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Sometimes it's hard to get the old mojo back after having kids, but becoming a mother doesn't mean our days of snapping sexy selfies are behind us -- and these celeb moms are proof! If a woman decides she wants to get her groove back, there should be nothing that makes her feel like she can't. From low-key sultry to full-on siren, the famous mamas on this list have no problem striking a seductive pose for the camera.
Feeling sexy and confident shouldn't end when a woman becomes a mother. Sure, the body changes after baby is born, but embracing new curves and enjoying the body she has now is something every woman deserves to do. For some celebrities, motherhood is not going to slow them down from feeling themselves. These ladies know that if mama feels good, everyone feels good. That's just an undeniable fact. 
Forget the body-shamers who insist moms (or women in general) need to cover up or act in a more "appropriate" manner. Whether they're posing in the nude or just looking subtly sultry, these smokin' hot ladies are feeling empowered ... and bringing sexy back!
The mother of three is looking sultry in this black bralette. Werk it, girl!
The singer and mom of two is glowing in this beauty shot. Absolutely stunning.
Chrissy Teigen is one hot mama. We love to see her looking gorgeous on Instagram, and this sexy selfie is no exception.
We all know Coco doesn't have a problem showing some skin. She looks incredibly hot in this rose-printed bodysuit.
Blac Chyna is another one who likes to show off her assets often, but we ain't mad at it! She looks great.
This body-positive icon looks amazing in her black bodysuit and heels while on set at a photo shoot.
Mom-of-two Jessica Simpson was a star in stripes in this Memorial Day–themed bikini selfie! We can't quite tell if she's wearing Daisy Dukes on the bottom, but that would've been an appropriate (and super cute) choice!
At 58 years old (!!!), Madonna is still finding ways to be super sexy, like adding a little bling to her smile and striking a sultry pose for the camera. (LOVE the jewelry!) The next photo in her Instagram gallery got even sexier as she carefully positioned her naked bod for the camera.
Kim Kardashian has been accused of "breaking the Internet" with her revealing selfies multiple times -- and every time, the mom-of-two gets slammed for it. But Kim expertly shut haters down with an essay in 2016, writing:
It's 2016. The body-shaming and slut-shaming -- it's like, enough is enough. I will not live my life dictated by the issues you have with my sexuality. You be you and let me be me. I am a mother. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter, an entrepreneur and I am allowed to be sexy.
Britney Spears clapped back at all the critics who said she was out of shape a few years ago by getting into top form for her Vegas residency -- and she recently showed off the results of all her hard work on Instagram! HAWT.
If you always suspected that Mariah Carey takes bubble baths wearing diamonds and false eyelashes, well, here's your proof! There's just nothing like a classic sexy tub shot with strategically placed suds.
Almost as notorious as Kim K for her sexy selfies, Amber Rose has no shame in her game! And she has no time for people who don't get it, either. As she recently posted on Instagram in response to criticism that she's a bad role model: 
Stop looking for famous people to influence your children. I am not a role model to ur kids. How about you be that. I'm not here to raise your children for you or influence them in anyway. I have my own child that lives with me and knows me better than anyone knows me. I would never have my kid (even as a teenager) follow a 33-year-old grown woman on social media. I filter everything that he watches and I will continue to do so until he's an adult and he is able to make his own decisions. You should do the same.
Kate Hudson posted this glam selfie as a shout-out to her hair and makeup team, but it's also proof that you can show some skin and be totally elegant all at once!
Before the Kardashian derrieres dominated the scene or twerking was a thing, Jennifer Lopez brought the booty back -- and this selfie is proof that she's still got it (two kids later!).
Sarah Michelle Gellar is looking low-key stunning in this summery shot! Understated = Sexy!
Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams represented the hot mom contingent at the 2017 Academy Awards, and -- because bathroom selfies are all the rage, of course -- Philipps posted this pic for posterity.
Who says moms-to-be can't get in on the sexy selfie action? Not model Bar Refaeli, who captioned this photo, "Baby wanted some vitamin D." We bet she wanted some, too!
Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to showing off her many assets on Insta, but this bikini selfie is a standout. It's all about the eyes! (Okay, and the abs.)
Victoria Beckham can even look hot in terry cloth slippers, as she demonstrates in this behind-the-scenes pic from a photo shoot hair and makeup session. (Isn't that exactly the phone case you'd expect Posh Spice to have?)
For anyone who ever thought one-pieces aren't as sexy as bikinis, we submit this pic of Hilary Duff slaying in stripes (with the help of a hat we want for ourselves!).
Here's a little Gwen Stefani math for you: Fishnets + Wild Hair + Heavy Black Eyeliner = Smokin' hot!
Gwyneth Paltrow positively glows in what looks to be a post-workout selfie. Real sexiness radiates from within. And nothing is sexier than feeling good.
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