Newfag guide to 8ch/pol/ compromised mods (undeniable proofs - part 1)

Newfag guide to 8ch/pol/ compromised mods (undeniable proofs - part 1)


This is a newfag guide to understand how 8ch/pol/ mods have been compromised and what is their operating method. If you want to go directly to the proofs, scroll down to the screencaps.

If you are a Oldfag hardcore /pol/ack you probably already know all the things exposed here, if you feel that the things exposed here are valuable for the survival of /pol/ do your part and spread this around.

(If you are seeing an archived version of this, check the original URL for updates)

Question 1:

What do you mean they are compromised? like, we have #Pizzagate stickied threads, wikileaks email digging threads, we have threads attacking Hillary, Soros, Rothschild, the corrupted CIA, the corrupted Mainstream Media and all kind of politically incorrect happenings, if they were compromised they would shut down all of this or they will shut down the entire site, dont you think?

Response 1:

When i say they are compromised i mean they have became controlled opposition, like Alex Jhonstein. They will allow 90% of legitimate content, ie. #Pizzagate, Jews, CIA, MSM, leaks and else to be in the board, but they will suppress silently very specific and strategic topics, trends and line of thougts to reduce the threat that /pol/ is for kikes in the long term. Obviously they cannot just shut down #Pizzagate threads or Wikileaks threads because this will be too obvious and will expose them inmediatly as compromised.

Also shutting down the entire site to try to kill the community is not an option, actually is a really bad idea, this would cause a massive Streisand effect that would resonate around the internet and would lead to a full and effective relocation of the community into a new imageboard far away from the control of the original moderation team.

The last thing Mods and Site Owners want is to lose control over the userbase, without a userbase they cannot earn money selling ads and information and they cannot try to subvert it. This is what happened in 4ch/pol/ when moot went rogue against /pol/ users, most of the users simply migrated away to find a safe heaven in 8ch/pol/.

Question 2:

Ok, so they are not shutting down the place and also they are alowing 90% of legitimate content. So.. what are they exactly doing to be labeled as compromised?

Response 2:

What 8ch/pol/ mods are doing is this, They are Dumbing down /pol/ userbase, containing /pol/ ideas inside the board and engaging in ideological subversion by silencing dissenting views and aiding external D&C operations against different actors of the Politically Incorrect community, a typical userbase subversion and replacement process.

Question 3:

So tell us how are and why are they supposedly trying to Dumb down /pol/ userbase? You have any proof of that?

Response 3:

What they are doing is this, they know that there is a huge amount of young newfags arriving to /pol/ to be Redpilled due to the elections and MSM advertising of the site, so the are trying to stop this complete Redpilling to happen and instead they are manipulating the process in order to newfags recive a dumbed down kosher version Redpill. They are trying to kill the effective comunication process between Oldfags and Newfags by shutting down the threads where this high level educative process happens: RedPill threads, Literature threads, /pol/ books threads, /pol/ Screencaps threads and anything related.

They are doing this because they know perfectly that Redpill threads and related high level threads are the very core of /pol/ replication process over time, Redpill threads are the place where all /pol/ Core ideas are dumped en masse by Oldfags for Newfags to read and save, and where discussion related to all this information happen in the correct context in order to be sucefully assimilated. The interaction that happens in Redpill threads is like what reproduction is for a living species, the creation of the new generation.

The narrative (psyop) they pushed to shut down Redpill threads and related was that there was no place on /pol/ for Redpill threads because there are already boards created for that like /polpol/, /polarchive/ and /pdfs/, also that no one will spoonfeed newfags and that Redpill threads are a useless random dump of images.

This could sound reasonable only ingnoring the fact that the newfags that arrive to /pol/ only lurk /pol/ and only pay attention to what is being activey discussed in the board, and will likely never go to a external board where no one is actively posting and where there is no one to interact with or ask questions. They know this perfectly and thats why they tried to push this narrative to shut down the redpilling process.

To do all this without being efectively pointed out as compromised by Oldfags in front of uninformed Newfags and Lurkers they push in parallel fake narratives and fake consensus on why those threads should be not alowed on /pol/.

When i mean "they" i am referring to Mods and a group of dedicated shill team that seems to be specifically focused on subverting /pol/ and that seems to be working closely with /pol/ mods.

I say this because i noticed a pattern on the kind of threads that were being shutted down, always before the bumplocking or the deletion there was a group of Sagebombers that pushed the idea that the thread in question had totally no place on /pol/ for any retarded and fake reason. Certainly there are many valid reasons to delete and bumplock threads, but in this specific cases the psyops pushed were so artificial and fake and also so well cordinated with the deletion that was pretty obvious that something sketchy was going on. I will present coherent evidence on the specific cases.

Question 4:

Too much talking and still no proofs, you clearly didnt noticed the RedPill thread that was Stickied several weeks ago, if what you say is true why they stickied a Redpill Thread?

Response 4:

Is true that a Redpill thread was stickied weeks ago, and that thread should be still up at this moment. Here is the evidence of the Stickied thread and and the Boardlog events for that thread. The thread was Stickied by Moonman and Unstickied by Kampfy two days later.

Stickied Redpill Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8873257

Boardlogs: /

What you dont seem to know is that the same Redpill thread was bumplocked days before by Kampfy and Unbumplocked by Moonman when people started to revolt, see the screencap below.

Bumplocked Redpill Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8873257

Boardlogs: /

This are the posts on the thread when people realized that the thread was bumplocked, they reported it and Moonman for some reason removed the bumplock, clearly internal diferences happening in the moderation.

Direct link to posts on the Redpill Thread:

Post Number: 8911949 --->

Post Number: 8913536 --->

This was not new, the fact that mods were trying to shut down Redpill threads was well known by several Anons, as I will expose next.

The first day that I can recall that mods started Bumplocking Redpill threads was November 25 of 2016, in what I call the November 25 shitstorm.

The November 25 Shitstorm

I will try to make a coherent description of the events that happened that day and the following days, the information presented for this event will be mostly in chronological order.

As usual on /pol/ some anon started dumping a Redpill thread to educate the flow of Newfags and lurkers atracted by the exposure of the board on mainstream media thanks to the election. Notice how the anon in the OP is anticipating the deletion of the Thread by stating that there was no reason to delete the thread, seems like it happened before.

Initially kampfy bumplocked the thread, then Moonman proceeded to Unbumplock the thread whe people reported it, only to bumplock it again later. Clearly some strange shit going on behind curtains and different position on the subject by the mods. That thread was left up and no shilling against it happened.

Bumplocked Redpill Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8356141


Anons where not happy about this.

At this point Mods started banning people for pointing out the fact that they were bumplocking Redpill threads.

Some anon created a new thread to expose what happened because the Bumplocked Redpill thread was being slided down the catalog.

The anon in question was promplty banned by Moonman for "Ban evasion" as shown in the screencap below, the thread also was instantly gore spammed, also the psyop to justify the bumplocking of the Redpill thread was launched and then later the thread was deleted.

Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8360499


Thread Sagebombed and GoreSpammed by several IPs, Shut Down Psyop launched. Notice how at the end of this screencap the shill try to push the idea that the anons exposing the event were the shills Concern trolling and making Slide threads.

The main talking points of the retarded psyop in that thread where:

  • Anons exposing the event of the Redpill thread were shills and Concern trolls
  • Newfags needed to "lurk moar"
  • Redpill threads were "cuckchan" tier cancer (common word this days huh)

The anon that created the thread was Banned by Moonman for "Ban evasion".

Later that day other anon created a new Redpill thread in response to the general shut down happening on the board. That thread was Bumplocked by Kampfy. The Shut Down psyop continued in that thread.

Bumplocked Redpill Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8361492


Thread was Sagebombed by several IPs again, the main psyop talking points where:

  • Redpill threads are garbage dumps
  • Nobody cares about Redpill threads
  • The thread was a slide
  • The thread belonged to /pdfs/

The the Shitstorm ensued as the time passed, some anon with several IPs decided to expose the corruption posted again a thread exposing the mods Bumplocking and deleting threads. Every thread posted was Promptly deleted by Moonman, all times the anon was banned for "Ban evasion".

Deleted Threads: Thread Post Number: 8361913 Thread Post Number: 8362324 Thread Post Number: 8362534 Thread Post Number: 8362539 Thread Post Number: 8362537


Again other Redpill Thread was created and then deleted by Kampfy with 139 Replies and 119 Images on it. There was no psyop pushed in that one before the deletion.

Deleted Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8361810


Then a more serious thread to discuss about the issue of Redpill threads was created, the thread was deleted by Moonman after some shilling went on it.

Deleted Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8361724


Shills arrived this time without saging, pushing the same talking points. They rethinked the psyop and the talking points this time where:

  • Posting Redpill threads and complaining that they are bumplocked is considered raid/spam
  • Comparing the complaining about the Shut down of redpill threads to the evalion incident (hummmmm..)

Then hours later a new thread was created, people started having a serious discussion about the issue, after 183 replies the thread was deleted by Kampfy when the psyop the Sagebombers were pushing was not gaining traction.

Deleted Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8363338


Parallel to all this, a thread in /polmeta/ was created to point out the issue.

/polmeta/ Thread:

As usual on /polmeta/ nobody was giving a shit about anything and the the only attention was from the same shills mocking anons for having their threads deleted and pushing the psyop that Redpill threads were spam threads shilling for books. Also mocking anons on how fast the threads were being deleted, notice the hirony and correlation of the post No. 14837.

A thread on /sudo/ was created a month before November 25, as usual complaining about Kampfy toxic moderation, several anons came there to complain about the issues, basically the first answer from 8ch staff was that "Jim supports Imkampfy".

Sudo Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8334

The thread still active until now.

Then again the same "anon" that was mocking people on the /polmeta/ thread came to mock people using the same reaction images.

Notice how the "anon" try to redirect people back to /polmeta/ to be silenced there. This anime images are usually posted by one of the mods on /polmeta/ accompanied with a characteristic kike-kun and Afu-fu-fu bullshit, i think this one is Moonman.

(Check this archives: /

November 25 Shitstorm from the boardlog

During that period Kampfy and Moonman deleted all posts by IP 13 times, this in order to silence anyone going from thread to thread spreading the voice.

(all the data extracted from a single boardlog page

They deleted 45 individual posts, most of them indivudual threads because single posts inside threads were mostly deleted by IP adress.

89 IPs were banned.

From those 89 IPs banned, 37 of them were permanent bans.

From those 89 banned IPs, 15 of them were due to "Ban evasion" AKA "just let us silence you" and 7 of them were due to what they call "Chronic Shitposting" AKA "stop exposing us".

So that was the November 25 Shitstorm, after that most of the anons that noticed what happened were simply banned and the ones that where able to post didnt speak because the would be banned anyway for speaking out.

Other dumbing down actions taken against /pol/ Userbase.

In the past there were constant Literature and /pol/books threads posted every month by dedicated and very valuable anons, on 17 on November they started bumplocking them.

That was another strange event, first Kampfy bumplocked the related thread after (((someone))) reported it, then Moonman dismissed reports to Unbumplock it, then later the Board owner HEIL came to Unbumplock it, but a week later after the thread was not in the front page Kampfy came to Bumplock it again.

Bumplocked /pol/ Books Monthly Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8281255

Boardlogs: /

Notice the diferent atmosphere /pol/ had in those days and how anons reacted to the bumplocking of the thread.

After the thread was Bumplocked

A new thread was created and gassed in seconds by Kampfy, no archive of the thread, just the boardlog action.


kek notice this post, this is exactly what they try to stop.

Anons started discussing about the situation and about a possible exodus, notice how some posts where deleted, and how some "anon" was accusing everyone of being Freech spamming useless shill book and movies.

A thread was created in /polmeta/ to complain about the bumplocking of the /pol/ books thread.

/polmeta/ Thread:

Shills arrived to spill their usual shit, notice the reference to Evalion, what a cohencidence, seems that for shills the books issue and evalion are related somehow, who knew :^)


Then later /pol/ books anon created a thread asking about the motives of the mods for the Bumplocking because there was no answer in /polmeta/, the thread gathered some attention, Kampfy deleted the thread after 105 posts, also banned /pol/ books anon for creating a /polmeta/ thread outside /polmeta/, of course they wanted that thread on /polmeta/ to be propertly ignored and invisible for most of the community.

Notice the line of the Banning below the deletion line on the boardlog.

Deleted /pol/ Books anon Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8380876


Anons in that thread pointing out the obvious.

Anons discussing about how things changed after the election.

A good recap made by anon on the post 8381323

Then Sagebombers and psyop shills arrived to the thread pushing the usual talking points.

  • Using the Goon bogeyman against legitimate anons
  • Comparing the event to the evalion incident (hummmm...)
  • Labeling books and literature threads as useless slide threads
  • Labeling legitimate anons as "cuckchan" migrants (hummm..)

Then the thread was simply deleted because no one was buying the psyop they were pushing.


On December 10, a new Literature thread was created, Kampfy bumplocked the thread, then Moonman dismissed reports to Unbumplock it.

Bumplocked Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8488232


Anons not happy.

Some anons droping any hope about the board.

Anon pointing out the obvious in post 8489186


The day before the previous bumplocked literature thread angry anon created a Literature thread pointing out the previous bumplocking, the thread was deleted by Moonman.

Deleted /pol/ Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8495495



The 28 of December a new literature thread was created, the thread lasted some days, there was no shilling on it, the thread was silently deleted when it was not in the front page by Kampfy. OP was banned for 1 month, notice the reason for the ban, "muh books". Thread had 394 replies, 90 images, 158 IDs.

Deleted /pol/ Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8617898



Then a new /pol/ literature thread was created on january 16, two days later the thread was deleted by Kampfy when it was not in the front page. OP was given a Permanent Ban, and ofcourse the reason for the ban was "muh books" again.

Deleted /pol/ Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8791835


Previous OP came to the thread to point out that OP os going to be banned for creating that thread.

Some anon pointing out the obvious in post 8807627, then Kampfy or some of his informants came to the thread and reported it, then it was deleted.


Then anons knowing that mods were baning everything realted to books and literature tried a different approach to make a books thread, OP combined the thread with self improvement. The thread was up 6 days until it was deleted by Kampfy when it was not in the front page. The thread was 206 replies, 46 images, 123 IDs.

Deleted /pol/ Literature and Self-Improvement Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8905774


Some anon anticipating mods deleting the thread. Some retard kike shill asking for the deletion of the thread.


Just some days ago while writing this, March 17, again a new Literature thread was created, it was left up for some time, just enough to slide down the first page, then when no one was looking Kampfy deleted the thread. It was up just for 1 day and some hours.The thread was 155 replies, 56 images, 69 IDs.

The first post anon was too optimistic waiting for the thread to be just Bumplocked.

Deleted /pol/ Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9520057



It just keep happening, again /pol/ literature thread deleted by Moonman on March 27. The usual shit.

Deleted /pol/ Literature Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9589512



The same as always, stay ignorant goyim.

Turner diaries Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9568521

Boardlogs: When the thing is up i will search for boardlog action


The usual thing. Anything related to reading is shutted down.

"200 Years Together" book Bumplocked Thread:

Thread Post Number: 9611179

Boardlogs: When the thing is up i will search for boardlog action

Other dumbing down actions taken against /pol/ Userbase.

/pol/ mods as shown in the previous section also targeted self improvement and self betterment threads.

They simply deleted the self betterment thread created on December 1 when no one was looking and banned OP because it was a "fit" thread, the thread was 323 replies, 76 images and 162 IDs.

Deleted /pol/ Self-Improvement Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8486526



Then on December 29, a new thread was created, it was deleted by Kampfy 6 days later when no one was looking. The thread was 323 replies, 76 images, 162 IDs.

Deleted /pol/ Self-Improvement Thread:

Thread Post Number: 8627645


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