Aquachain Resources

Aquachain Resources

Here are some useful links and resources for users of Aquachain


Aquachain Mining Software

I got around to building the windows binaries for the new miner version with no fee

8cfbb6217696d4e075150fa708bdc4992ce5c909d24fe3d898b06d6c35a3eb32 aquacppminer_v1.3.1_linux64.tar.gz



9c5d89b19b3bf0643679cb41c0f8dc240bdd18ca64c8eb4c6c0d9faedefc6340 aquacppminer_v1.3.1_winxx.txt

Chain size is around 120MB, synchronization time around 15 minutes, latest stable version:

Aquachain Full Node

Lightweight Explorer (no js)

Recently Asked Questions

When New Exchange? I'd love to see that too. Unfortunately that is not up to me. Go out and vote for AQUA at your favorite exchange.

When Development Meeting? Let's meet up! How about every Tuesday? OK!

When AQUA Mobile Wallet? Under development! Excited!

When AQUA Desktop Wallet? Use MyCrypto!

Where is everyone chatting? I don't know, but I am sometimes in and

What are people building on AQUA? Doesn't seem like much yet, how about check out some solidity documentation?

omg i cant sync? Occasionally, people have issues during the initial sync (no peers. YOU CAN HELP!). If you have no peers, ask people in the chat (or here) for their "enode". They can find the first section with by typing admin.nodeInfo at the AQUA console. The second section is their IP:port. Its a string, and it goes inside the admin.addPeer() function.


Here is one you can paste in the AQUA console if you can't sync for some reason.


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