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Art of Manliness

Very good for normies, for those who read this and are just starting on being fuctional in life, autistic and people who had bad parenting. 

Get Character

Get Style

Get Skilled

Get Ahead (Personal Career

Get Strong

Get Cultured

Get Social

"Get action; do things; be sane; don't fritter away your time; create; act; take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action". THEODORE ROOSEVELT

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Wholesome & Virtuous

Worth Fighting For


Tips on discipline by Ted

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Last Day of NNN, first of your new life, not to be a coomer again, that's effeminate, you just made your first step with these 31 days of nofap, this is a war with no stop.

Being a real man is all about self-discipline, self-control and self-sacrifice, to be steadfast in what is right, regardless of the pain or the tentation involved.

You want to become a man? Fulton Sheen once said: "Maturity comes through suffering and responsibility". If you act contrary to this you’re going to be miserable, you are going to be a miserable dysfunctioning coomer. Keep going.

The main battle is to control your emotions, to discipline your pleasures. Not take them away completely, but discipline them into moderation, then you will be able to judge and act by your own will. Not by what your body, some animalish instict, or the circumstances want, dont let your emotions win over you or you will become a useful pawn to your enemies.

Overcome that, then you will start to reach the true accomplisment and freedom we all seek.

>Know yourself. Accept yourself. Overcome yourself , Saint Augustine of Hippo

Good Habits


The internet should be a tool.

We believe that the internet should be used as a tool to better our lives and empower us, rather than serve as a source of mindless distraction and shallow entertainment.

There is freedom in missing out.

We live in a world of excess and unending information. Every day our minds are battered by the storm of social media, fear mongering news, and mind numbing pop culture. In this world, intentionally missing out is better than experiencing it all and not knowing adds more to life than staying hyper-informed.

Real connection with real people.

It can be easy to mistake the likes we get, the comments we receive, and the daily friendly banter for meaningful connection with people, but they are only imitations of real social interaction. Real friendships are a multisensory experience, digital personas are just pixels on a screen.

Time is the most valuable resource we have.

If we reflect on the finite nature of our existence, one thing becomes clear: life is too short to spend staring at a screen all day. This means that every day we have to make a choice. We can choose to sacrifice the gift, so that we can scroll through social media, play videogames, and binge watch tv shows. Or we can choose to spend our time wisely. We can spend this time with the people that we love and care about. With the people that get neglected while we’re locked in our digital world. We can spend this time in the forgotten world of the outdoors, feeling the bright warmth of sunlight, and the cool dirt beneath our toes. We can spend this time alone, seeking insight about who we are and why we are here.

Focus, Memory, & Creativity.

In the modern world our focus, memory, and creativity hold more value than ever. We should not trade the abilities that have advanced humanity this far, for the common favors of skimming text, distracted multitasking, and shallow, unimpressive thought.

Creating more and consuming less.

We are not meant to sit by passively while others spoon feed us content for our entertainment and enjoyment. Deep down, our minds still crave the stimulation that comes with creating things. Let’s spend less time consuming mindless content. Let’s spend more time building, learning, and mastering things.

Personal tips in relation to Creating more and consuming less. 

Creating Summaries:

It is good and well that we are sharing content and books, but even this comes with the danger of passiveness. Creating summaries on each topic you come across will have the twofold effect of both making you more aware and knowledgeable of the topic, and it will also allow you to teach the topic more readily to others. Creating summaries is relatively easy, all you must do is find the texts you enjoy, and take the most important lessons in the text. You don’t have to be an amazing author; simply focus on the text itself as the base. 


Besides applications which limit the use of Telegram, I have taken to archiving all the channels and chats each Sunday, as it is a nice reset which helps me greatly.

We are mindful not mindless.

When we use the internet, we do so with clear intent and purpose. We maintain a conscious awareness of what we are doing at all times rather than operating out of instinctual habit. As such, we don’t mindlessly surf in response to boredom or loneliness, or due to the desire to procrastinate and distract ourselves from what’s in front of us.

Passion for life.

The screens in our lives can be the clouds that block the sun. They can dull and color our worlds gray. When we put them down our minds start to wake up. We shine for the first time in years. 


Little things that get done here and there just go a longer way than "those wars to come" you say you're preparing to.

Don't dream big if you cannot act small, for small actions, unlike big aspirations, are truly within your circle of competence.

Don't wait for a social apocalypse, don't fantasize about racial wars. Just be a day-to-day hero, and start with standing your ground. 

Chapter 5: Mental Preparedness page 135 of the The Complete Survival Shelters Handbook


2.Understanding Emotions and Stresses

3.Gaining Confidence

4. Adopting the Right Mental Attitude


Guerrilla warfare is a contest of wills above all else. Each side is attempting to break their opponents’ will to continue the conflict. Where conventional state forces have the benefit of numbers, heavy weaponry and massive logistics chains, irregular forces have their discipline and devotion to the cause.

History has shown time and again that these things cannot be defeated. Bullets can’t destroy an ideology, or the will of men to fight and sacrifice for their people. As long as one fighter remains alive to struggle and proselytize, the cause remains alive as well. As long as one man is willing to light the path to victory, he will rally people to his cause. An occupying force can resort to the total destruction of the people in order to pacify their resistance, but the more they resort to such measures, the more they strengthen the resolve of the resistance and erode their own political will.

Times change, along with methods and equipment; but the will to fight is eternal. It is the distant torch in the darkness lighting the sure path to victory. As long as the path is kept, defeat is impossible. The flame can never be extinguished.


How to win in The Corporate World

Optics and Privacy

You should always assume that somebody is watching everything that you do, online and IRL. There's always a way to carry yourself more securely, such as by using burner phones, reliable VPN services, and no longer using Windows. 

There's another side to this, however - as dissidents and warriors for the cause of truth, we must be prepared to make sacrifices to our privacy if our cause is to succeed. That means staying active on public networks that are in our enemies' hands, speaking out in public, generally taking a stand for your people.

Look at it this way - the more acceleration we experience, the less time our enemies will be able to dedicate to monitoring our activities.

How to use a Burner Phone.
Cell phones are tracking devices