How to win in The Corporate World

How to win in The Corporate World


In Response to This Meme for those of you getting started in the world

The Black Pill that many of you are seeing.

Hey Brothers,

Don't let this nonsense worry you!


It has been like this since the 90s when I entered the professional workforce as well (likely prior to that too.)

I'll explain why you should not let this get you down & what to do about it:

1) Usually when you see a posting like this, one of the following is true (possibly both.)

 A) This is for a large company like Google. With the exception of Alphabet Co, Faceberg, and a few others - you don't want to work there anyway - Trust me. I've worked for some of the biggest companies in Tech, Manf, & Aerospace, and why bother with this bullshit?

 B) It was likely written by some THOT in HR with an underwater lesbian basket-weaving critical theory degree. If not one of the aforementioned companies, this stupid THOT likely copied and pasted this job posting from one of those companies.

In either of the above situations; and as long as we are not talking Alphabet / JewBook - I promise they don't actually give a damned about these requirements. If you can do the job, they will hire you. Your Average Shitskin that they import is incapable of doing anything beyond easily repeatable tasks where if X then Y / Flip Book style solutions to things. 

You shouldn't be going for an entry level _________ job anyway. 

Ever heard of fake it till you make it? I have told employers / clients that I can handle all kinds of things I knew nothing about before I started working on that product / project. Most people are retarded and maybe 10% of people are capable of rational thought & problem solving - let alone being able to act on those conclusions with enough balls to push the button to let whatever happens, happen. 

That's what employers / clients are really looking for. Yeah they want you to know things, and yeah they want you to not screw up; but really - they want someone capable of evaluating the situation, working through how to solve it, mustering & managing the groups of people required to get it done, and doing it. Aside from obvious nepotism / someone fucking and sucking their way to the top - this is why you see people in upper management that really know jack about shit in those positions - they have the balls to make a decision and just do it. They may screw up, but they learn from their mistakes, don't freeze up when everything goes to hell, and try the next solution. Yeah, some of them are really useless, but they will weed themselves out over time. If someone is really annoying you can always run Corp World Black Ops against them and set them up for failure. Eventually though you will not need to do that as you will have the power to get even the CEO fired if he is useless or even just in your way ( I have never had it be a CEO though, usually it is some VP that needs to go - read on and I'll explain.)

2) This job requirements say that you cannot have been self-employed.

Take that as a hint that you should not work for them either. I offer the following:

 A) Sounds like whomever wrote this is jealous.

 B) Sounds like they don't actually want someone with enough ambition to have been self employed. I mean it is entry level, so they probably just want a robot that will just do and not think.

You should be self-employed.

Looking for projects, job postings, et cetera and calling them up to offer to consult until they can find someone to fill that position is how I would get an absolute ton of business in the beginning.

Also know the advantages to the client of them just subcontracting the work out to you. Like I mentioned, screw entry level stuff (well until you get your business large enough to hire entry level people, then you can subcontract them out for these positions but when you start, you want nothing to do with this crap.)

Assuming you are going into IS / IT work - you want to be looking for job descriptions that say Project Manager, Network Administrator, Systems Admin, IT Director, Security Administrator, and especially at the higher levels of VP / CxO type stuff - all those people are subcontractors anyway. Companies won't tell you that, but I assure you that is the case (read below about Trusts and you will see why.)

My first "degree", which I put in quotes because it really wasn't - was in Multimedia (when that meant something different than today) from Full Sail. At the time, it wasn't even an accredited college - I would barely have called it a Trade School,,, but outside of NYU and a couple other places - it was the place to go if you wanted to work in Music, Digital Art, Cinematography, et cetera - but no one outside of industry people had any clue what that place was and it never helped me land any job / client ever. I only got that "degree" later because a client paid me to go there and learn.

I dropped out of real college in the 90s because I was making so much money as a consultant - I couldn't justify the lost time I could be making money, let alone taking on debt.

Funny story, I later became Chairman of The Network & Technology Advisory Council for not only the same College, but for many of the local County, Community, and smaller Private Colleges / Universities in the area. I basically ran the group and advised these places on what classes to stop teaching, and what technologies to start teaching that would pay top dollar and attract new grads in 4 - 8 years (BS - PHD time frame.) They even knew I was a drop out from there and didn't care. 

They could never make me an official professor (at the time) due to my lack of at least a masters degree, so I was a guest lecturer - but I ran my own classes, received a salary, and all that good stuff. After 2 years of teaching, they had me take a couple of classes, and then let me test out of everything all the way to getting a masters degree in my early 30s.

Even colleges / universities do not give a shit about you having a degree if you can DO. Before I retired, I didn't even list that degree on my CV - because it was irrelevant if I did or didn't have one. I was only even asked to show it once as part of a security audit I did for someone after they had been corn-holed hard by some hackers that turned into a PCI, Safe Harbour, HIPAA, AND SPA audit (bad freaking news - this is usually lock the doors and close the company levels of screw ups because they were a big company and had been forging their previous audits - they were lucky as hell to get away with only fines of 10 Million, 6 months of free credit reports with additional security on them for less than 10% of their customers, and having to purchase all the licenses they were pirating.)

But that was it, ever... I promise you... at mid, and especially the upper levels - they just do not care at all whether you have a degree. They just care that you can do it.

Another word of advice, and this freaked me out when I was first getting going as well because I thought it would never work - You need charge no less than $125 an hour to start! Your goal is to get things to a sliding scale of $200 - $300 an hour and you charge them for travel time at full rate.

Hear me out... people who want to pay you $50, $75 or whatever an hour... these people are going to treat you like a nigger slave, be a pain in the fucking ass about the bill, and will sooner or later fuck you over. You don't want those people.

Would you rather having 4 customers that treat you like a nigger for 180 hours per month (there are 4.5 weeks in a month FYI) at $50 to make $9,000 before taxes? Having to fight with those faggots and probably losing upwards of $3,000 - $4,000 of that money because they are jewing you down? So now you are down to $5,000 per month.

Then remember that is in an ideal world assuming you have zero travel time (figure that is going to be 2 - 4 hours per day - remember you will likely do more than one customer per day.) So there goes 1/4 to 1/2 of your 180 hours for month. So let's just say 3 hours per day are spent doing travel time. That is 67.5 hours per month you are losing so at $50 an hour you are losing $3,375 per month which means a max pay of $5,625 before they Jew you down like I mentioned above. This isn't including wear and tear on your car, lodging, gas, food, et cetera.

Or they can pay you (let's take the low end here an say $125 an hour (until you build your name up and clients are coming for you) with charging them for any travel time. At 180 hours per month (40 hour week) that works out to $22,500 per month. Yeah you still have to come out of pocket for gas and whatnot - but at that point - who cares? Buy a new freaking car when you run that one into the ground if you have to. And that is just at $125 per hour. Bump that to $200 an hour and that is $36,000 per month. $300 per hour works out to $54,000 per month.

Demanding and not budging on $125 (later $200 - $300) per hour gains you instant respect and weeds out the shit-tier clients that will fuck you and treat you like their nigger slave.


Pro Tip: You can give them an offer of $150 an hour if they are giving you an absolute shit-ton of work, sign a contract that they are pre-purchasing 80+ hour blocks of your time that do not roll over and after that 80hours in a month it goes up to $200 - $300/hr, and treat you like an absolute king (corner office just for you, a secretary, full control over all managers, the project, employees, everything.... they better treat you like a CxO for this offer... and you never offer this off the bat... you let them offer you this. There should be an offer of stock & stock purchasing involved too for them to sweeten the deal. They should be covering all your lodging, 1st class airfare, et cetera too. (Later on you will just get these things automatically and clients will refuse an offer of $150 an hour and insist on full rate... keep reading - you'll see why.)

Pro-Tip: You should have a corporate credit card from them for making purchases too. If they are trusting you enough to take the reigns of their company, they can trust you enough with a corporate card. You could rob them 100 ways from Sunday, if they are trusting you enough to have you in that position, they will give you a card. You also need it so that when SHTF (which it will) you can make an emergency purchase without having to go through a PO / accounting / some jackass that doesn't understand what you are doing and trying to explain quantum physics to a goat, 5 meetings, and so on. Don't ever abuse that as you will lose that customer immediately but use it.

Pro-Tip: Play the stupid corporate games when you have to but you should have corp-god-tier rights when needed. You should be invited and attend all Sr. Executive Meetings, Shareholders Meetings, Board Meetings, and related. Doing so shows you are interested / invested in the company, as well as they are an opportunity to both offer solutions to whatever they are talking about to get additional work and as others see your face there outside of the teams & projects you are working on - you will virtually climb the ranks at that company and you will be surprised at how much work you get from other companies especially as Board Members tend to be at other companies as well, Stockholders for sure are at additional companies, and Executive Mgmt knows people at other companies. They love being able to recommend "this great guy that will fix your problems" at The Country Club / Equestrian Park / Whatever.

Pro-Tip: These are your loyalties for clients in order: Chairman of The Board, Other Board Members, CEO, CFO, Chief Marketing Officer, VP of Sales, and fuck everyone else. Everyone else will fall at your heel if you appease those people. Take them fishing, hunting, pay to send them on a vacation (spend upwards of $15,000 for them) and so on. Do everything you can to make them happy. Read things like Yahoo Finance - know their 10-Qs and 10-Ks like the back of your hand. Read Trade Magazines and attend Trade Shows. Offer to fix their home computer.

Employ their kid to run help desk at your company when you get big enough and give him all the training in the world. Treat these people like gold, and you will have free-reign in the office to do whatever the hell you want. You will be able to call the VP of Accounts Payable a Cheap Jew Bastard if he fails to pay your bill and the CEO will give him a reprimand and make him apologize to you (if he doesn't just fire the guy - and yes even if the CEO is Jewish.) 

  Board and CxO staff do not understand what the heck it is you do, what they do understand is how the company is performing - work with Marketing and Sales to make things happen. Overstep the bounds of the department you are working in a little bit and push the Art Department to get things going. Same goes for Customer Service, Sales Dept (don't piss off the big players here though in Sales or Marketing,) et cetera. Don't step on the aforementioned loyalties toes for anything but show initiative... give these other departments tools to be successful, make graphs, train the trainers, and then push, push, push, to make what you have deployed work and people to use those tools. The same goes with any of the "loyalties" members initiatives - make these happen, higher up the loyalties ranking - the more effort you need to be making.

These Sr Executives / Board Members are just people, and I promise one of the biggest things you can do is befriending them. This goes for big artists in the music and entertainment industries too BTW (assuming they are not pozzed.) 

  They want to be treated like a normal Joe. Yeah you have to put on an act with them around the office in public spaces there... but behind closed doors & and outside of work; they want to be a normal person without all the gawking nonsense and everyone trying to lick their asses. Yeah, they want to be catered to and have huge egos - but that is for the peons of the world to do to them. Get on their good side, and they will act just like anyone else while expecting the plebs of the world to lick your asshole too.

Pro-Tip: Get a Rolex, a really nice car (I recommend Porsche as they are great city cars too,) and a retreat home / cabin with a boat (or whatever you need to go hunting.) Bring clients there (they hate the public! Who blames them when all you do is deal with retards and journos all day?) Tax Deductible! Obviously, you also need a good accountant. This brings me to my last one...

Pro-Tip: Irrevocable Trust. You just manage it. Find out about this and get one. Everything you own, isn't owned by you - it is owned by The Trust. You just get paid for managing The Trust. The Trust owns your consulting company, not you. Your entire estate is owned by this. 

Learn everything about how trusts work and get one ASAP.

In Conclusion: Now, yes, that is ideal world. You are not always going to have work, so some of that time is going to be spent looking for new clients, and whatnot. I would spend about 20 hours per month focusing on that from the start. Plus you are going to need time to go to the doctor, time to say fuck the world and go fishing, time to raise a family, and so on.

Personally, I was well into 6 figures per year, I would take a week off from work every single month and I took 2 months off every year to go on vacation. At these extreme upper levels of performance, it is vital to not work yourself to death. You can literally kill yourself with the stress involved in all of this. The more sound your mind is, the better you perform, and the more you are worth $300+ per hour.

TL;DR - use that white brain of yours, grow some balls, be loyal, be moral, screw clients that cause you any grief, and take care of yourself.