an example. is a mediator between traveler and hotelier. Now we try to investigate the benefits that Booking provide to users

For hoteliers:

  1. Hotel owners set the price themselves and commission is deducted from this price.
  2. A possibility to reach a huge number of users worldwide.
  3. Marketing promotion is done at the expense of the platform.
  4. A possibility to track the effectiveness of your hotel or apartment.
  5. The site has a review verification system, so ratings are based only on feedback from actual guests.

For tourists:

  1. Receive the guaranteed best offer.
  2. Book a room long before the date of travel.
  3. Advanced filtering of search results allows tourists to choose hotels that meet their requirements.
  4. Payment security on the site.
  5. Money-back guarantee in the event of a cancellation.

Now we look at what the features your website should have to be attractive to all types of user. There're MVP features. To stand out from the crowd, you can implement your unique features like AR tours etc.

For hoteliers:

  • Personal accounts
  • The possibility to manage free/pending rooms
  • Multi-level galleries for new photos

For tourists:

  • Personal accounts
  • Sophisticated search result filter system
  • Selected hotels, travel history, and booking history
  • Support for multiple languages, times and dates with geolocation


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