Rclone Guide for Beginners

Rclone Guide for Beginners


Roshanconnor Yo yo

Hello everyone

This is a basic guide for rclone (You can find Gdive guide for noobs here)

Note : I am explaining only basic commands needed for rclone

For more commands visit rclone.org

IMP : Like i said before, if you are a pro GTFO this guide already 😂


Let me Teach you some basic words which we use in rclone

TD : Team Drive/Shared Drive

Remote : means the name of the drive/TD we are using with rclone

Path : means the location of the folder in your Drive/TD

Command : (I will demonstrate below)

Flags : (I will demonstrate below) -are used additionally for better output

eg: -P (For Progress)


Now let me tell you about rclone

It is the best tool for better usage of gdrive -Best and Open source too

It is a CLI (Command line interface-used with cmd in windows and termux in android)

But there is GUI (App)too for rclone - https://github.com/kapitainsky/RcloneBrowser

And don't worry , rclone from CLI is the best and fastest with no limitations (EASY)


RCLONE IS EASY - Keep this in your Mind

Don't listen to those fools who tells you otherwise

Lets Get started - Just follow the pics (Everything is explained)

1st : Downloading and setting up rclone

2nd : Basic Commands with rclone

> rclone config , rclone about , rclone size

>rclone tree , rclone lsd , rclone ls

>rclone copy , rclone move , rclone sync

>rclone rmdirs , rclone delete, rclone purge , rclone dedupe


So that's the all basic commands you should know

Pro Tips :

1.Use rclone in android : >install termux from here

>give permission for storage

>type pkg install rclone

>wait for it get downloaded

>after that type rclone config from the steps above

With rclone you can transfer only 750GB per day

To overcome that we can use :

1.Folderclone : https://github.com/Spazzlo/folderclone (My Favourite) (Fastest) (Some errors)

2.Autorclone : https://github.com/xyou365/AutoRclone (Slower) (Accurate)

Credits : rclone.org