Newfag guide to 8ch/pol/ compromised mods (undeniable proofs - part 2)

Newfag guide to 8ch/pol/ compromised mods (undeniable proofs - part 2)


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(If you are seeing an archived version of this, check the original URL for updates)

Other dumbing down actions taken against /pol/ Userbase.

You may think the only thing they never dared to touch was National Socialism Treads, well you are wrong, Kampfy bumplocked a NatSoc thread, then anons started to report the thread and Moonan Unbumplocked it. Maybe they didn't have ready any psyop to push to justify that, or maybe the where in disagreement on how slow they needed to boil the frog.

Bumplocked NatSoc Thread:

Thread Post Number: 86303446

Boardlogs: /

There is no archive of the thread in the bumplocked state but the Boardlog dont lie.

Also anons in the thread discussed about it.


Well if someone has been noticing the pattern here there is no suprise Kampfy locked a National Socialism/White History Literature thread. This time it was not deleted, this time was locked in order to people get to asimilate the idea that Literature threads had no place on /pol/.

Locked NatSoc literature thread:

Thread Post Number: 9262126


As shown in the thread some anon anticipated the happening, then Kampfy arrived to the thread in order to point out that there was already a board for this, an then proceeded to lock the thread.


Other dumbing down actions taken against /pol/ Userbase.

Screencaps/infographs threads where the other kind of information sharing threads they targeted, a thread was created December 4, promptly bumplocked by Kampfy.

Bumplocked /pol/ Screencaps/infograph thread:

Thread Post Number: 8441288


The same Sagebombers psyop shills arrived to push the same talking points pesented in the other cases, the only diference was that this time the "anons" were complaining about the people spamming and crying on /polmeta/ and acussing them of being shills.

Other Dumbing down actions taken agains /pol/ usrbase.

Part of the dumbing down strategy applied on /pol/ was shutting down everything creating awarness over Counter Inteligence and Shill strategies. A thread showing clearly the Shills tactics used on forums was inmediatly deleted by Kampfy the 6 of July of 2016.

Notice in the boardlog how some "anon" reported the thread and Kampfy complied proceeding to Immediately deleting it, not even Bumplocking it, this just after the Sage shills arrived to the thread and posted their usual bullshit.

Deleted Counter Inteligence Awarness Thread:

Thread Post Number: 6250325


Caption of the anon banned.

The picture in question.


Months later a thread was created pointing out the Witch hunt for the COINTELPRO image, the thread was not bumplocked or deleted but was reported several times and the mods this time did not comply to the deletion, maybe too late because the thread had already too many responses.

Counter Inteligence Awarness Thread:

Thread Post Number: 7369149

Boardlogs: /


A shill awarness thread was created more recently, the 29 of January, the thread was up for several days without any problem, one day Kampfy deleted it. The thread was 70 replies, 23 images and 42 IDs.

Shill Tactics Awarness Thread Deletd:

Thread Post Number: 9040420



I the top of the TRS Fuckery a thread was posted to create awarness of the current D&C operation that was being pushed on /pol/ in order to sow discord between the Politically Incorrect community. Well yeah, if you didnt know, the TRS Fuckery was a D&C external operation pushed down the throat of /pol/acks by corrupt mods cooperating with external agents, i will go into that later.

The thread exposing the blueprint for this kind of operations was posted, showing an article written by Ben Gabriel named Fight from the inside, By attacking systems rather than individuals, trolling can be elevated from harassment to sabotage.

The thread was bumplocked by Moonman because you already know why.

Anti D&C Thread Bumplocked:

Thread Post Number: 8697825


Article in question, a good read on subverters.


Question 5:

Ok, enough with the dumbing down stuff, how are they are trying to contain /pol/ ideas inside the board, what kind of threads are they shutting down and why?

Response 5:

What they are doing is this, knowing the danger that /pol/ represent and the mass Redpilling potential that /pol/ have over the general population, mods started shutting down any discussion related to everything that has any potential to reach normalfags and younger generations, any kind of redpilling operation outside /pol/ is discouraged and sometimes blatantly shutted down. All interaction with other plataforms is constantly shamed and attacked.

Here some few examples on how they shut down any initiative to Redpill normalfags.

Anon creating a website project and writing content focused on redpilling normalfags gradually was bumplocked by Kampfy.

Normal Fags Redpilling Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9257756



A Thread discussing the Normie Issue was bumplocked by kampfy.

Normie Redpilling Thread Bumplocked:

Thread Post Number: 9317096


(I will add more to this section in some weeks, is taking too much time to finish)

Question 6:

So, acording to you how are /pol/ mods engaging in ideological subversion of /pol/ userbase and aiding external D&C operations?

Response 6:

Mods are engaging actively in ideological subversion of the userbase by silencing dissenting views and promoting their own toxic views, using D&C tactics and pushing the userbase away from what National Socialism really is.

Basically what they are doing is pushing /pol/ userbase into becoming the stereotypical "Hollywood Nazi" (or how i like to call it "Kosher Nationalists"), uneducated, irrationaly agressive, emotionally driven and easily manipulable, the same view of "Nazis" that Jews push over the general population through Hollywood and media.

They are engaging several other ways of ideological subversion and thought policing but i will focus only in the ones that i consider more relevant.

As i mentioned before the TRS Fuckery was an D&C operation executed by external forces aided by /pol/ mods. The thing started as the usual inter community dramma but then evolved into a more serious issue thanks to Mod intervention. All the issue could be handled by /pol/ userbase as noncritical differences and buried down as that but mods pushed it into a major fuckery when they decided to ban anyone who was not going with the narrative of attacking and doxing TRS. A big chunk of the userbase was against this because, even knowing there are ideological differences between userbases, in the big picture /pol/ and TRS are major players in the Politically Incorrect community and a war between them will only be for the benefit of kikes, just as was the case when even Antifa was rejoicing about the Doxing.

(If you dont care about the TRS Stuff, just scroll down to Question 7)

Bear in mind that all the things "Discovered" about TRS were possibly known before hand by the people making the Dox and used in the correct moment to maximize the conflict and sow discord between the Pollitically Incorrect movement. During the whole event the involved parts included /pol/mods, the same group of Psyop shills discussed earlier, a IRC clique from /baphomet/ and Antifa somehow.

The thing that exposed mods as heavily compromised related to this event was the fact that they intentionally maximized the conflict by banning everyone who was going against it and anyone calling for the de-escalation of hostilities. Anyone who was pointing out that attacking TRS was counterproductive to the Pollitically Incorrect movement was inmediatly attacked by the external shill and banned by mods for being a "TRShill" or a "TRSodomite".

The shill operation was even more evident after the conflict decreased because the TRS label started being used as a bogeyman to alienate, attack and ban anyone who was not aligned with the views being pushed by mods and the psyop shills, a typical jew hegelian dialectic strategy was pushed over /pol/ userbase, if you dont agree with X you are a TRShill/TRSodomite and deserve to be banned.

The Censorship was so heavy that the banned userbase splintered to diferent imageboards be able to talk about the blatant bullshitery.

Here a thread about the thing.

Polchan Thread:

OP pointing out the Fuckery.

Here some excerpts of the thread.

Anon pointing out that the fuckery was caused because some guy from IRC clique called Pegglecrew was banned from TRS and called a jihad against them, also Kampfy seems to be working with this group.

Other anon pointing out the IRC Fuckery going on got permabanned.

The post related and other posts of the thread.

People calling out the collution with antifa on the Dox and the censorship for anyone pointing out the external effort and the involvment of mods.


Here a 4chan/pol/ thread about the thing.

4chan Thread:

Again anon exposing the Mod fuckery on the OP, the link redirect to a thread where a flyer was found in Nebraska university published by Antifa related to the Ghoul doxing.

Link on the OP:

Attached pic on the OP.

4chan fag pointing out the obvious, very accurate line at the end.

Pointing out how the thigs started mixing for the benefit of Antifa.

Attached pic on the comment.

Evidence on the mass censorship and blatant colluding of mods.

Attached pic on the comment. (Resized)

Anons discussing the collussion with antifa and the mass censorship.


Other 4chan/pol/ thread.

4chan Thread:

Anons mocking 8ch for becoming a tool of the left.


Here a thread about the thing.

Endchan Thread:

This is a general 8/pol/meta thread, some fragments of the TRS Fuckery can be found.

Anons exposing Jim Watkins as a goverment spook and posible responsible of the fuckery that is 8ch/pol/ now.

Dedicated anon exposing the foreing collution in the event, calling out /baph/ IRC involvment.

Anon trying to put together a Modus Operandi of corrupted mods.


/polmeta/ Thread:

Old thread about corrupted Kampfy.

Some fragments of the TRS fuckery can be found, calling out the external operation.


/polmeta/ Thread:

This one calling out the collution with antifa.

The second thread linked:

(((Ben Gabriel))) on how to vanquish the growth of fascism on the net

This one is specially sensitive because it was a thread exposing D&C tactics against the Politically Incorrrect comunity that was Bumplocked by Moonman. (Already mentioned in this article)

Notice the following excerpts of the article, sound familiar? maybe Ben Gabriel is behind all of this.

>platform or publication should be mocked, preferably subverted.

>practice social disruption and divide and conquer, the best way to do it is to dive in deep, and find weaknesses in the social affordances of platforms.

>If this is done in conjunction with collective organization against fascism and capitalism, the left has a chance to not just interrupt the growth of fascism but build toward solidarities in practice and continue to fight the class war in every place it is waged.

What a coincidence that the word "Antifa Chan" started popping up everywhere on those threads. This was clearly a deep state operation with major players involved.

Again a link for original the article of Ben Gabriel:

A image posted on the thread.


/polmeta/ Thread:

This one calling out the collution of mods by banning anyone who was not aligning with their operation.

Anon banned for asking evidence.

Anons pointing out the obvious and again calling the Ben Gabriel article.

Anons pointing out the obvious D&C operation of the Politically Incorrect community and the Jewish subversion of the board.

Attached Pic on the post.


/pol/ Shill threads pushing further on the kikery

During and after the bullshit the kikes/antifa/shills/pegglecrew/feds or watever they were tested the ground to see if the remaining /pol/ userbase was willing to destroy other Politically Incorrect Personalities/Communities. Those threads where left up several hours by the mods to see how the community reacted to them.

Bear in mind that this threads could be falseflags made by TRS or anyone in order to stop the operation, but given the context and the fuckery behind all this, more likely that was not the case and those where legit threads. Also the fact that they remained up several hours. See the Ben Gabriel Article.

External D&C Shills Testing ground Thread 1:

External D&C Shills Testing ground Thread 2:

There is so much bullshit in this thread that i am not going to touch it, jus follow the OP ID (2d0f34) and you will see the raw external D&C kikery and goonery going on.

As you can see on the OP you will find things like sugesting to cooperate with Antifa/ADL/SPLC, calling 8ch mods based mods and MODS=GODS and calling 8ch/pol/ "based antifachan" unironically.

Good question m8

Just as example of this shitpile notice this post made by the same ID as OP.


Other Relevant /pol/ threads

If the internal and external D&C operation is not clear enough so far, mods continued to shut down any voice calling for a de-escalation of hostilities, it was in their interest that the division was deep and permanent.

Oldfag calling out the bullshit, deleted and permabanned ofcourse.

De-escalation Thread Deleted:

Thread Post Number: 8881382



Anon pinting out that Antifa Nebraska was behind the Doxing of TRS.

Antifa Nebraska Thread:

Antifa Nebraska Judenbook page:

Notice the last line of the header: "Make your move"


Bulbasur Dox thread posted on /pol/ then /leftypol/ rejoicing about the Politically Incorrect Community eating itself.

/pol/ Bulbasur DOX Thread:

Notice again the last line of the header: "Your move"

What a fukken coincidence dont ya think?

/leftypol/ Bulbasur DOX Thread:

No words on this.


Anon pointing out that Antifa Nebraska was taking advantage of the Doxing, Thread deleted and Permabanned for "Cuck".

Thread Exposing Antifa taking advantage Deleted:

Thread Post Number: 8730408


All this dramma was extracted from several threads without going to the actual Doxing threads, is just too much to go through.

The TRS Fuckery from the Boardlog

This fuckers banned a big part of /pol/ userbase for "being TRS". Scraping the boardlog 398 bans can be found having the tag "trs" for the reason of the ban. The distribution of the bans was like this.

From those 398 bans 90 where permmanent bans, the distribution was like this.

The most brutal shut down ever experienced on /pol/, bear in mind that the operation is still going and the attacks and bans are still happening for "being TRS".

If someone Thought that the problem on /pol/ moderation was Kampfy alone, well no, Moonman and Heil are equally involved in all this, Kampfy is just the one reciving the attention.

Examples of the ban reasons related to TRS.

Bear in mind that all the bans related are only the ones containing "TRS", who know how many of the TRS Fuckery bans where tagged for "Ban evasion", "Cuck" or "Chronic Shitposting".

Here the source for the plots:

I downloaded the complete Boardlog, i will upload later when i find a service that support more than 10 MB of plain text.

Question 7:

How come no one informed me about all this happening? Where is the outrage about all the threads deleted? why everythig seems normal on the board? Are you sure you are not /int*/ trying to fuck the board?

Response 7:

Well, basically when a board is subverted in the correct way at the correct speed the newer posters wont notice anything more that a steady and slow declining of thread quality, level of discussion and speed of the board, AKA the frog was boiled correctly.

When the threads are deleted and the anons banned, generally they will come back agry to create more threads exposing what happened, they will get banned again and again for "ban evasion" of some shit like that. Other anons will go to /polmeta/ and make threads to post what happened and to scream into nothing because nobody give a shit about /polmeta/, eventually banned anons will stop posting and will become lurkers that observe from the back how the influx of newfags slowly run over the original population and how the userbase mutate into something different.

If the recentrly arrived users are not paying close attention to the details and internal happenings and dont know about the bunkers or go to /polmeta/ everything will seem to be normal for them because they didnt knew how /pol/ was in the past.

Many times Newfags sided with corrupt mods because mods used the typical Jew approach to confuse everyone by playing both sides of the conflict, while subverting the userbase from the top they attacked everyone who was exposing them of being /int*/ Goons or freech, doing that they had their cover and free pass to continue doing their shit while convincing the newfags and lurkers that nothing bad was going on, and that everyone attacking them was the enemy. Sadly some uninformed and try-hard-to-fit-in newfags falled completely for the D&C psyops and became useful tools in the destruction of /pol/ and the Pollitically Incorrect community. Hopefully with the correct information people can be brought back in the right track.

(later i will fill this section with 2 years of deleted meta threads and tons of anons complaining about the compromised 8ch/pol/ staff. Yes anons noticed the thing long time ago and some of them have been trying to wake up people since then)

Just a small example of all the meta threads deleted.

Meta Deleted Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9578495


Question 8:

Are you sure that this is not just a case of mods sperging out to irrelevant things? Maybe you are just overreacting about some deleted threads and some unfair bans, the usual thing on the chans.

Response 8:

Lol, no. There is a complete and well designed agenda behind all this events, the strategies previously exposed are the typical jewish power takeover. Their objective is to cut off the balls of the movement weeding out the hardocore individuals (intellectuals, historians and related) by sending them to dead boards (or support/archive boards like /pdfs/ and /polpol/) efectively fracturing the userbase. The desired outcome is a harmless Normie-Tier "Politically Incorrect" news commenting movement easy to deceive and manipulate, AKA Jim Watkins wet dream.

Kikefeed Article:

What a coincidence don't cha think?

If you newfags dont know, the owner of 8ch Jim Watkins is a Mason "Ex"-Army Officer with a shady past, what a lovely combination.


This is what what jews/commies do when they take over a population, remember the Katlyn massacre? the first ones to recive a shot in the back of the head are the intellectuals because those are the ones who can movilize and coordinate a strong oppostion movement. After the intellectuals are gone, the rest of the population is easier to manipulate and control because no one will come to wake them up to the ongoing subversion.

Kikes were forced to do this after /pol/ proved to be too dangerous when Hillary Clinton lost the election effectively throwing to the garbage 1.2 Billion dollars.

(The spike on mod kikery was obvious after November 8)

For them a better approach was just to find a way to subvert the source of this high-level chronic shitposting by investing some millions of dollars into reaching the owners and moderation status of the related websites and boards, filling their pockets and assisting them in performing a slowly and effective subversion of the movement. All of this is my speculation but also this is very likely the case.


Well the case is already made, is fair to say that there is a dedicated group of people (insiders to the chan culture) with close ties with /pol/ moderation that constantly shill on the chans, not only 8ch/pol/ and not only 8ch, and possibly closely related with 8ch staff.

The attacks and deletions are always coordinated, sometimes the valuable threads are reported and the mods comply with the reports, other times they dont. Also many times before the deletions sagebombers arrive to the thread to push psyops like if everything is being coordinated in an external place. Maybe the ones behind all this are the members of this IRC Clique Peggelcrew mentioned in the TRS Fuckery, i wont be suprised if this is the case because the TRS fuckery showed many similarities with other previous /pol/ general shut down events.

Their retarded behavior and way of writing is very distinctive, it can be noticed when this people arrive to a thread becuase the thread start to be derrailed into a "TRS" or "Cuckchan" idiotic namecalling and excessive retarded greentexting, also this idiots like to redirect people to other boards. Here some examples of this idiots posting on different threads.

This is their method, thread disruption and obfuscation of sane discussion by endlessly spouting the same buzzwords over and over again to lower the level of discussion into its minimum possible (typical jew strategy).

Is usual in them to use idiotic straw man arguments to attack anyone who question the Kosher Nationalism agenda they push or to accuse everyone who oppose them of being "TRSodomites", "Cuckchanners" or "Civic Nationalists".

Ofcourse anyone exposing their Kosher Nationalist agenda is promptly banned and their posts deleted. You cant fight against the agenda if you dont know there is an agenda.

Post deleted.

If anyone still have any doubt that the shills waging the war against Intellectualism and pro Kosher Nationalism on /pol/ are the mods, here is evidence that one of the >Muh Booook shills is Kampfy.






Here is a example of one of this idiot shills samefagging on the Redpill Thread playing both sides of the narrative, first bumping the thread and then out of nothing sperging out stating that newfags should fuck off to /polarchive/. Here is obvious that the objective of shills is the fracture of the userbase, the same as the Muh Boooks shills/mods.

RedPill Thread:

Shill ID: (afffbc)

Notice the constant redirecting to other boards, typical pattern.


The userbase subversion process is so advanced now that hey are entering in a new stage where they are bumplocking Holocaust Revisionist David Irving.

Kampfy bumplocked and Moonman dismissed reports to Unbumplock it.

David Irwin Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9524904



This is how Kosher Nationalism is pushed by mods on /pol/. Silencing calls for the cool down of the tone related to the destruction of Iran.

Destroy Iran because we need to remove kebab amrite goyim?

Anti Iran Destruction Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9114090

Boardlogs: The boardlog for this one is lost due to the hack. No archive.


Here another example on how Mods push Kosher Nationalism on the userbase, bumplocking threads exposing Wilders as the kike agent he is.

The goyim cant know if you shut down.

Kike Geert Wilders Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9468159

Boardlogs: The boardlog for this one is lost due to the hack. No archive.

Notice the Sageshills in this thread using the same writing style as the muh books shills mentioned earlier. This is where /pol/ is being pushed to, a good old Kosher Nationalism.


Kikes also push Kosher Nationalism IRL.

Jews Pushing for Kosher Nationalism IRL Thread:


End notes.

  • This article is still in development (75%) I will add more parts later when I finish writing it. If you are seeing an archived version of this, check the original URL for updates.
  • This article is not a call for a migration, is just a educative compilation of the subversion methods ongoing on /pol/. The objective is to educate everyone in the agenda being pushed in order to make it harder to push for them. If everyone is aware of the agenda, everyone will call out the kikery when they see it and it will be harder for corrupted mods to push it, the ideal would be to recover all the lost terrain against corrupted mods and shills, if everyone is reacting against the agenda they will have to decide between stepping down their kikery or banning everyone who is going against them. I gess the wont ban everyone.
  • Archive everything: If you anons see blatant kikery happening in any Board/Thread and you dont feel like screencapping everything and making infographs to expose what happened, the only thing you have to do is archive. Someone (like me) will be able go through the archives later and compile a coherent version of the events. If you dont archive, everything will be lost and there will be no way to expose things. If you see any sensitive thread that can posibly be deleted (Literature/Cointel), archive it and then archvie the boardlog. Even if you dont tell anyone, the threads can be searched on the Archive using the Thread Post number found on the boardlogs.
  • If any Newfag is going back to 8ch and dont have the link fot the boardlogs, here they are, ofcourse they do not want this link to be shared among users because this will help people to keep track of their kikery.

Here one time I was banned for 1 Month just for posting the boardlog link.

  • As I said earlier I dowloaded the complete boardlog from the beginning of times until the 5 of March 2017 aprox, i will upload the text later when i find a place to upload 10 MB of plain text.
  • Making this article I had to go through many archived threads included old literature threads and related, I made a compilation of those here if someone is interested to see /pol/ in its maximim capacity:
  • I will keep an eye on the evolution of /pol/ community in the different chans now that 8ch went down and is struggling to go up. Anyway if someone see that in any place Literature/History/Redpill threads are beig shutted down, there is no doubt that kikery is afoot.
  • I kindly ask anons who want to contribute, if I missed any Literature, /pol/ books, Redpill or Screencap thread or any other relevant thread deleted related to this article, to post it in the thread I will create to share this.
  • Also I ask anons to share all the information (screencap/archive/infograph) or anything related to Jim Watkins the owner of 8ch. This shady guy seems to be a major element on the clusterfuck that is /pol/ now due to his shady past. I will compile newfag-tier complete version on who is this guy and what is he doing.
  • If there is any Literature anon, /pol/ books anon, or Redpill Dump anon reading this dont foget you are the real MVP.

Here is the thread for the comments and discussion:

Those are my two cents to save /pol/.

Cointel Anon out


Shills Feel free to Bite this bait.

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