Proven earnings schemes.

Proven earnings schemes.

Alpha Private

Opened a set of participants in the second stream of the project “Alpha Private”.

Results of the first thread:
- The min income of all club members is 100$ per day.
- Everyone was able to get the result on the very first day of application of the case.
- Live discussion of cases in the chat, helped many participants to improve their performance several times.


About the second stream of the project “Alpha Private”:
- Workflow is built for remote work.
- You get 10 tested cases, as well as monthly replenishment with new ones.
- Support in chat.

The cost of access is 50$. 
For pay please contact in Telegram: @alphaprivate 
Verify Contacts. 

After the purchase you will receive: 
- Access to the channel with cases. 
- Access to the channel, with materials to ensure your safety and anonymity on the Internet. 
- Access to chat, to discuss cases with other participants.