Mining AQUA

Mining AQUA


Setup Wallet

First, download MyCrypto Desktop wallet. It's the easiest to use for new people. Once you have it installed, switch to the Aquachain network, Create a mnemonic phrase, and write down the phrase and keep it safe. More about usage of the wallet can be found here and here.

Once you have generated the phrase, you can generate infinite Aquachain addresses. Create a new address with the "View and Send" tab. When you see a bunch of addresses, copy one to the clipboard. It starts with 0x

Save that public address to a text file so you can check your balance without unlocking a key. You can share the public address so that others can send you AQUA.

Lets begin mining.

You don't need keys or AQUA or a full node on a PC to start mining. Just download the mining software for your platform here and point to a pool:

Find a pool here:

If you are setting up a larger mining operation, you may want to write a script to help download the miner to each machine, unzip, and run with certain command line flags.

Once you unzip the miner, you will see 3 versions. You should pick the best one (avx_2) if possible, next avx, and finally try the normal one.

Start it up!

aquacppminer.exe -F<address>/<worker>

When you see "<worker>" replace with the number or name of the machine. I like starting at 0

For example, if your address is 0x9e42af44f323de092ab3e03dcef9ef6098bf4769, and you are mining to the pool (port 8888), and this is your 10th machine, your command line is something like this:

aquacppminer.exe -F

Now, repeat this on all your miners, something like this:

tar xaf aquacppminer*.tar.gz
./aquacppminer -F
Some linux machines use a different libcrypto version, so there is a v1.3.1 and v1.3.1.1. Try the other if one doesn't work.

Here are direct links to v1.3.1 miners for each platform

aquacppminer_v1.3.1.1_linux64.tar.gz 198 KiB 05/26/2019, 6:48:44 PM aquacppminer_v1.3.1_linux64.tar.gz 213 KiB 05/25/2019, 9:34:55 PM 2.7 MiB 05/25/2019, 9:19:18 PM 3.1 MiB 05/25/2019, 9:19:51 PM

Solo Mining

  1. Run Aquachain full node with flags:
    -rpc -aquabase 0x9e42af44f323de092ab3e03dcef9ef6098bf4769
  2. Open another command prompt and run miner:
    aquacppminer -F --solo

Note: Directly mining to the rpc node, you don't get mining stats or "shares". Difficulty is the required amount, and if you find a block it is propagated and you get the reward (if it doesn't become orphaned)

Mining to one RPC node via LAN, use something like this to open your AQUA RPC up to your LAN!

aquachain -aquabase "0xaddress" -rpc -allowip


You should join the discord,

See you there!

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